Dropping into the Weekend

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Skiers and Riders, Broncos fans and Panthers Enthusiasts.  Welcome to another glorious weekend in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  The snow is fluffy and the events are plentiful, making for a perfect time to rip and recreate with your good friends.  Let’s dive into the good stuff.   Don’t worry, I’ll give you my personal “inside scoop” every. single. time

JHMR Grand Reunion Weekend
Location: Teton Village, Wyoming
Time: Friday, February 5th to Sunday, February 7th
Information:  In celebration of 50 years, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is hosting “The Grand Reunion,” a first annual staff reunion in Teton Village. Weekend includes department après fun, ski racing, department photos and a throwback band at the Moose.. JHMR is extending 50% off lift tickets for the weekend and will bring back the Powder 8’s for some throwback competition.
THE INSIDE SCOOP:  JHMR staffers are often described as a small family, and this weekend you will feel the familial love.  Former JHMR employees from all over will gather to enjoy a weekend full of throwback-esque events, all in an effort to relive the Jackson Hole dream. If you’ve never worked for JHMR, you still can!!! Check out our employee listings.

grand reunion weekend

John Wayne’s World at The Mangy Moose
Location: The Mangy Moose, Teton Village
Time: Friday at 9 pm
Information:John Wayne’s World is Jackson’s only instrumental jazz-funk ensemble featuring five of the busiest and most talented musicians in the region. JWW’s sound can be likened to that of The Meters, Booker T. and The MGs, The New Mastersounds and Medeski, Martin and Wood.
THE INSIDE SCOOP:  Let’s get funky folks.  There’s no better crew to guide us into the weekend than John Wayne’s World, so grab a seat, a spicy marg, and a spicy friend and kick it OFF.  John Wayne is the drummer, and I think it would be fun to start a John Wayne chant at the concert. But we should probably practice.  So–WHEN I SAY JOHN, YOU SAY WAYNE. JOHN (WAYNE!), JOHN (WAYNE!)  Good work everyone.  With a little more training….we could be the best…


Grand National Powder 8’s
Location: Powder 8 Face of Cody Bowl
Time: Saturday at 10:30 am, weathering permitting
Information: Over 15 teams from around the Rockies have been invited to come to Jackson to compete in this restored tradition on Saturday, February 6th during the heart of JHMR’s continued 50th anniversary celebrations, namely the Grand Reunion Weekend.  We recommend viewing from Rendezvous Bowl or the top of the tram. People can also view from the bottom of the Power 8’s face but this is out of bounds and you need to know where you’re going, have a plan, avalanche training, and have your pack and avalanche safety gear ready. Just outside the ropes of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort lies dangerous, unmarked terrain features, please exercise extreme caution.Backcountry equipment encouraged.
THE INSIDE SCOOP:  If you’re a fan of elegance, athleticism, and powder, Saturday’s Powder 8’s will be your dream competition.  Teams of 2 will do their best to make perfect figure 8’s in perfect sync in perfect powder. Who will win?  You’ll have to head up to the top of the tram, grab a warm waffle and spectate like you’ve never spectated before! If you want to hang with me, I’ll be the one spectatin’ from the Tram with 4 waffles and a huge cup of coffee.  67% chance that I share.

This is What Second Place Looks Like: Jeff Leger & Tanner Flannagan Powder 8'ing in Pretty-Much-Perfect Synch

Jeff Leger & Tanner Flannagan Powder 8’ing in Pretty-Much-Perfect Sync

Location: Snake River Ranch, Across the street from Teton Village
Time: Saturday, February 6 and Sunday, February 7 at 1:00 pm
Information: For the first time, the annual skijoring competition hosted by the local charitable organization, the Jackson Hole Shrine Club, is being hosted on the Snake River Ranch, just outside of Teton Village. The team competition with horse and rider pulling a skier through a course that combines jumps, gates and spear rings is a test accuracy and speed. It’s a fun spectator sport, so come out and place bets on your favorite team. *No parking at Snake River Ranch, shuttle service will be provided.
THE INSIDE SCOOP:  Skijoring is one a kind.  Here’s my Saturday/Sunday suggestion.  Get to the slopes early and get lots of laps in by the time the clock strikes noon.  Then head across the road to support the Shriners and see skijoring up close and personal.  I’ve never seen it before, so you better believe that I’ll be in the front row cheering for my favorite horse/skier team.

