Australia Day in Jackson Hole | 2015

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Jackson Hole enjoys many visitors from Australia each year, with a large percentage of Aussies coming in January in line with their holiday schedules. Australia Day is celebrated annually on January 26th and to get in on the fun, we decided to celebrate Australia Day with our Aussie friends yesterday at Nick Wilson’s.


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JHSP Jen Calder leading the charge with charm, grit and grace.

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Howdy Folks,

Jax n’ Lance here for a very special feature on Jackson Hole Ski Patrol featuring Jen Calder who is the assistant director.


Last March, Jen “broke ski patrol’s ice ceiling” by becoming the first woman ever in JHMR’s 50 years to assume a management position under the newly appointed Drew Kneeland. Drew was previously the assistant director. Tom Bartlett (30 years on ski patrol) rounds out the management team as the other assistant director. It is a new crop of leaders bringing on innovation and change that the patrol is really excited about.  For Jen, “it is a true honor.” And for this little girl asking for an autograph, Jen is her hero!


So where do we even start with a group as special as the JHSP and Jen who is rocking her 19th year on board. The Ski Patrol are an extremely special breed. They are swift, silent, and zoom around all day long protecting us as we enjoy our ski days.


The group of 82 (57 full time, 25 part time) have tenures that range from rookies to 40 years experience on board. They are a family that would do anything for each other and in any case, have each others back. A unit that runs so smooth that you don’t even notice that they are there. Although, we should take a moment and give them a big high 5 for all of their hard work!


When you walk into a ski patrol room, especially that at the “Big Top” (top of the tram), you feel like you just entered a sacred room with so many memories, keepsakes and bonds that you almost feel intimidated to take a seat. Yet, with open arms, they will welcome you in to share a laugh and some stories. _B0A2016




Their unit runs like a machine. Each member has marching orders and their efficiency and attention detail is incredible. Beyond their normal daily routines, there are many additional patrol responsibilities that are very important for morale that include but are not limited to the syrup boss, popcorn boss, beer boss, uniform boss, party boss and even fashion police. No joke!


Their season starts and finishes well beyond the “ski season at JHMR.” As early as October they are in a multitude of training seminars and advanced sessions worldwide to stay dialed.


One thing that was amazing for us to see was that as terrain opens since the Gondi in 1997, the same number of patrollers get the job done like a charm. With each new lift, new patrol zones must come to play. New hazards appear, new barriers and new routes to clear every morning.  The split is currently 50 people in a day with 35 off of the tram and 15 up white spider.

Flat out, they are heroes of the mountain.  Working tirelessly to keep us safe.




Jen grew up in New England and started skiing at 4 years old. Ever since those first turns the dream began to find her way to a life at a ski resort. While attending CU Boulder for college, her version of a Spring Break trip her senior year was going to Jackson Hole. The minute she set foot in the Tetons her mind was made up. Jen graduated, packed her car up, and headed to Jackson. Jen did everything under the sun to make ends meet to live the ski bum life. Jobs included but were not limited to day care, cleaning houses, serving at the Calico and The Moose, as well as gardening. She even worked a season at the old ski shop that was in the Casper Lodge one year for a pass. Her first job coaching gymnastics at the old Wilson school in the early 90’s sealed the deal. With gymnastics, they would pack up and go to many schools, and she became close with the community right off of the bat. Then her dream came true and she gained a slot on ski patrol. Today it still stands as her “dream job and she wouldn’t have it any other way.”


Jen is a proud mom of Bode (10 years old) and her husband Joe. He is just as tough as the assistant director of ski patrol for the last 10 years at Grand Targhee Resort. Being on ski patrol for 19 years means that as a wee baby Bode was on the way to the resort as well for many years. Other ski patrol moms would find ways to hire out day care before the mountain day care started to ensure they were in the MOB on time. This meant very early mornings over the pass to get to work on time.


