Running With The Big Dogs

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Editor’s Note: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR) neither encourages nor discourages backcountry touring. Skiers/snowboarders crossing out of the JHMR boundaries do so at their own risk. Read the posted signs at the designated access gates before proceeding. Call the Bridger-Teton National Forest Backcountry Avalanche Hazard & Weather Forecast at 307.733.2664 for more information or contact our Guide Service at the Jackson Hole Mountain Sports School. 307.739.2779.

This past summer, LOKI came into our family. LOKI is a White Swiss Shepherd and was born on May 15th. Yep, we are those dog parents that take our little boy pretty much everywhere and ensure that he has many adventures. We are also those parents that celebrate each month as a Birthday until he hits one year.

This past Sunday was LOKI’s 7 month Birthday. So we thought it would be fun to take him on his first Teton ski tour to see the epic views.

First things first with any tour is a pitstop by Pearl Street Bagels to load up on fuel and coffee.

Topping out at 10,032 feet the 1,601 foot climb will really get you going. LOKI on the other hand was a natural just running up ahead and then surfing down the snow back to us. At times, I used his excitement to help boost me up the mountain. The first backcountry ski tour each year is always a bit of shock to the system, yet one that really feels good.


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The top is worth every step. Epic views and you can feel LOKI’s stoke to surf back down the mountain as he watches skiers drop in.


Loki is a pretty smart guy and can tell a descent is imminent as boots are buckled, zippers closed, goggles strapped, and skis clicked in. His stoke goes through the roof as he bounces around anticipating the first turn. For me this is especially exciting to watch.


Every time I see Lance go and LOKI trailing behind, the joy radiating off of his body is epic. Although he is an animal his stoke for powder and chest shots is just the same.

_B0A9282 _B0A9236

It was a very special day. Yet why end there? With LOKI exhausted we hit the resort for a few laps and our quick favorite lunch at the Rendezvous restaurant (kids grilled cheese). For a whopping $6.25 you have a triple-decker grilled cheese, which is a generous meal for two hungry skiers.

grilled cheese

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