Image 0073

86 at The Mangy Moose
Location: The Mangy Moose in Teton Village
Time: Saturday at 9 pm, $10 Tickets
Information: 86 specializes in Hair Metal, just the way you like to rock it! Guns and Roses, Bon Jovi, Skid Row, Journey, Kiss, AC/DC, and the like. In your face!
THE INSIDE SCOOP: This band literally rocks.  I saw them last year and experienced a perfect mixture of face-melting guitar licks, laughter and wild dancing.  If you want to have fun on Saturday night, I HIGHLY recommend buying your $10 ticket ahead of time and wearing your party pants.


Bob Marley Birthday Celebration:
Location: The Pink Garter Theater, Downtown Jackson
Time: Saturday at 10 pm, Free admission
Information: Reggae band and DJ to celebrate the birthday of Bob Marley
THE INSIDE SCOOP: Some people like Bob Marley and other people like birthdays, and SOME people like Bob Marley AND birthdays, which makes this party one of the most ideal scenarios EVER.  Get on it and get groovy.  If you want to.  No pressure.

bob marley

The 50th Superbowl
Location:  Wherever you can cheer the loudest.
Time: Sunday at 4:30 pm MT
Information: Denver Broncos vs Carolina Panthers
THE INSIDE SCOOP:  Ok folks, I want to cover all of my bases here.  If you’re going to watch the Super Bowl (to watch the Broncos win) there are lots of places where you can watch: The Spur, The Mangy Moose, Nick Wilsons, The Handle Bar, or any bar in downtown Jackson.  If you’re going to watch the Puppy Bowl, I would recommend finding a viewing location that is open to occasionally changing the channel to Animal Planet.  No puppy haters allowed (do those exist?)


See you out on the slopes folks!!

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Running for Ski Fitness

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I love to ski, and for those of you read my blog this summer, my other favorite past time these days is running.  So this winter I enlisted Eric Orton, the Born to Run Coach to hit the trails and chat about winter running! Yup – the trails we love in summer, are also a great place to train when not shredding the ski slopes.

With summer run camp dates set (July 28-30,2016) and the Rendezvous Hill Climb confirmed for August 6th, I’m running and skiing this winter to stay strong.


AC: How is running for ski fitness different than training for a race?

EO: Most races are endurance in nature, using a lot of slower twitch muscle fibers, where as skiing recruits more fast twitch fibers.  And since you already have great endurance from the summer run season, you do not have to focus as much on long runs or be as concerned with creating too much fatigue as we do during the racing season.  So therefore, we can do more quality throughout the week and reduce the amount of running we are doing.  In short, doing less, but adding more intensity.  (Assuming the runner is coming from a summer/fall’s worth of run training).  We would not want to keep this high intensity training for too long, but should be used as a ski conditioning period and as the ski season gets in full swing, this intensity is cut back so you are fresh for your skiing.



AC: How important is cross training?

EO: I think what is most important for specific ski cross training is to add in a lot of varied running at different speeds and interval lengths.  A great window to work in would be anywhere from very short sprints of 8-20 seconds to 1-3 min steady intervals at about 90% effort.  And it can be fun to also get a little creative and add in other exercises DURING a run.  For example, doing one legged squats and working on eccentric/concentric exercises like box jumps or running/jumping up and down stairs (plyometrics) can be highly effective to help combat ski fatigue and soreness, while improving muscle/strength endurance.


AC: If I hike or skin in the backcountry does that count in place of a run day? 