An interesting story of Jen is how she met her husband. Low and behold in 1999, Joe hurt his knee at the resort and Jen was the first responder to the accident. It was a magical moment, yet they were in other relationships. A couple years later they were both single and a fellow patroller Kathryn Miller re-introduced them at a ski patrol party. They have been together every since. Kathryn and Jen were extremely close beyond Kathryn’s matchmaking skills. 7 years ago they were very sad to lose Kathryn in a recon mission in Spacewalk in an accident where she experienced head trauma and passed away. The patrol honors her daily with stickers and other memorabilia.


Jen’s favorite runs of all are the early am runs or pm sweeps. We were honored to catch her in that moment as we followed along a few mornings ago with Jen and Frosty for an avy control run. Bliss and a huge grin from ear to ear as the mountain was silent and 4 skiers enjoyed first tracks down what would become a big powder day for the public. She also loves backcountry skiing in Targhee and Jenson Canyon. You can also find her swapping out powder skis for a day cross country skiing._B0A2310



In the summer, Jen owns a landscaping business in Teton County. She can also be found biking (road or mountain), fishing and enjoying river trips.

Jen’s favorite part of ski patrol continues to be the comradery. There are so many moments in time that occur creating social intimate bonds where they are reliant on each other in life and death situations. Jen explains it as “intensity creates intense relationships.” It is a department where you are dealing with injuries, fatalities and really hard stuff.



Yet as much work as it is, it is all smiles when it snows.

In the end, we were curious to look at a day in the life of Jen on Ski Patrol as they are known to be “first on, last off” and pull 10 hour days consistently. It looks something like this:


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Corbet’s Couloir Is Open and Skiers are Going Huge

20160121_ES_corbets couloir (63 of 191)-13
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Anyone who has ever edged his or her tips into the gaping maw of the entrance to Corbet’s Couloir has participated in the dream. There is simply nothing like it in North American skiing. Steep, rocky and wild, Corbet’s Couloir is where skiers go to prove their mettle (or more often, to retreat in fear).

20160121_ES_corbets couloir (3 of 191)-1
Andrew Whiteford, Hadley Hammer, Forrest Jillson and Bryce Newcomb contemplate their options on opening day at Corbet’s Couloir.

The run is named after Barry Corbet, a mountaineer who in 1960 spotted a narrow crease of snow, shaped like an upside-down funnel, high up on the mountain now known as Jackson Hole. He said, “Someday someone will ski that.” 20160121_ES_corbets couloir (10 of 191)-2
Ski Patroller, Sparky, puts the finishing touches on the rope line.

Today, after five feet of snow in the last week, the Jackson Hole Ski Patrol opened Corbet’s Couloir. Jackson Hole athletes and Teton Gravity Research converged on Corbet’s and put on quite the show.
20160121_ES_corbets couloir (19 of 191)-4
Forrest Jillson takes it deep into the Couloir. Going…
20160121_ES_corbets couloir (22 of 191)-5
20160121_ES_corbets couloir (26 of 191)-7

Next up Hadley Hammer, filming with Teton Gravity Research, lined up and took arguably the biggest air by a female ever into Corbet’s.

20160121_ES_corbets couloir (61 of 191)-12
Go girl.  

Hadley Hammer shows us what getting shot out of a cannon looks like.

20160121_ES_corbets couloir (31 of 191)-8
Bryce Newcomb takes the high left line.
20160121_ES_corbets couloir (73 of 191)-16
The view from below with Andrew Whiteford jumping in with style.

Corbet’s Couloir is one of the most visible lines at Jackson Hole, with the tram passing by every 10 minutes and plenty of spectators gather to watch skiers/riders drop in. While Corbet’s is intimidating from the top, the view from below shows the great snow that usually awaits skiers once they have tackled the plunge into the Couloir.
20160121_ES_corbets couloir (81 of 191)-17
Powder awaits those willing to take the plunge.

Watch the history of Corbet’s Couloir and see old and new test their skill.

