Persephone Bakery…A Parisian Experience

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*Editor’s Note:  Joanna Sheets is a Certified Nurse Midwife in Jackson, but also a foodie enthusiast. She co-authors the blog  Her and her husband, Ryan, recently moved to Jackson and will be documenting their first year adventures from skiing to the best Thai in town.


Persephone Bakery - Photograph by Ryan J. Sheets


If you are headed to Jackson this winter season…or any season for that matter, there is a bakery that is a must visit in town. I remember my first Persephone encounter, which was merely a jaunt past the opened doors that stopped me in my tracks.

The quaint, rustic and elegant design caught my attention, but as my eyes fixed on the middle of the room I would have guessed my walk had lead me down the streets of France.   Showcased within a lush boulangerie display were breads, croissants, rolls, muffins and scones, pillowing on top of each other.

Golden, buttery, streuseled and sugar-dusted viennoiserie sat perfected. Delicate handcrafted treats were meticulously placed with care. This was the real deal. I was having a look into heaven.


Persephone Bakery Window - Photograph by Ryan J Sheets


Persephone Bakery Goodies - Photograph by Ryan J Sheets


Something else I enjoyed about this place was the life and laughter that carried on around it.  You had the solo latte goer quietly sipping and reading the paper.  Laughter from a group of friends who had met up for some good eats before a day of adventure.  Families bringing in their children for a special treat from the beautiful display…all different people enjoying their day brought together by handcrafted and spirited food and drinks.


Croquet Madame - Photograph by Ryan J Sheets


Persephone is a place where you know you can get ANYTHING off the menu and you are bound to rock your taste buds with it.  One of my favorite dishes is their croquet madame.  You have a delicious piece of homemade rustic bread, Berkshire ham, melted gruyere with a creamy mornay sauce and it’s all topped with a fresh organic egg sunny side up.

It’s beautiful to look at and even better to eat! The flavor is rich and savory.  When you have simple dishes made with fresh ingredients you can’t beat that flavor combination and each ingredient holds its own.


Bakery 8 (1 of 1)


I always find myself ordering a latte, but I need to branch out and try their other beverage options…I know they will be amazing as well! If you are looking for a good latte or cup of coffee…this is the place to try it.  They use Intelligentsia coffee and it is so delicious!  Between good coffee and a good barista you can’t go wrong!


Intelligentsia Coffee - Photograph by Ryan J Sheets


Ryan Sheets - Jackson Hole - Persephone Bakery Coffee and Food


If a sweet treat is what will bring you to Persephone you have plenty of amazing options…literally.  Their sweet croissants are so flakey and decadent.  Plus, it is a true French croissant, which you can’t find just anywhere.  I tried their kouign amann at my recent visit and wow. Layers of buttery flakey yeast dough with a sugary honey sweetness intertwined between each rich layer.  This is definitely a new favorite on my list.  Again…simplicity perfected.


Ryan Sheets - Jackson Hole - Persephone Bakery - Kouign Amann


Persephone Bakery - Photograph by Ryan J Sheets


Passionately made food is by far the best food you can experience and that is exactly what you will find at Persephone.  If winter adventures bring you to Jackson this season be sure to make a stop at Persephone.  I’m sure it will be a new favorite of yours as well.


Intelligentsia coffee - Photograph by Ryan J Sheets





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