EO: Absolutely.  This can be used as your endurance day and shorter fast/harder runs opposite endurance activities to specifically hit the fast twitch muscles of downhill alpine skiing. And touring/skinning/hiking is a great change of pace from the long runs during other parts of the year.

AC: With the days being so short sometimes I have to hit the gym/ treadmill – any advice for running on a treadmill? 

EO: The treadmill can be great training and a good way to run inclines/hills when that is not possible outside on snow.  I think the key is to be creative and think of a very structured workout before you jump on the treadmill.  This very structured workout will help you stay focused, which makes the time go really fast.  So doing lots of short intervals at a variety of speeds and inclines.  A great one would be to do 1-3 min intervals at an incline and then do 1-2 min fast intervals with little incline to finish.  I would avoid running steady for long periods of time.

AC:  Running Camp dates have been set for July 2016 – what advice do you have for me to keep strong, healthy and focused through the winter season? 

EO: I think the number one things is always about having a goal.  It is easy to get out the door for a run on a nice day or when it works easy into our schedules, but a goal really helps on the days you just don’t want to go out.  And it is these days that are important for consistency.  Good health, strength and good running really requires consistency and frequency – having a goal is so important to help with this.



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Dropping into the Weekend

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Good energy is swirling around the Teton Valley.  How do I know this?  Because I’m a bit of a wizard…and also because the weather forecast is beyond stellar.  It’s going to snow A LOT, so start visualizing your fluffy turns and practice high-fiving your friends so that you don’t miss hands at the chairlift (so embarrassing).

Let’s plan what you’re going to do when your feet aren’t strapped into skis or a board.  It’s the last weekend of the Golden Ticket Promotion, which means you still have time to take advantage of 50% off lift tickets with a season pass from any ski resort.  This also means that you should call all of your friends and have a rowdy (yet safe) weekend.  Just a friendly suggestion.

A-Mac DZ at The Mangy Moose
Location: The Mangy Moose in Teton Village
Time: Friday and Saturday at 9 pm
Information: $5 at the door. Straight out of Denver, Colorado, A-Mac DZ has defined the art of fusing acoustic rock with reggae and hip-hop.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: Reggae infused acoustic rock.  Watermelon infused Spicy Marg.  Fun infused Friday. Plans made in Mangy Moose infusion heaven.

Moose Hockey vs Chicago
Location: Snow King Ice Arena
Time: Friday and Saturday at 7:30 pm
Information: $10 at the door
THE INSIDE SCOOP: Contrary to popular belief, the hockey players are humans, not moose (meese?) on ice skates. Disappointing, but the honest truth.  If you regularly read my blog, you know that I get FIRED UP about Moose Games, so I will be there sporting 50-100 shades of team spirit.


Pica’s Margarita Cup
Location: Snow King Resort
Time: Friday Night under the Lights
Information: The Margarita Cup features snow, speed, and fun! The adult ski racing series is held on Friday nights under the lights at Snow King Mountain.
THE INSIDE SCOOP:  I don’t ski race, but it’s super fun to watch.  Prepare yourself a thermos full of something delicious and check out the speedsters gracefully rocketing down Snow King.

margarita cup

Richiebeats at The Pink Garter
Location: The Pink Garter Theater in Downtown Jackson
Time: Friday at 10 pm
Information: This is a free event for 21+.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: I’ve never seen Richiebeats perform, but I really enjoy saying “Richiebeats.”  There’s nothing better than a free event at The Pink Garter, especially when there are so many fun things that you could do leading up to the concert (eating dinner counts as a fun thing to do, especially if you’re eating pizza).

Ice Skating on the Town Square
Location: Downtown Jackson
Time: Saturday 12pm-9 pm
Information: Friends and families are invited to gather in Jackson Hole’s picturesque Town Square to enjoy the outdoor skating rink.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: Ice skating on the square? Helllooooo romance.  If you don’t have anyone to go with, consider treating yourself to a romantic skate night for one.  Maybe you’ll make friends!