Ready to get to Jackson Hole and join the show? Here are some tips:


$200 Air Credits


Golden Lodging Special

Are you a season passholder at your home resort and like 50% off lift tickets?

January Golden Ticket




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Dropping into the Weekend

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Attitudes have definitely shifted over the past week in Teton Valley.  People are whistling, have a little more pep in their step, and are smiling.  The reason is clear–snow has thickly blanketed the mountains day after day, making for an outlandishly good time on the slopes.  If you haven’t made it out to JHMR in the last few days, I would strongly encourage using one of those emergency PTO days to give yourself some medical shredding.  Good for the mind, great for the soul.

Moods don’t have to plummet when the lifts close at the end of the day this weekend.  There are tons of events and music this weekend, so collect some fluffy turns, grab your friends, and enjoy all of the fun that Jackson Hole has to offer.  Have fun everyone!

Backcountry Adventures Film
Location: Pink Garter Theater, Downtown Jackson
Time: Friday night
Information: Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm, Free admission
THE INSIDE SCOOP: MOVIE NIGHT!!! Grab your popcorn and put on some cozy pajamas that are appropriate in the public.  I’ve heard through the metaphorical grapevine (can’t find a real grapevine for the life of me) that this is going to be a great flick, so I’m willing to put my reputation on the line and say you should go.

backcountry basecamp

Lounge on Fire at The Mangy Moose
Location: The Mangy Moose in Teton Village
Time: Friday and Saturday from 9 pm to 12 am, $5 at the door
Information: Lounge on Fire’s sound can best be described as steel cut, blackened and peppered, rock-hopped hip-dipped cock-eyed funk-trunked flat-on-your-back pants-off-dance-off machine.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: I’m not sure if I can do any better than the information above, so I’ll just touch on the important words.  Steal cut.  Blackened.  Peppered.  Pants off. Dance off.  Cool?  See you there.

Sneaky Pete & The Secret Weapons
Location: The Silver Dollar Showroom in The Wort Hotel
Time: Friday and Saturday night from 7:30-11 pm
Information:Bluegrass/Americana music. Free admission.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: As a fan of all things sneaky and *most* people named Pete, it should be no surprise that I like Sneaky Pete & The Secret Weapons 100% of the time.  I will definitely be there one, maybe two nights, so if you want to hang out with me and ask about my week in Women’s Elevate Camp, STOP ON BY!!!!


USAA Wes Barron Speed Series
Location: Teton Lift and Apres Vous
Time: Friday through Sunday
Information: Jackson Hole welcomes USSA racers and their families from around the Intermountain Region for the annual Wes Barron Speed Series of Super G races.
THE INSIDE SCOOP:  I won’t be racing in this speed series, but other people will be.  So while I can’t encourage you to come watch me, there will be other people you can cheer on.  Despite the saying that we always want more, leave your cowbells at home.

wes barron

Rob Garza Live
Location: The Pink Garter Theater, Downtown Jackson
Time: Saturday, Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:30 pm, $20 admission
Information:Founding member of international music group Thievery Corporation, Rob Garza’s career includes decades-worth of accolades as a pioneer of a flourishing electronic music movement.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: I’m still trying to master how to dance to electronic music, so don’t be surprised if you find me in the corner trying out some new moves and seeing if they work.


2016 Backcountry Basecamp presented by Goretex
Location: Teton Village
Time: Saturday and Sunday, all day schedule
Information: At the Jackson Hole BASECAMP stop, Backcountry Magazine staff will showcase the newest equipment, including skis, skins, splitboards, beacons, shovels, probes and airbag packs, all in a yurt-based setting. Also, Arc’teryx will be on hand all weekend showing off their technical outerwear and packs. AIARE educators will conduct demos and classes each day, and Jackson Hole Guides will take visitors on complimentary backcountry tours with an emphasis on safety education. On Saturday at 5 p.m., BASECAMP hosts a huge party and huger raffle at the Alpenhof Lodge with proceeds benefitting Teton County Search and Rescue.  For more schedule information, click here.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: Make sure that you take a closer look at the schedule, but the weekend is packed with cool opportunities to learn more about the latest and greatest in backcountry equipment.  There’s a big ol’ party at the end to celebrate all of the discussion and learning.  Don’t you wish that happened every time you learned something?!


