Hunter Wood – A Humble Legend Living The Skiers Dream

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Howdy Folks,

This past week, we had the pleasure of spending time with the charming and humble Hunter Wood. A man that has set out since graduating college to a path to live the DREAM! This entails working two jobs at Local and Teton Village Sports. He skis his heart out every moment in between.


On Feb 1 of 2013, during my first full winter here, I had a sighting of Hunter Wood at a movie premier all about his quest for living the dream. Hunter is a man that has quietly become one of the best big-mountain skiers in the world. The movie premier of “One Mountain” by David Reichert showcased Hunter chasing his dream of being a “ski bum” to score first descents on many peaks culminating with being one of just a few to ski the Grand Teton.


Against conventional wisdom and the stress of his father to get a real job and make money, Hunter followed his passion and dream of skiing big lines._B0A5475 To this day, he is glowing with happiness as he continues to live that dream. And, low and behold through various life situations, Hunter’s dad as of late has retired and enjoyed skiing every single day for 2.5 or so hours and lives for the cool breeze on his face as he makes blissful turns down the mountain.


Hunter started skiing at the wee age of 2 years old! With a mom (Catherine Wood Zimmerman) in the ski industry jamming out high rankings including winning the University Games in Grenoble France. Unfortunately, her career ended with blowing her knee in Alta. From there, Catherine and Hunter’s father Richard Wood coached future world champions Tamara and Steve McKinney. Richard won all of his masters races as well. So, by default, Hunter grabbed on to the passion of skiing from the get go and grew up ski racing himself.


Hunter grew up in Reno Nevada, and then skipped out of town to study at CU Boulder. Like many we interviewed, a college spring break trip landed a stop to Jackson to ski. With low visibility and rough snow, they ended up skipping out of town and heading to Alta where it was bluebird powder for days. Jackson didn’t give up on Hunter just yet and a year or so later, in the mid 90’s, it caught him by surprise and before you know it, he was here for good._B0A5953

Set to make his dream a reality, Hunter looked into employment right away to make it all happen. He began the job hunt at JHMR. A job at the resort quickly takes care of a comp ski pass to enjoy the fruits of his labor daily. When he first applied, it was a toss up between Pepi Stiegler’s and Teton Village Sports (TVS). TVS had the opportunity to ski all day long and start work at 3pm and that quickly sealed the deal. Hunter was lucky to work with the legendary Doug Coombs who became a close mentor of his on every level of the sport. To this day, Hunter still works at TVS and additionally at Local Restaurant as bartender shaking up cocktails for many a powder thirsty soul.


Hunter’s favorite part of the Tetons matches many we have interviewed where the love and passion for endless steeps, countless powder turns and various ski projects continuously await. Hunter often finds himself traveling to other ski destinations, just to have a desire to get back home. His favorite area by far is deep in the backcountry, a “secret spot” is his ultimate favorite. Hunter loves the rewards of long ski lines and endless powder that he often enjoys with his friends.


When it comes to his advances in skiing, Hunter attributes it all to how a pack of friends will all collaboratively push each other to new limits. Hunter has high respect for his best friends Carl Daavettila, Owen Black and Cory Felton. They have helped him push the envelope to new levels with his skiing.  One fun adventure of Hunter’s was hitting up a fun Project of Central, Breakneck and Gothic. And that is just how every day will go in Hunter’s world tagging lines all over the back country and having a celebratory beer after with friends.


At the tail end of the interview, I ran into some of Hunter’s buddies at TVS. Nate would say one of his favorite memories to date with Hunter is skiing his first trip to no name peak. Sam recalls skiing Buck for the first time on a perfect corn snow day. When Sam first met Hunter, he called him out as a local at first glance. His reasoning was because “his outfits look sick.” Hunter can now thank Scott Sports for that as they have outfitted him from head to toe. Hunter’s charm, delightful spirit, and ski style that has him floating from turn to turn makes any friend just want to spend a moment with him.


Over the years, Hunter’s favorite addition to JHMR was when they added the gondola. His stoke is high for the additional gondola to come in the 2016-17 season.

And if you catch him out jamming away to tunes, it is most likely the brash melodic indie rock outfit known as the Fratellis. He also loves to munch on cheese fondue bourguignonne with a good Cabernet. If you want to make his day after a sweet ski tune, surprise him with a pack of Stiegl Radler.

Skis aside, we always love to hear about our legendary skiers love life =) Hunter found love aside from the ski scene when he locked eyes on a beautiful gem named Caroline and they have been going steady for over a year now.


If you are looking to spot Hunter among the masses, just look for the beanie set high above his head in his own style. That style started when he was living in Reno and two legendary skiers wore their hat that way and from there it has become his staple look. He has 4 colors to choose from on any given day of raging orange, blue, grey and dark grey. Raging orange standing out as the favorite.