Jameson Music Series presents John Wayne’s World
Location: The Pink Garter Theater in Downtown Jackson
Time: Saturday at 10:30 pm
Information: This is a free event for 21+.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: I know that there are a lot of whiskey enthusiasts in Jackson, so this is a great fit.  Drink specials. Good music.  Responsible decision making.  Alright Saturday night!


Special Olympics Wyoming Winter Games
Location: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Apres Vous
Time: February 3rd and 4th
Information: JHMR is proud to host the Special Olympics Wyoming Winter Games, welcoming Wyoming’s athletes and their families. Opening ceremonies will be at the JH High School On Feb 2. Alpine Events will be on Teewinot, Werner Run, and Antelope Flats on Feb. 3-4.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: This is one of the most inspiring events that JHMR hosts annually.  Don’t be fooled by the word Special, these athletes take their games as seriously as anybody else. If you want to see competition at its finest form, the Games are looking for volunteers. Volunteer opportunities include race timing, scoring, awards presentation, and much more. Join us for some great camaraderie and stunning athletic competition. Contact Carolyn Burke, the Winter Games Volunteer Coordinator, for specific locations and times: burke@wyom.net


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Australia Day in Jackson Hole | 2016

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Jackson Hole enjoys many visitors from Australia each year, with a large percentage of Aussies coming in January in line with their holiday schedules. Australia Day is celebrated annually on January 26th and to get in on the fun, we threw our annual Australia Day party in the Events Tent.

But first, everyone enjoyed a great day of skiing Jackson Hole. A beautiful inversion layer made for a gorgeous morning and rewarded skiers/riders for exploring the upper mountain.

Casper Restaurant even got in on the fun with a featured Australia Day burger. Grilled burger patty, grilled onions, grilled pineapple, fried egg, lettuce, Heinz ketchup, and a side of fries or greens (no Beets, but a delicious burger!)


Featured Australia Day Burger at Casper Restaurant.

Once 4PM hit and a great day on the mountain concluded, it was time to celebrate Australia Day. There was free beer and Aussie apps like Sausage rolls and Meat pies. Who doesn’t like free beer?

DJ Golden B rocked the house with an Australian influenced soundtrack

The Bud Light team kept things lively with all sorts of fun games.

The Vegemite Toast eating contest was a hit- the crowd was going wild with this one.

Our Aussie friends know how to have a good time, so it was no surprise when the beer ran out. Everyone was in great spirits so we had no choice but to bring in more beer! These guys didn’t seem to mind:

Celebrating Australia Day in Jackson Hole was a blast, and was a great opportunity to hang out with all our Aussie friends in one place.



With Australia Day in the books, we’re already looking forward to Australia Day 2017. We handed out our “official” Australia Day 2016 stickers, and you’ll have to make sure and be here for 2017 to get next years version. We will also be attending the Snow Travel Expo Shows in Melbourne and Sydney in May and June, so come find us there to grab some stickers and talk Jackson Hole.

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Upcoming Nordic Events

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If you haven’t tried cross-country (nordic) skiing while in Jackson Hole you are missing out.  Jackson has a wide variety of trails that wind throughout the valley.  Whether you want to glide beneath the Tetons in Grand Teton National Park or you only have enough time for a quick spin around the high school trail you will not be disappointed.  If you are new to the sport or haven’t skied in awhile and need some pointers here is a list of upcoming classes that will help get you out on the trails.

  1. Senior’s Classic and Skate Ski Workshop – February 9 1:30-3pm at May Park in Jackson – Cost is $12/person
    Join our Nordic Ambassadors Don and Gwenn Wadsworth to learn XC skills with other seniors. Cross country skiing is a great low impact way to get out doors in the winter. The May Park track is situated a block from the Senior Center and groomed weekly!
  2. Skate into Spring Workshop Spanish/English Integrated Class – February 27 9:30-12 – $35/person
    Skate instruction in English and with Spanish Interpreters. All skill levels welcome.  Join members of our community for a workshop in skate skiing just in time for the sunny weather!
  3. Nordic Ambassador Program
    Free nordic insctruction offered at Stilson from 10am – 2pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Skinny Skis in Jackson is offering discounts on rental equipment for participants in these programs.  Please make sure to mention this discount when you make your reservation for rental equipment.

