Sita | Summer Bucket List: Finding the Perfect Wildflower Meadow

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Jackson Hole glows with abundant wildflowers all summer long. Their showy colors and patterns leave us filled with a joy that cultivated gardens can’t give. It’s like they hold a secret, and inside that secret is your own secret for why they are so lovely. My secret love for wildflowers is because they grow so hard and so fast for such a short, beautiful life.

The most treasured moment of a hiker is when you come upon a meadow of wildflowers in perfect bloom. It’s when you really know you’re in the right place at the right time. So, here are a few of my favorites, and don’t waste any more time. Go out and find your own favorite meadow of wildflowers this summer.

Poison Hemlock is the white flower (invasive), with a Mule’s Ear in the background.

This one is a July favorite, mostly because the name is so reminiscent of fireworks, Skyrocket Gilia.

This one is so cool, it starts out like this little artichoke and then gets to be 4’ tall. Can you help me name it?

Indian Paintbrush is a pretty classic wildflower, but still, no matter how many times I see them, that intense red delights me.

Wild roses only bloom once a summer, but when they do, the fragrance is incredible. Bees must flock from around the state to get in on this action.

Lupine are also a pretty classic wildflower, and are easily identified by their classic leaf pattern. Their purple blue flowers offer some incredible fragrance, and they can be some of the first flowers of the season to bloom on the river bottom. You can also easily collect their seed pods in the late summer and fall for some wildflowers of your own!

This little beauty is called Bistort. This one looks like it has descended from the God’s of Summer.

And finally a personal favorite, the Columbine. This wildflower can be pretty elusive, so when you do spot one in nature, it’s like opening a present.

So, without further ado, grab your kiddos and a little flower book and head into the woods looking for some of summer’s greatest gifts. Share your favorite wildflower or meadow pictures with us too!


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