Sita | Fishing on Jenny Lake

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There are many types of fishermen who frequent the waters of the Jackson Hole Valley. Each of them, have what may be called their own style, or perhaps more eloquently, their raison d’etre. My husband, happens to be a fisherman who quite likes to eat what he catches. I on the other hand, prefer to simply catch for the thrill.


So, being wonderfully civilized, we head to Jenny Lake. Jenny and other large low lying lakes in the valley will likely hold the infamous, Mackinaw Lake Trout. Coming from Michigan, this is music to our ears. These fish are actually invasive, and can be quite big. Wyoming Game and Fish happen to killing them profusely in Yellowstone Lake, dumping thousands of dollars to rid the lake of these delectable little devils. So, why not do Uncle Sam a favor and take a few for yourself?

So, in doing our part to help out fish and game, each spring we head to Jenny Lake with some of our friends who are kind enough to boat us about to do nothing else but catch.

To be clear, on the right day, there’s plenty of fish in Jenny Lake to go around. We’ve caught Lake Trout, Brook Trout, and Cutthroat Trout as well. The fish are so fun to catch, but if you’re there on the wrong day, you still won’t be disappointed. The views are stunning, there’s an amazing trail that winds around the lake in case of boat troubles, and you may even have some wildlife spotting!

Jenny Lake is actually about 200ft deep in places, so… if you believe in Monsters (fish that is), you really must know where to go. Don’t ask me though… you have to find out for yourself.

So, find a pole, bait, and a boat with less than 10 horsepower, and you my friend could have your luckiest day yet! Fair Warning, Jenny Lake can get some HUGE waves on it for that little lake. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s not dangerous. We’ve seen ripples turn into 5 foot waves in minutes. The water is also freezing, and there can be bears.

Happy Fishing!

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