In addition to these classes the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort offers cross-country ski tours through Grand Teton National Park.  It is hard to imagine a better way to see the park than on a guided cross-country tour that takes you along the base of the Tetons.  Please call the Mountain Sports School sales desk for more information at 307-739-2779

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20 Feet and Counting!

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It’s official. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has hit 243 inches of snow and we are now over 20 feet on the season! Visitors and locals will agree, Ullr has treated us well thus far this season, and with continuing storms cycles and a plentiful amount of sleeper powder days, skiers and riders in Teton Village have been grinning from ear to ear. All of this snow comes before we’ve even hit the halftime whistle here at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. January 29th will mark our mid-season point, so there is a lot of action left in the 50th Anniversary season. We’re asking everyone to continue sacrificing to Ullr, it’s working. We’ll leave you with a few of our favorite images from this past weekend, from powder to groomers, the stoke is high. Shred on!

1-24-16 JHMR high res-6

Let’s start with a quick success story. Above is a photo of Grant. Grant found a cheap last minute flight from Denver (there are also cheap flights for this weekend). He flew in on Saturday afternoon and cashed in on 50% off lift tickets with his Colorado season pass and our January Golden Ticket Promotion. After cruising a few warm up laps on Saturday afternoon, Grant enjoyed DEEP turns at a DEEP discount on Sunday and Monday, saying “this might have been my best ski trip ever” before flying back to Denver with tired legs and a big smile Monday afternoon. It is the last weekend for the Golden Ticket (ending Sunday, January 31st), and with lots of snow in the forecast this weekend and cheap last minute airfare, you too can come to Jackson Hole and order up a deluxe weekend combo of 50% off lift tickets and cowboy powder.

It was high tide in Rendezvous Bowl on Sunday.

Kyle Dowman cruises the hero pow on Gros Ventre.

Kyle Dowman cruises the hero pow on Gros Ventre.


Sally Moore finding the meaning of “Steep & Deep.”

1-24-16 JHMR high res-8

Christy Lewis is all smiles in a sea of fluffy white.


David Johnson surfs the earth and gets barreled.

1-24-16 JHMR high res-2

Sunday Funday delivered, as Mike Swanson trades the desk couloir for the white room.

1-24-16 JHMR high res-5

Coming up for air.


Oh, and the groomers? They are ripping like a dream.

There you have it folks, come get it while the gettin’ is good.  Here are the details to make it happen:

The Golden Ticket continues through Sunday, January 31st:
January Golden Ticket

$200 Air Credits can be booked by February 15th through the end of the season:
$200 Air Credits

We are celebrating our 50th Anniversary in true Jackson Hole style, with deep turns and fun events on the horizon including the Grand Reunion Weekend for all current and former JHMR employees February 5th-7th and the 3rd annual Jackson Hole Rendezvous Festival with headlining act Zac Brown Band, Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats and many more!

Photo Credits:
Christy Lewis and Mike Swanson – by Josh Metten @jmetten
Mike Brin and Sally Moore – by Amy Jimmerson @amyjimmerson
Kyle Dowman – by Patrick Nelson @patricknelson_
David Johnson – by Andrew Schrum @a.schrum

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Australia Day in Jackson Hole | 2015

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Jackson Hole enjoys many visitors from Australia each year, with a large percentage of Aussies coming in January in line with their holiday schedules. Australia Day is celebrated annually on January 26th and to get in on the fun, we decided to celebrate Australia Day with our Aussie friends yesterday at Nick Wilson’s.


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JHSP Jen Calder leading the charge with charm, grit and grace.

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Howdy Folks,

Jax n’ Lance here for a very special feature on Jackson Hole Ski Patrol featuring Jen Calder who is the assistant director.


