Three Tips to Keep the Training on Track

20150625_ES_running and gtnpf-343

I’ve been running with lots of friends this summer, and they have been a great support system and source of inspiration for me as a novice runner gearing up for the Rendezvous Hill Climb – three weeks away!

My last two big runs I had the good fortune to run with Jess McMillan (who you remember from a previous post); plus friend, pastry chef and trail runner extraordinaire Brigid Horigan.  Brigid is training for a 50K race, so we met up after work for an evening run up the Wildflower Trail.

Brigid- July 2015

Brigid motored up the trail while I chugged, and then we met up for the run down.  We talked a lot about running, juggling work/ life and training, boys, jobs, everything really.  I gained a few insights from my time with Brigid that have really helped me stay positive and focused going into the race:

Make small goals to achieve big goals.

BH: “It can be is easy to lose focus while training for a race, sometimes there are hard days, or work gets in the way… Completing something you have set out to do feels pretty good.  So, I make small goals for myself as I train, they help me stay motivated and focused on the race.”

Trail - July 2015

Do your best, and don’t beat yourself up.

BH: “Follow your training schedule as best as you can, but it is important to listen to your body.  Sometimes you just need an extra rest day and that is okay.  It is really easy to lose motivation after a bad run, but just know the next run will be better.  I think it is pretty cool to set out and do something you have never done all while challenging your body and your mind.  Just remember where you started and how far you have come.”

Anna Headwall

Make sure you are having fun.

BH: “We live in an amazing part of the country and trail running has taken me to some really beautiful places.  Plus when you get to run through the mountains with your friends it doesn’t really make it feel like exercise, it is pretty fun.”

20150625_ES_running and gtnpf-343

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Teton Food Tour, Sunday July 19th

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Slow Food in the Tetons and Friends of Pathways host the second annual Teton Food Tour this Sunday, July 19th.  Cruise the pathway from R Park (at the Wilson Boat Ramp) to Teton Village while stopping to enjoy four small plates from Aspen’s MarketStreetfood JHFine Dining’s Bodega and Bo-B-Q.

The Jackson Hole Land Trust View22 Artists and musicians will join along the way.

Meet us at R Park to check in and to enjoy your first small plate. Then, ride the separate, paved pathway up to Teton Village. We’ll provide a map and signage along the way.

Teton Food Tour 2015

Chainless Bike Race Series!


Come one, come all! Starting this Friday night, JH Sports, Teton Village Sports, and Hoback Sports will be sponsoring the first of 4 chainless bike races on Teewinot in Teton Village.

Free registration is from 3:30-5:30pm on the day of each event. There will be many prizes and the Tin Can Cantina will be having taco and margarita specials as usual for Friday Night Bikes. We look forward to seeing you there! See details in the poster below.

High Alpine Adventure with Griffin Post

Jackson Hole running-6

With six weeks of training under my belt, I asked JHMR athlete Griffin Post to take a high alpine excursion from the Aerial Tram into Cody Bowl.
Jackson Hole running Spending time in this mountain environment made for a great setting to consider what type of focus it takes to be an athlete.  We enjoyed the easy run down to the Cody saddle, then put it in gear as we navigated the rocky and steep terrain that is so famously skied in the winter time.

Jackson Hole running-8

Throughout the adventure with the beautiful peak as the backdrop Post and I chatted about skiing, training, failing and finding zen in running.

AC: You’ve had a very successful career as a pro skier– what keeps you focused each season?

GTP: I think the same thing drives me as a lot of other athletes: the idea performing better than I did the season before. Unfortunately, the type of skiing I do isn’t as easily objectively measured as other sports, such as running. That is, there’s not a clear end-of-year performance measurement that a lot of other sports have. To stay focused, I try to concentrate on what I did well the season before and what areas I’d like to improve on. This way, I’m constantly trying to improve against myself, which keeps things interesting and keeps me focused (just in case the whole jumping off cliffs thing doesn’t).

Jackson Hole running-9

AC: Earlier this summer you created your own mountain marathon and didn’t finish – are you still determined to complete a big run this summer? (Note: For more details on Griffin’s run and a funny read, click here)

GTP: Yes, definitely. I bit off more than I could chew when I attempted a 26 mile traverse of Idaho’s Smoky Mountains, but I think it was more a matter of underestimating the terrain rather than the mileage. I have some plans around the Tetons for later this summer, but more than anything I want to redeem myself in the Smoky Mountains. While failing at something is always frustrating in the moment, in the long run it always serves as a really good motivator.

Jackson Hole running-6

AC: Why do you run?