In the summer, Hunter loves to rev up his ski boat and water ski with his friends. Nothing is better than a hot summer day on Jackson Lake with your favorite pals making sweet rooster tails.

Lastly, at work there is always the favorite moment of bringing out the shot-ski at the end of the season after they have tuned and repaired thousands of skis.

Cheers Hunter! Thanks for being RAD.


Words by Jax | and Photography by Lance




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Dropping into Rendezvous

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I only use the word “stoke” in extraordinarily special situations, so I really mean it when I say–Stoke levels are HIGH on the slopes. In the last 48 hours, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort got a 28″ blanket of fresh powder and to make matters even more outstanding, the 3rd Annual Rendezvous Spring Festival is ready to kick off.  This weekend will be full of next-level concerts, so get some sleep and hydrate.   It’s time to shred, party, repeat.

THURSDAY: Sneaky Pete & The Secret Weapons
Time: Thursday, March 17th from 3-5 pm
Location: Under the Tram, Teton Village
Information: Admission is free. Sneaky Pete and the Secret Weapons are a six piece outfit from Jackson, Wy. They pride themselves in energetic dance parties that feature an interesting musical mix of original tunes and unique covers, seamlessly blended together in a supersonic whirlwind of high altitude stink funk.
Shellie’s Rendez-View: Sneaky Pete & The Secret Weapons will kick off Rendezvous with a high energy show that’s guaranteed to make you dance.  St. Patrick’s Day is on Thursday, so it’s the perfect reason to take a few laps, grab a cold one and enjoy the “high altitude” funk that Sneaky Pete is so well known for.  I’ll be there boppin’ in my ski boots – Please join me.


FRIDAY: Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
Time: Friday, March 18th, venue opens at 5 pm
Location: The Town Square in Jackson, WY
Information: Admission is free.  OPENER: Big Sandy and His Fly Rite Boys.
Shellie’s Rendez-View: Widely known for their smash hit “SOB”, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats is expected to bring the proverbial house DOWN.  My recommendation is to get there on the early side- The venue is large, but you’re going to want to get close to the immense amount of talent that will grace the stage.  Bud Light will be hosting a pre and post concert party at  Hotel Jackson as well as an after party at The Rose. Admission to both parties is free.


SATURDAY: Zac Brown Band
Time: Saturday, March 19th, venue opens at 4 pm
Location: Teton Village, WY
Information: Tickets are sold out to show.  OPENER: Chris Robinson Brotherhood.  Have tickets to the Zac Show? Travel Smart. Ride the START bus, hotel shuttle, bike, or carpool as there is VERY LIMITED PARKING in Teton Village. Click here for detailed transportation information.
Tired of hearing how the concert is going to be crazy and what a mad house parking will be? Well  good news for you, Hoback Sports is going to be setting up a bike parking area in Kemmerer Lot between the Hostel and the Moose! The forecast is sunny and the bike path will be plowed all the way from town so beat the traffic and enjoy a cruise out to the concert! Racks will be set up Saturday before noon and will be taken down the following day so please plan accordingly and share the word.
Shellie’s Rendez-View: It’s not often that bands of this scale perform in Jackson Hole and I am beyond excited for Saturday night’s performances.  Chris Robinson Brotherhood will kick things off at 5 and Zac Brown Band is expected to hit the stage around 7 pm.  My biggest piece of advice is to take the bus out to The Village during the day, ski a little, and then apres a bit until the concert.  START will have an increased number of buses leaving The Village after the concert, which is the safest way to get back home.  Be sure to have a transportation plan ahead of time!


SUNDAY: Uncle Kracker
Time: Sunday, March 20th from 3-5 pm
Location: Under the Tram, Teton Village
Information: Admission is free. Initially known for his role as DJ in Kid Rock’s legendary Twisted Brown Trucker band, Uncle Kracker soon kicked off a stunning solo career of his own. The Detroit-based singer/songwriter made his solo debut with 2001’s #1 smash, “Follow Me,” kicking off a run of top 10 multi-format hits like “In A Little While,” “Smile,” and of course, 2003’s record-setting cover of Dobie Gray’s classic “Drift Away.”
Shellie’s Rendez-View: Uncle Kracker has been a favorite of mine for many years, and his songs will provide the perfect vibe to close out Rendezvous Weekend.  “Follow Me” under the Tram and end your ski day with another free concert with friends.  