Last March, Jen “broke ski patrol’s ice ceiling” by becoming the first woman ever in JHMR’s 50 years to assume a management position under the newly appointed Drew Kneeland. Drew was previously the assistant director. Tom Bartlett (30 years on ski patrol) rounds out the management team as the other assistant director. It is a new crop of leaders bringing on innovation and change that the patrol is really excited about.  For Jen, “it is a true honor.” And for this little girl asking for an autograph, Jen is her hero!


So where do we even start with a group as special as the JHSP and Jen who is rocking her 19th year on board. The Ski Patrol are an extremely special breed. They are swift, silent, and zoom around all day long protecting us as we enjoy our ski days.


The group of 82 (57 full time, 25 part time) have tenures that range from rookies to 40 years experience on board. They are a family that would do anything for each other and in any case, have each others back. A unit that runs so smooth that you don’t even notice that they are there. Although, we should take a moment and give them a big high 5 for all of their hard work!


When you walk into a ski patrol room, especially that at the “Big Top” (top of the tram), you feel like you just entered a sacred room with so many memories, keepsakes and bonds that you almost feel intimidated to take a seat. Yet, with open arms, they will welcome you in to share a laugh and some stories. _B0A2016




Their unit runs like a machine. Each member has marching orders and their efficiency and attention detail is incredible. Beyond their normal daily routines, there are many additional patrol responsibilities that are very important for morale that include but are not limited to the syrup boss, popcorn boss, beer boss, uniform boss, party boss and even fashion police. No joke!


Their season starts and finishes well beyond the “ski season at JHMR.” As early as October they are in a multitude of training seminars and advanced sessions worldwide to stay dialed.


One thing that was amazing for us to see was that as terrain opens since the Gondi in 1997, the same number of patrollers get the job done like a charm. With each new lift, new patrol zones must come to play. New hazards appear, new barriers and new routes to clear every morning.  The split is currently 50 people in a day with 35 off of the tram and 15 up white spider.

Flat out, they are heroes of the mountain.  Working tirelessly to keep us safe.




Jen grew up in New England and started skiing at 4 years old. Ever since those first turns the dream began to find her way to a life at a ski resort. While attending CU Boulder for college, her version of a Spring Break trip her senior year was going to Jackson Hole. The minute she set foot in the Tetons her mind was made up. Jen graduated, packed her car up, and headed to Jackson. Jen did everything under the sun to make ends meet to live the ski bum life. Jobs included but were not limited to day care, cleaning houses, serving at the Calico and The Moose, as well as gardening. She even worked a season at the old ski shop that was in the Casper Lodge one year for a pass. Her first job coaching gymnastics at the old Wilson school in the early 90’s sealed the deal. With gymnastics, they would pack up and go to many schools, and she became close with the community right off of the bat. Then her dream came true and she gained a slot on ski patrol. Today it still stands as her “dream job and she wouldn’t have it any other way.”


Jen is a proud mom of Bode (10 years old) and her husband Joe. He is just as tough as the assistant director of ski patrol for the last 10 years at Grand Targhee Resort. Being on ski patrol for 19 years means that as a wee baby Bode was on the way to the resort as well for many years. Other ski patrol moms would find ways to hire out day care before the mountain day care started to ensure they were in the MOB on time. This meant very early mornings over the pass to get to work on time.


An interesting story of Jen is how she met her husband. Low and behold in 1999, Joe hurt his knee at the resort and Jen was the first responder to the accident. It was a magical moment, yet they were in other relationships. A couple years later they were both single and a fellow patroller Kathryn Miller re-introduced them at a ski patrol party. They have been together every since. Kathryn and Jen were extremely close beyond Kathryn’s matchmaking skills. 7 years ago they were very sad to lose Kathryn in a recon mission in Spacewalk in an accident where she experienced head trauma and passed away. The patrol honors her daily with stickers and other memorabilia.