Down Under the Tram: Australia Day Celebration
Location: JHMR Events Tent, Teton Village
Time: Tuesday, January 26th from 4-6 pm
Information: Free beer, while it lasts. Aussie tunes and great giveaways too!
THE INSIDE SCOOP: AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE, OI OI OI!  If you’re not Australian, just pretend you are.  It’ll be good practice for St. Patrick’s Day if you’re not actually Irish.



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Storm Dispatch: Jackson Hole’s January Cycle

1-20 Powder day in Jackson Hole (5 of 7)
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January began inching along with all the powder chasers wondering where to go. Early last week a series of storms began to brew in the pacific and the results of those storms left us all in a frenzy. Here at the powder capital of the West, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, we’ve received an astonishing 5 feet in less than a week’s time. It started slow with snow totals building, and on January 17th we were given a late holiday present of 17 inches in 24 hours. Needless to say the skiing and riding has been top notch since the cycle has continued, and as the locals like to put it, “We’re in the flow”. Here are some of the moments from this epic January cycle thus far.

20160119_ES_tigger bryce and tommy blue (329 of 406)

JH Ambassador Tommy Moe leaves his signature on January 19th.


Dave Johnson opens up the fun on the Headwall during a short moment of blue on January 19th.

January has provided the goods and its not too late for everyone to enjoy. Until the end of January, we are running our Golden Ticket Promotion offering 50% off lift tickets to season pass-holders worldwide, just bring your season pass and a photo ID to our ticket windows to redeem.


Jeff Leger finds a deeper dimension in the Hobacks on January 17th.

20160119_ES_tigger bryce and tommy blue (353 of 406)

Tigger Knecht finds himself in the moment we all dream of on January 19th.

1-20 Powder day in Jackson Hole (7 of 7)

Tigger Knecht comes up for air this morning, January 20th.

Taking advantage of the Golden Ticket Promotion? Or just keen on a visit to find out about this ‘Cowboy Powder’ for yourself? We’ve got you covered, from great lodging specials to $300 off air credits, its a deal with experience that can’t be surpassed. Come celebrate our 50th year!

1-20 Powder day in Jackson Hole (2 of 7)

Justin Dersham finds himself in the goods this morning, January 20th.

1-20 Powder day in Jackson Hole (5 of 7)

Tigger Knecht does the disappearing act on the morning of January 20th.


Bryce Newcomb enjoying a bit of blower on January 19th.

Ready to get to Jackson Hole? Here are some tips:


$200 Air Credits


Golden Lodging Special

Are you a season passholder at your home resort and like 50% off lift tickets?

January Golden Ticket

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Powder 8 Local Qualifier: Lineup, Look Back and Results

Sarah Felton & Brigid Horigan: All Girl and Grand National-Bound with 7th Place
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This is What Second Place Looks Like: Jeff Leger & Tanner Flannagan Powder 8'ing in Pretty-Much-Perfect Synch

This is What Second Place Looks Like: Jeff Leger & Tanner Flannagan Powder 8’ing in Pretty-Much-Perfect Synch

After laying dormant for 15 years, a most-beloved ski tradition, The Powder 8, made its triumphant return to the Tetons yesterday on a stormy Jackson Hole morning. Christened with a foot of  fresh snow from the past couple days,  44 skiers combining to form 22 teams, headed for the hills via an 8:24 am tram bound for Bernie’s Bowl. Despite the weather backup location move from the intended Cody Bowl to Bernies, the eventful day proved a grand old time had by all.