SUNDAY: Marmot Doug Coombs Classic
Time: Sunday, March 20th from 9 am to 4 pm
Location: Teton Village, Wyoming
Information: Ski/ride the Big One with friends and family in honor of legendary skier and Marmot athlete Doug Coombs. It’s free to register in the base area 8:30am-1pm, and you’ll get a raffle entry for each run you make up the Headwall, or on Casper Traverse (Mr. Toad’s), with a limit of 5. We’ll fire up the Apres Party under the Tram at 2pm, with a legendary raffle including tons of prizes from Marmot!
Shellie’s Rendez-view: It’s going to be a crazy weekend, so it’ll probably feel nice to sweat it out on the slopes to remember a great man!  The day is full of fun events and prize opportunities, so grab a friend and register!


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JH Rendezvous Starts Off With a POW!

Jackson Hole March Powder
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UPDATE: 3/15/16 2:48pm. We’ve reported another 10″ inches since yesterday afternoon, for a storm total of 29″!  More snow is on the way, and the storm isn’t expected to taper off until Friday.  Perfect timing for the kick off of our Jackson Hole Rendezvous.  Check out a few of the photos from today.

Riverton Bowl powder.

DJ getting buried near the top of Riverton Bowl.


3/15/16 – Hadley Hammer crushing some powder.


3/15/16 – Forrest Jillson laying deep.


3/16/16 – Hadley launching the Hollywood Cliffs.

Friends don't let friends miss a powder day.

Friends don’t let friends miss a powder day.

Powder please.

Powder anyone?

Skiing Casper Bowl.

Casper Bowl was unreal.

16" of blower powder.

16″ of blower powder.


And just like that, it felt like December again. This morning started off with a POW and what appears to be the beginning of another powder party here at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. For those on hand, I think we would all agree, starting Monday morning off with a clean slate is imperative to a productive work (or vacation) week. We received 12” of classic cowboy powder in the last 24 hours with 8” falling overnight, completely refreshing the mountain and putting skiers/riders into a powder panic. Luckily, the snow did not stop and we recorded 6” more at the upper elevations throughout the morning and early afternoon, putting our 36 hour total at 18 inches!

A beautiful coat of fresh gave our mountain a great reset.

For those who might have missed these moments, fear not. We are still in the midst of a Winter Storm Warning according to NOAA, and predictions for the next few days look to be just as promising. Check out the predicted forecast below and consider our recommendations to you:

1. Hydrate and stretch
2. Dust off/wax up the big sticks and powder decks
3. Pray to almighty Ullr (if you are into that sort of thing)
4. Powder dreams
5. Get up and get out to Teton Village during the next 4 days because it is ON.

Freshies under the gondola.

3/14/16 – Kim crushes the 12″ under the tram.

Check out the photo dispatch from this morning below and see for yourself what the hype is about.

It was one snowy morning out there!

3/14/16 – That was one snowy morning!

Forrest goes deep in the trees.

3/14/16 – Forrest goes deep in the trees.

Free refills in the Mushroom Chutes.

3/14/16 – Free refills in the Mushroom Chutes.

In case you are not one for a powder party, don’t forget folks we are hosting our largest Jackson Hole Rendezvous Spring Festival this coming weekend. Needless to say, there is a lot to be excited about this weekend with performances from Yonder Mountain String Band, Sneaky Pete and the Secret Weapons, Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats, the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, the Zac Brown Band, Uncle Kracker and more! For more information about the JH Rendezvous lineup, click here.

Don’t forget, if you are looking to upgrade your Friday night experience on the Town Square with Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats, we still have a few VIP tickets available and the view will be worth it!

Lighting up Thunder.

3/14/16 – Lighting up Thunder.

Sending it off Sublette.

3/14/16 – Sending it off Sublette.

Kim and her husband Fielding tandem pow slashing off the Teton Lift.

3/14/16 – Kim and her husband Fielding tandem pow slashing off the Teton Lift.

Don’t want to miss out on the action this season in Jackson Hole, we’ve added a MEGA deal to our packages to get you here and in the fray! Looking to score big with up to 50% off lodging and lift, and receive a $200 air credit per person? You’re one step closer to those powder dreams by clicking here.

All smiles riding the Teton Lift!

3/14/16 – All smiles riding the Teton Lift!


3/14/16 – Kim taking deep turns off of Washakie Glade.

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Rock Springs Yurt – Tossing Out Glamping For Rustic Backcountry Camping

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Jackson Hole Mountain Resort provides some of the most prestigious skiing in the lower 48. There are steep lines, terrain parks, new lifts, epic lodges, tasty eats and drinks as well as varied terrain for all to enjoy. On top of an epic ski day, there are a plethora of opportunities for where to stay in Teton Village as well as the town of Jackson. Hospitality is above and beyond leaving guests satisfied in every element. The opportunities for lodging are vast from ultimate luxury to budget friendly options allowing all to enjoy a slice of the Tetons.