Jen’s favorite runs of all are the early am runs or pm sweeps. We were honored to catch her in that moment as we followed along a few mornings ago with Jen and Frosty for an avy control run. Bliss and a huge grin from ear to ear as the mountain was silent and 4 skiers enjoyed first tracks down what would become a big powder day for the public. She also loves backcountry skiing in Targhee and Jenson Canyon. You can also find her swapping out powder skis for a day cross country skiing._B0A2310



In the summer, Jen owns a landscaping business in Teton County. She can also be found biking (road or mountain), fishing and enjoying river trips.

Jen’s favorite part of ski patrol continues to be the comradery. There are so many moments in time that occur creating social intimate bonds where they are reliant on each other in life and death situations. Jen explains it as “intensity creates intense relationships.” It is a department where you are dealing with injuries, fatalities and really hard stuff.



Yet as much work as it is, it is all smiles when it snows.

In the end, we were curious to look at a day in the life of Jen on Ski Patrol as they are known to be “first on, last off” and pull 10 hour days consistently. It looks something like this:


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Corbet’s Couloir Is Open and Skiers are Going Huge

20160121_ES_corbets couloir (63 of 191)-13
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Anyone who has ever edged his or her tips into the gaping maw of the entrance to Corbet’s Couloir has participated in the dream. There is simply nothing like it in North American skiing. Steep, rocky and wild, Corbet’s Couloir is where skiers go to prove their mettle (or more often, to retreat in fear).

20160121_ES_corbets couloir (3 of 191)-1
Andrew Whiteford, Hadley Hammer, Forrest Jillson and Bryce Newcomb contemplate their options on opening day at Corbet’s Couloir.

The run is named after Barry Corbet, a mountaineer who in 1960 spotted a narrow crease of snow, shaped like an upside-down funnel, high up on the mountain now known as Jackson Hole. He said, “Someday someone will ski that.” 20160121_ES_corbets couloir (10 of 191)-2
Ski Patroller, Sparky, puts the finishing touches on the rope line.

Today, after five feet of snow in the last week, the Jackson Hole Ski Patrol opened Corbet’s Couloir. Jackson Hole athletes and Teton Gravity Research converged on Corbet’s and put on quite the show.
20160121_ES_corbets couloir (19 of 191)-4
Forrest Jillson takes it deep into the Couloir. Going…
20160121_ES_corbets couloir (22 of 191)-5
20160121_ES_corbets couloir (26 of 191)-7

Next up Hadley Hammer, filming with Teton Gravity Research, lined up and took arguably the biggest air by a female ever into Corbet’s.

20160121_ES_corbets couloir (61 of 191)-12
Go girl.  

Hadley Hammer shows us what getting shot out of a cannon looks like.

20160121_ES_corbets couloir (31 of 191)-8
Bryce Newcomb takes the high left line.
20160121_ES_corbets couloir (73 of 191)-16
The view from below with Andrew Whiteford jumping in with style.

Corbet’s Couloir is one of the most visible lines at Jackson Hole, with the tram passing by every 10 minutes and plenty of spectators gather to watch skiers/riders drop in. While Corbet’s is intimidating from the top, the view from below shows the great snow that usually awaits skiers once they have tackled the plunge into the Couloir.
20160121_ES_corbets couloir (81 of 191)-17
Powder awaits those willing to take the plunge.

Watch the history of Corbet’s Couloir and see old and new test their skill.

Ready to get to Jackson Hole and join the show? Here are some tips:


$200 Air Credits


Golden Lodging Special

Are you a season passholder at your home resort and like 50% off lift tickets?

January Golden Ticket




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Dropping into the Weekend

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Attitudes have definitely shifted over the past week in Teton Valley.  People are whistling, have a little more pep in their step, and are smiling.  The reason is clear–snow has thickly blanketed the mountains day after day, making for an outlandishly good time on the slopes.  If you haven’t made it out to JHMR in the last few days, I would strongly encourage using one of those emergency PTO days to give yourself some medical shredding.  Good for the mind, great for the soul.