I was definitely the guy in high school that despised running. We’d have to do a 2-mile assessment at the beginning of each soccer season and it was by far my most dreaded day of practice all season. Now, I find it oddly meditative. For me it’s a great way to disconnect from everything that’s going on, even if it’s just for an hour or so. Also, with the amount that I travel, running is sometimes the only reliable exercise I can get. I’m yet to travel to a place where you can’t run.

Jackson Hole running-3


Latest Video – Tisi & Whiteford in the JH Bike Park!

Watch Daniel Tisi and Andrew Whiteford lap each other down the Jackson Hole Bike Park!

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has been hard at work with Gravity Logic mapping, designing and building the best mountain-bike destination in the Tetons. Options abound for every level including novice trails for the uninitiated as well as eye-opening advanced trails and jump tracks. Sail over tabletops, flow around corners and then catch the Teewinot lift for a 5-minute ride back to the top.

Learn more:

Fly to Jackson Hole from Australia

It’s never been easier to get to Jackson Hole from Australia! With new non-stop flights on American Airlines (Qantas partner) from Los Angeles to Jackson Hole, there are now six different one-stop routes from Australia to Jackson Hole for Winter 2015-16. The flight map below outlines one-stop options from Sydney and Melbourne.

Jackson Hole Airport is the only commercially operated airport located within a national park (Grand Teton) in the U.S. The airport is centrally located in the Jackson Hole valley and it is not uncommon to see moose, bison and elk on the drive from the airport.

When you land you are just a 15 minute drive or shuttle into the town of Jackson or 35 minutes to Teton Village and the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

Note the fact that you can see Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in the background of the image. When you land in Jackson Hole you see the mountain from the window of the plane and as soon as you step off the flight. Get a window seat!

For a great deal on a trip to Jackson Hole, check out Kids Ski Free (14 & under with accompanying paying adult) and a Buy 7 Get 10 Lift Ticket special through our Australian tour operators like Travelplan, Mogul Ski World, SkiMax, Blue Powder Tours and Snowcapped.

*Note that there are also plenty of 2-stop options from Australia or non-stop options from other U.S. cities. 13 major U.S. cities fly non-stop into Jackson Hole, so it is easy to include Jackson Hole on a multi-destination trip to the U.S. as well. Find more information on flying into Jackson Hole here.

Turning up the Heat on the Teton Trails

20150625_ES_running and gtnpf-257

It’s been unseasonably warm in Jackson Hole the last few weeks, but that hasn’t stopped the trail running.  The heat adds another element to my training program, but with my handy watch, and weekly run schedule – I’m still determined to hit the trails, so much so, I am evening considering entering the Rendezvous Hill Climb race in early August.  With the race as a goal – I hit the Wildflower trail on my lunch break.  It was a hot run, and in order to keep my focus, I think about what is keeping me motivated this summer.  And it’s a few things:

  1. Sharing this running story with friends, and being accountable every week with this blog.
    20150625_ES_running and gtnpf-319
  2. The fancy watch – I love it now, it keeps me on track, and logs all the great mileage and elevation I’m covering.
    Running in the Tetons with Eric Orton (4 of 9)
  3. Awareness that I am sticking to a program, and probably improving – even though I still feel slow.
    20150625_ES_running and gtnpf-257
  4. The scenery – you can’t beat the Jackson Hole trail system.
    Wildflower Trail

The Jackson Hole Shooting Experience

shooting 2

They call their company the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience because it’s just that-an experience. This year, the JHMR Marketing Team was lucky enough to find out what makes the Shooting Experience more than just shooting guns at targets.

shooting 1

We all met at the shooting range on South Highway 89 and immediately signed safety waivers and outfitted ourselves with safety glasses and ear protection (i.e. we immediately looked like the “real deal”). The morning started off with some initial safety guidelines, the most important rule being that your gun should always be pointed in the direction of the range.


Once safety was discussed and understood, we rotated between four different shooting stations and tried a variety of different guns. IT WAS AWESOME and not just because we were shooting really powerful guns. I think the reason why they call it an “experience” is because of how your time is spent at the range. You learn about guns and become more comfortable with them. You challenge yourself with various targets and styles of shooting. You finesse your form. And ultimately you gain an incredible feeling of accomplishment when you finally hear the “ping” of your bullet hitting the target.

shooting 3


The reason why all of these things are able to happen is because the staff is professional, patient, knowledgeable, funny and generally enjoyable to be around. Three hours flew by, and we walked away with some truly enriching memories.

Thank you to the JH Shooting Experience for such a wonderful day of team bonding.