JHSC Skier Team Kristan Waddle and Jenny Allen Wait to Start While The Rest of the Powder 8 Teams Watch Above Bernie’s

In  a swift, sprinted, snowy and somewhat socked-in hour and half, the skiers and event organizers realized the continued legacy of a classic on-hill Powder 8 competition in true Jackson Hole form.  The locals-only pre-qualifier event to February’s final TheGrand National Powder 8, was loaded with technically sound and stylish skiers making for one fine day in the 50th year of JHMR.


Some Stick to the Rules & Nail It (Skiers Ethan Valenstein (f) & Sam Sehnert (b)

Others Do Not & Still Look Good

Others Do Not & Still Look Good (Skier Paul Velte)

The in-bounds venue, another regular Powder 8 comp host site throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s, saw an impressive lineup of 22 teams ski with ease, grace, and plenty of steeze. Certainly synch is the name of the game as per Powder 8 standards, but the Jackson Hole locs, in some cases- went above-and-beyond (per tradition) in the ‘matchy-match’ sense. Enthusiastic spectators and judges saw one pieces, jean jackets and jet suits galore.

Sarah Felton & Brigid Horigan: All Girl and Grand National-Bound with 7th Place

Teams young and old, co-ed, all female, and all- twin (for reals) strutted their stuff one-by-one before the careful eye of selected judges well versed in the art of 8. Skiers representing The Jackson Hole Ski Club and St. Lawrence University Ski Team Alums to a duo  representing Powder Magazine and the prerequisite Jackson Hole Air Force (hello Captail Benny Wilson and ‘Dave the Wave’!!) lined up atop their lottery-designated lane and skied their hearts out to the tune of 20-plus turns much to their own visible delight.

Who's Who Powder Magazine's Local Editor Matt Hanson and His Ski Bum Phantom Wingman John Verdon Skiing Blower

Who’s Who? Powder Magazine’s Local Editor-In-JH-Resident Matt Hansen (f) and Ski Bum Phantom Powder Mag Favorite Wingman John Verdon (b) Skiing Blower… Naturally

Powder 8 proved the best of days at JHMR. All were inspired and excited by the throwback and consequently threw down a healthy and fun competition. Thanks to Jackson Hole Ski Patrol for the inspiration and bringing the safety – All personnel who touched the P8 from Lifts to Race Crew to Judges. And of course the Powder 8 Locals for bringing this special version of ski spirit dating from ’71 back into this 50th season for all to watch and share in the fun.

Powder 8 2016 Local Qualifier

Powder 8 2016 Local Qualifier | January 16, 2016 | Bernie’s Bowl | JHMR

Congratulations to everyone, especially the top 7 teams – all of whom are going on to the Grand National Powder 8 next month. These top-finishers will go head-to-head with invited teams from around the Rocky Mountains in the Grand National representing the best of what Jackson Hole has to offer. Long live the Powder 8 and see you February 6 in Cody Bowl!

All photos: Amy Jimmerson

Place  Lane #   Team  Total 
1 10  Halsey Hewson & Chris Denny  194
2 20  Jeff Leger & Tanner Flannagan 187
3 19  AJ Puccia & Brendan Levine 184
4 17  Ethan Valenstein & Sam Sehnert 183
5 21  Bart Flynn & George Flynn 177
6 13  Capt. Benny Wilson & Dave the Wave 170
7 22  Brigid Horigan & Sarah Felton 169
8 3  Kristan Waddle & Jenny Allen 160
9 16  Paul Velte & Jeb Stuart  159
10 12  Rick Hunt & Jon Hunt  147
11 18  Shannon Owens & Christian Cisco  136
12 9  Cassandra Lee & Patrick Brennan 126
13 0  Drew Kneeland & Kyle MacDowell, JHSP                    118
14 8  Zach Simon &Mike MacDonald 116
15 5  Prudence Daniels & Sofie Danforth 115
16 4  Rob DesLauriers & Kit DesLauriers 113
17 14  Ana Rode & Lori Roux 111
18 11  Bill Allen &Morgan Carrig  94
19 2  Wes Lucas & Steve Zelikovitz 93
20 7  Eric Jacobson & Dave Blatt  90
21 15  John Verdon &Matt Hansen  86
22 1  John Grant & Lisa Grant  64
23 6  Rachel Levitz & Lauren Roux 0
P.S. STAY TUNED: Fans can continue to tune-in to The Ledge on the morning snow phone line -meanwhile he and Tanner will be training for Feb 6th.

