Piste Mountain Bistro’s Elevated Flavors

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Piste Mountain Bistro has been the source of a lot of buzz in Teton Village.  Every guest who’s ventured up the gondola for a meal at Piste has had something good to say about the mouthwatering cuisine, stylish decor, and unparalleled views.

As a member of the marketing team at JHMR, I know all of the hard facts about Piste. I know their hours, phone number, menu items, decor inspiration, general manager, and more. Piste has evolved over the past year into a beautiful addition to the Rendezvous Lodge, and I knew I had to get up there and experience it in all of it’s finished glory. Yesterday, I finally got my chance!

Walking into the space, I immediately felt like I was on a quintessential ski vacation, which is a rare feeling as a Jackson Hole local. The entry is lined with decorative skis and the seats are leather with buffalo hide accents-all very “Wyoming.” The interior is comfortable yet chic, and surrounded by windows that overlook the greater Teton Valley. You may wonder why the windows matter if you’re dining at night–Well, the views of the valley floor are gorgeous on a clear night, but the real showstopper is when the snow cats groom the mountain right next to the restaurant windows!  This has been a favorite among diners, especially for the kids.

piste 2

My friend Phil and I wanted to order everything on the menu, so in an effort to save our stomachs, we had our server bring her favorite dishes to the table.  It was a risk that we are so glad we took.  The first thing we tried was the Lamb and Quinoa Meatballs, which quite honestly blew me away.  The yogurt sauce really brought all of the flavors together and I can confidently say that I will order these meatballs again in the very near future.


Next up was the Crispy Salad.  Until yesterday, I was convinced that I don’t like kale, but this salad absolutely *kaled* my distaste.  The crispy greens are complemented by the butternut squash puree and some sweet sugared grapefruit.  I can see (and taste) why our server loves this salad. It looks as colorful as it tastes!


Just as we were finishing the last morsels on our salad plate, the Spicy Wild Prawns made their way to our table.   The flavor had the perfect amount of kick, and to be perfectly honest, had Phil and I fighting over the last one (don’t worry, we split the prawn in perfect halves).


The food was amazing, but I can’t gloss over the drinks we had.  I’ve never been the type to order specialty cocktails, but in the spirit of fully trusting our knowledgeable server, I tried whatever she thought was best!  Once again, her choices won over my taste buds.  Check out these delicious (and stunning) cocktails:


Piste’s Specialty Negroni



The “Marta” Bloody Mary with gin

piste 1

The face of a happy girl with a Spicy Margarita

As I’m sure you can imagine, our stomachs were happily full, but we knew we had to make room for the grand finale: the Skillet Baked Seasonal Pie.  Yesterday’s seasonal pie was pumpkin, but it was so much more than that. The skillet came out with a healthy scoop of vanilla ice cream that slowly melted its way into every nook and cranny of the skillet.  Just like all of the dishes that Phil and I shared, the pie was great for a small group of happy skiers.


One of the perks of our early dinner was getting to see the sunset.  The valley was socked in with fog all day, but just as our plates were cleared, the sunset peeked through the clouds.  I couldn’t resisted going outside to take in all of the beauty that this town has to offer.

piste 3

All in all, my experience at Piste was more than I anticipated.  I expected good food, but their carefully crafted interpretations of classic flavor pairings had me speechless.  And it’s worth mentioning that the majority of the ingredients come from a 250 mile radius to ensure that you’re tasting the fresh and natural flavors of the west. The food at Piste can only be matched by the amazing mountain views surrounding the restaurant.

If you want a dining experience that will literally elevate your Jackson Hole experience, Piste Mountain Bistro should be your next stop.  Take a closer look at the menu here, and be sure to make a reservation via opentable.

In the upcoming weeks, Piste Mountain Bistro will offer 2 for 1 beers and shared plates at the bar from 5:30-6:30 Thursday through Saturday.  I’m already dreaming about my next meal at Piste, so maybe I’ll see you there!

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