Moods don’t have to plummet when the lifts close at the end of the day this weekend.  There are tons of events and music this weekend, so collect some fluffy turns, grab your friends, and enjoy all of the fun that Jackson Hole has to offer.  Have fun everyone!

Backcountry Adventures Film
Location: Pink Garter Theater, Downtown Jackson
Time: Friday night
Information: Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm, Free admission
THE INSIDE SCOOP: MOVIE NIGHT!!! Grab your popcorn and put on some cozy pajamas that are appropriate in the public.  I’ve heard through the metaphorical grapevine (can’t find a real grapevine for the life of me) that this is going to be a great flick, so I’m willing to put my reputation on the line and say you should go.

backcountry basecamp

Lounge on Fire at The Mangy Moose
Location: The Mangy Moose in Teton Village
Time: Friday and Saturday from 9 pm to 12 am, $5 at the door
Information: Lounge on Fire’s sound can best be described as steel cut, blackened and peppered, rock-hopped hip-dipped cock-eyed funk-trunked flat-on-your-back pants-off-dance-off machine.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: I’m not sure if I can do any better than the information above, so I’ll just touch on the important words.  Steal cut.  Blackened.  Peppered.  Pants off. Dance off.  Cool?  See you there.

Sneaky Pete & The Secret Weapons
Location: The Silver Dollar Showroom in The Wort Hotel
Time: Friday and Saturday night from 7:30-11 pm
Information:Bluegrass/Americana music. Free admission.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: As a fan of all things sneaky and *most* people named Pete, it should be no surprise that I like Sneaky Pete & The Secret Weapons 100% of the time.  I will definitely be there one, maybe two nights, so if you want to hang out with me and ask about my week in Women’s Elevate Camp, STOP ON BY!!!!


USAA Wes Barron Speed Series
Location: Teton Lift and Apres Vous
Time: Friday through Sunday
Information: Jackson Hole welcomes USSA racers and their families from around the Intermountain Region for the annual Wes Barron Speed Series of Super G races.
THE INSIDE SCOOP:  I won’t be racing in this speed series, but other people will be.  So while I can’t encourage you to come watch me, there will be other people you can cheer on.  Despite the saying that we always want more, leave your cowbells at home.

wes barron

Rob Garza Live
Location: The Pink Garter Theater, Downtown Jackson
Time: Saturday, Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:30 pm, $20 admission
Information:Founding member of international music group Thievery Corporation, Rob Garza’s career includes decades-worth of accolades as a pioneer of a flourishing electronic music movement.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: I’m still trying to master how to dance to electronic music, so don’t be surprised if you find me in the corner trying out some new moves and seeing if they work.


2016 Backcountry Basecamp presented by Goretex
Location: Teton Village
Time: Saturday and Sunday, all day schedule
Information: At the Jackson Hole BASECAMP stop, Backcountry Magazine staff will showcase the newest equipment, including skis, skins, splitboards, beacons, shovels, probes and airbag packs, all in a yurt-based setting. Also, Arc’teryx will be on hand all weekend showing off their technical outerwear and packs. AIARE educators will conduct demos and classes each day, and Jackson Hole Guides will take visitors on complimentary backcountry tours with an emphasis on safety education. On Saturday at 5 p.m., BASECAMP hosts a huge party and huger raffle at the Alpenhof Lodge with proceeds benefitting Teton County Search and Rescue.  For more schedule information, click here.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: Make sure that you take a closer look at the schedule, but the weekend is packed with cool opportunities to learn more about the latest and greatest in backcountry equipment.  There’s a big ol’ party at the end to celebrate all of the discussion and learning.  Don’t you wish that happened every time you learned something?!


Down Under the Tram: Australia Day Celebration
Location: JHMR Events Tent, Teton Village
Time: Tuesday, January 26th from 4-6 pm
Information: Free beer, while it lasts. Aussie tunes and great giveaways too!
THE INSIDE SCOOP: AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE, OI OI OI!  If you’re not Australian, just pretend you are.  It’ll be good practice for St. Patrick’s Day if you’re not actually Irish.



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