P.S. STAY TUNED: Fans can continue to tune-in to ‘The Ledge’ on the morning snow phone line -meanwhile he will be training for the Feb 6th showdown.

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Little details make the biggest vacations

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2016 certainly started with a snap and pow.


After a postcard-fluffy white Christmas, New Year’s week was so cold I had to fib a little to our out-of-town friends about why I wasn’t on the hill everyday: “I will ski when the mountain is not so crowded with tourists like yourself.” My cousin Nick saw right through this when he had one of those heavenly rides through the Hobacks the morning of New Year’s Eve, miraculously never seeing another person top to bottom. He was blown away by the breadth and depth of Jackson Hole. You can take the Tram up with 100 new friends, and a few turns later into Rendezvous Bowl, you feel like you own the mountain.

Not near Kids Ranch, literally in the same building. Take the elevator to drop off.

Not near Kids Ranch, literally in the same building. Take the elevator to drop off.

As I mentioned in my last post about Kids Ski Free!, I was totally agog at the condo I saw at Cody House in the Kids Ranch building, so my friend Julie at Jackson Hole Resort Lodging invited us to stay a night. Before we moved to Jackson, I used to be one of those moms who’d burn more calories hauling my four children and their gear than actually skiing (mostly owing to the fact that I’m in terrible physical condition). This unit, like many of JHRL’s ski in-ski out properties, made me want to stand out on the balcony with a steaming hot cup of coffee waiting for a friend to ski by and recognize me. In fact, this unit being in the Kids Ranch building and directly adjacent to the Bridger Gondola, we could wave to my husband waiting in line for first gondi while we had an early morning soak in the hot tub.

Natasha pondering the Gondi.

Natasha pondering the Gondi.

Alex Sr. was fired up for the hotly anticipated Teton Lift, at the top of the gondola. Here’s an insider’s look courtesy of Teton Gravity Research. Totally gangster, as my son Alex might say.

Our stay began as I opened the fridge up to this:

Did we need anything else?

Did we need anything else?


Just kidding. Actually the fridge was kitted out like this for our one night stay thanks to Ashley Watson at Mountains of Groceries.

A little more realistic.

A little more realistic.

Ashley is the proud owner of this wonderful local company that can set up your JHRL unit with a personalized grocery run, arrange private chefs for in-home dinners, and even set up Christmas trees and Valentine’s Day flowers! They can also tidy up your cupboard at the end of your stay and see that leftovers are donated to local food banks. Having your fridge, cupboards, and wine rack fully stocked when you arrive feels like you’ve just been gifted another day of vacation.

Our unit was so conveniently located right in the Village. The kids loved running to the General Store (about a hundred feet away) for milkshakes. Even though we were ridiculously close Jackson Hole Sports, Julie insisted we try out JH Mountain Direct (JHDirect). JHDirect, a service of Jackson Hole Sports, offers more than just ski deliveries. They run a true concierge-level service for skiers and snowboarders. You book the service online, which means you’re already enjoying a 20% discount. Some friendly, helpful soul like General Manager Larry Hartenstein will follow up with a phone call: “What kind of skier are you? Have you skied here before? You planning on skiing all day?” He’ll know how conditions have been and where you might be headed during lessons. Then, he sends over a couple of these cuties:

Patrick and Dan from JHDirect.

Patrick and Dan from JHDirect. Two jolly men in red suits with sacks of treats!

