Paragliding in Jackson Hole

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Of all the great ways to experience the Tetons (and there are many), the most dramatic may be a scenic paragliding flight from right here at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Depending on winds, you might fly from the top of the tram or top of the gondola (or not at all if winds are unsafe to fly). Either way, the views are absolutely jaw-dropping and you’ll never look at Jackson Hole the same way again.

I got to fly with Tom Bartlett, a co-owner of JH Paragliding and a ski patroller at JHMR in the winter. Tom grew up right here in Teton Village and is a wealth of knowledge on the area, not to mention a highly skilled tandem paragliding pilot. If you’re a little uneasy about the prospect of paragliding, the experience of Tom and the rest of the JH Paragliding crew should put you at ease. Safety is objective #1 with these guys, and you will probably be surprised with how smooth of a flight it is. Although your cooperation is necessary for takeoff and landing, your tandem paragliding pilot is in control and you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

I was amazed at how quiet it was up there. The flight certainly provides a thrill, but it is also very peaceful.

The upper mountain views were unbelievable. I am lucky enough to ski the mountain almost every day in the winter and I’ve never seen the mountain look as impressive as from this flight.

The views go on forever.

Landing was a breeze, and you’re sure to be buzzing with adrenaline and general giddiness after your flight.

For more information, and to book a paragliding flight click here. As weather can be unpredictable, it’s recommended that you book a flight at the beginning of your trip. You can also call (307) 739-2626 to make a reservation.

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