Dan Gully and Parker Warren showed up like a couple of Santa’s with six pairs of brand new, high performance skis, and a selection of boots.

Sweet. Brand new Rossi’s.

The kids, sleepy-eyed and shuffling in their pajamas, were wide-awake at the sight of the first-class gear and then in utter disbelief that Dan and Parker could boot-fit them in the living room.

Nikita and Mary being fitted for boots in their jammies! True luxury in my book. They would be so irritated if they knew I posted bedhead pics.

Nikita and Mary being fitted for boots in their jammies! True luxury in my book. They would be so irritated if they knew I posted bedhead pics.

JH Mountain Direct can also bring your lift tickets, Mountain Sports School vouchers, and even tell you exactly where to meet your instructor. They are also super nice and know the mountain inside and out. These are the big and little details at JHRL that make you feel like you’re on vacation the very minute you arrive.

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Inches to Feet, This Storm is Producing!

A fresh coating of white made for great snowboarding and skiing.
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The return of the powder!  We’ve had some great bluebird inversion days recently, but just as you start itching for some cold smoke, mother nature produced! As of 2:00pm 1/14/16, we’ve received 11″ of new snow since midnight. And there’s only more to come. So come out to Teton Village and enjoy the snow!

Forecast: Jim “Woody” Woodmencey is calling for up to 21 additional inches through Monday. Check out his current forecast at
NOAA’s forecast is looking pretty spiffy too!


The winter storm of January 14, 2016 has arrived! Workers shovel the deck at Corbet’s Cabin.


A sign of some strong wind and snow.

DJ pushing overhead plumes of cold smoke on every turn down Bivouac!


Some happy faces riding up Sublette ready for some more action.

The 60" upper mountain base with 11" of fresh is riding nicely!

The 60″ upper mountain base with 11″ of fresh is riding nicely!


Be careful out there! A simple fall could lead to something more serious. Ski in pairs and keep an eye on your buddies!

Just released today, this video highlights the importance of safety in bounds and in the backcountry. Be safe out there!

Chris getting deep mid afternoon off the new Teton Lift.

Chris getting deep mid afternoon off the new Teton Lift.

Teton Lift bliss.

Teton Lift bliss.


Nadine charging the pow off of Sublette.

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Dropping into the Weekend

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On Wednesday morning, I got on the Gondola right at 9 am, eager to get first tracks on the fresh corduroy sprawling across the mountain.  Much to my happy surprise, the sun was shining on the upper mountain and I found myself giggling with happiness as I cruised down the pristine slopes.  I thought that was the best morning of the season until today.

The snow really fell last night and left an unbelievable coat of fluffy powder for me (ok…everyone) to enjoy.  Wednesday’s “giggles” turned into full on squeals of joy as I made my way down Rendezvous Bowl.  The point of this personal story is: GET OUT THERE THE SNOW IS UNBELIEVABLE AND YOU’LL GIGGLE AND SMILE SO MUCH!*

*sorry for yelling.

Anyway, here’s what’s going on this weekend!  Have fun and be safe!
Location: Teton Village, Wyoming
Time: Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  No fees or admission.
Information:  Join Teton County Search and Rescue and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in honor of Safety Month at the top of the Bridger Gondola.
from 9am-1pm, TCSAR will an exclusive look at the TCSAR helicopter they use, parked on top of the Bridger Gondola. In addition, there will avalanche dog demonstrations, information being handed out, and volunteers answering questions.
The ‘Safety Posse’ will be on the hill handing out goodies and prizes to skiers/riders practicing safety on the slopes.
There will be another helicopter showing from our friends at Air Medical Heli, from 11am – 2pm.
 This is such a fun opportunity for shredders of all ages to learn at JHMR.  It’s rare that you can get some up close and personal time with ski patrol, avy dogs, and helicopters, so I wouldn’t miss this chance!  On top of that, it’s so important to be an educated skier or rider, seeing that you can only control Mother Nature so much.  That said, do your best to look uphill, ski in control, and be an ambassador of the mountain!


Location: The Pink Garter Theater in Downtown Jackson
Time: Friday, Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm 
Information: Tickets available online from $20.00 – $45.00. 21+ only
THE INSIDE SCOOP: Folks have been *buzzing* about this party, which is a strong indicator that it’s going to be worth the ticket.  I don’t really think that I have enough street cred to comment farther.  Which probably means I should go.

jh snowboarder
Location: Cody Bowl, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
Time: Saturday at 10:30 am
Information: JHMR is bringing back the historic competition to the Powder 8 face of Cody Bowl, for our Grand Reunion Weekend. The nationally recognized event, which ran from 1975 until 2001, will be an invitational team contest with over $10,000 in cash and prizes. There will be a local qualifier for Jackson Hole teams on Saturday, January 16th with the finals being on Saturday, February 6th.
It’s been a couple of decades since the Powder 8’s have been held in Teton Village, and it’s going to be so fun to see which local teams qualify for the finals this weekend.  The competitors are local legends, so stay tuned to find out which 2 teams make it!

Location: Hotel Terra Ballroom in Teton Village
Time: Saturday at 3:30 pm
Information: Join Teton Adaptive Sports for an Apres Soiree on January 16th, 2016, in the Hotel Terra Ballroom. This fundraiser will raise money to benefit Teton Adaptive Sports, an entity doing big things around Jackson Hole. Food and drinks will be available and kids and families of all ages are welcome.
 It’s truly unbelievable what Teton Adaptive Sports does to make sure that everyone can have a mountain experience.  If you’ve never seen their equipment, I’d highly recommend going to their live demo on Saturday morning on Teewinot.  If you’re blown away (you will be), you can head to this Apres Soiree and support their worthy cause.

apres soiree
Location: The Mangy Moose in Teton Village
Time: Saturday at 9 pm
Information: Whatever you like – Hip Hop, Rap, Reggae, Dancehall, Dub, Soul, R&B – DJ Simotaneous will surely get the party started! Show starts at 9pm.
Any DJ that promises dance, hip-hop and rap is a hero in my book.  Saturday is a huge day in Teton Village so there won’t be a shortage of activities to keep you busy until the DJ starts at 9 pm.  And…it’s free.

Location: The Pink Garter Theater in Downtown Jackson
Time: Saturday night at 10:30, free admission
Information: Jameson Drink Specials!
THE INSIDE SCOOP: This evening will be a perfect combination of good music and whiskey.  What’s not to love?  Grab a friend, say you’ll cover the cost of the tickets (hehe they’re free), and you’ll have a good ole time.



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Backcountry Safety Weekend

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Its Backcountry Safety Weekend here at JHMR, and this Friday and Sunday Teton County Search and Rescue and Classic Air Medical are bringing their helicopters and staff to the top of the Bridger Gondola.


January is the National Ski Areas Association Safety Month, and we are pleased to announce three days of event promoting safety over this MLK weekend.


On Friday, January 15th a TCSAR helicopter will be based atop the Bridger Gondola from 9AM – 1PM for an exciting experiential demo for the skiing public.  Search and Rescue volunteers, in addition to JHMR Ski Patrol, will be on hand to answer any questions, hand out information on backcountry safety and also perform beacon checks and avalanche dog drills.  On Saturday, January 16th the JHMR Safety Posse will be out on the slopes rewarding safe skiing behavior by passing out stickers, candy, and new collectable avalanche dog safety cards.  Sunday, January 17th the Classic Air Medical Helicopter will be stationed atop the Bridger Gondola for the public to check out from 11AM until 2PM. (All helicopter staging is weather dependent).


In partnership with Teton County Search and Rescue this video about the Jackson Hole backcountry outlines some of the hazards and potential implications of backcountry usage.  Know before you go, and educate yourself!

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