Book your yurt trip now! Book Now
Visit here for more information and pricing. Or call 307-739-2779.


A couple years ago, Lance and I stumbled upon another fine gem nestled skiers right of the resort boundary in the bottom of Rock Springs. This was a beautiful yurt that was set with a deck surrounding, and we couldn’t help but stop and peek in at what it had to offer.


To our surprise it was a beautiful set up inside with 8 bunks, a small food prep area with cupboards, a wood burning stove, and a community table inset in the middle. We immediately hustled back through the Hobacks and hopped online to see what it was all about.


Low and behold, we quickly learned it was the Rock Springs Yurt that is an offering for guests to experience at JHMR. It is a version of backcountry living, in what you could refer to as a glorified tent experience with your loved ones.

Yurts have been a distinctive feature of life in Central Asia for at least three thousand years. They have been continually used as habitation for the Mongolian nomadic peoples of the Central Asian Plateau.

A traditional yurt is a portable, round tent covered with skins or felt and used as a dwelling by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia. The structure consists of an angled assembly or lattice work of pieces or wood or bamboo for walls, a door frame, ribs (poles, rafters), and a wheel crown. Modern yurts (like the one in Rock Springs) are permanently built on a wooden platform.


To spend a night in the yurt with your friends, family or loved ones is a special and rustic backcountry camping experience.



The day begins on or near last tram where you will meet your Guide/ Yurtmeister. In our case we were delighted to spend our night with Zach (who has been in this role for close to 3 years). The traditional route down will take you through Rendezvous Bowl and out to the South Hobacks. From the South Hobacks, your Yurtmeister magically nears the bottom and eventually you ski around 100 meters south of the resort to land upon the yurt.

_C4A1163 _C4A1177

Our group was lucky to experience a JHMR guided version to the hut via Rock Springs backcountry where we took our time playing around before arriving to the yurt. Then it was prime time for a fun après ski happy hour that included whatever drinks you brought, as well as a delicious selection of cheese and crackers from our Yurtmeister.








There is a blissful moment when you are out on the yurt deck and you glance at your friends throwing back a beer, knowing that you do not have to rush down to last chair and your night will instead be spent checking out the stars in a place of peace and solitude among nature.



The night will continue where your Yurtmeister will whip up a chosen dinner. In our case we selected spaghetti with bison meat sauce, salad, garlic bread and delicious cookies that were gone in seconds with our hungry bunch.


We spent the evening laughing, building ski jumps, glancing at the stars, playing cards and eventually ending with a highly competitive game of spoons that left us all laughing historically at how a slew of athletes will take upon competition in every aspect of life.



Your sleep is spent in 8 bunks (some big enough for two), snuggled in sleeping bags provided by the yurt staff as the outdoors present a peaceful slumber under the stars. The only sound you hear is crackling of the fire in the stove. Yet, you might want to bring ear plugs, depending on if there might be the added sound of a buddy that snores.


The morning comes quickly and in some cases, a hung over bunch wakes to fresh coffee and bagels and cream cheese to kick start their day with a sunrise ski out.



The yurt experience is definitely for the adventure seeker that wants a taste of the backcountry lifestyle and sleeping in nature. You experience a version of camping with a slice of glamping as it is comfortable, within a large yurt, eating delicious cooked food and laughing all night with friends.


Check it out the next time you drop in to Jackson for a fun night of celebration, comradery, or family fun.

Book your yurt trip now! Book Now
Visit here for more information and pricing. Or call 307-739-2779.


Words by Jax | and Photography by Lance





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Dropping into the Weekend

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We’re knee deep in March ya’ll and the events are aplenty.  If you didn’t check out Music Under the Tram last weekend, head out to Teton Village this Saturday-the vibe is nice and the snow is soft.  It’s time to drop into the weekend!

USAA U14 Regional Championships
Location: Teton Village, Wyoming
Time: Thursday through Sunday
Information: Jackson Hole in partnership with Jackson Hole Ski Club proudly hosts our nation’s best young racers. Come and support the USSA’s up and coming talent in Slalom, Giant Slalom, and SuperG Thursday through Sunday on Jackson Hole’s Apres Vous Mountain.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: These kids can seriously ski, so it’s worth heading over to the race course to check out their speedy talents.  Trust me, you’ll be impressed and if you’re not…just watch another race.


Gary Small and The Coyote Brothers
Location: The Silver Dollar Showroom at The Wort Hotel
Time: Friday and Saturday night at 7:30 pm
Information: If you love Blues, Rockabilly, Surf and plain ol’ good times music then you are in the right place. Our motto is “Purveyors of Good Boogie Music”. The Coyote’ Bros are a diverse band with three Native American Music Awards including: Songwriter of the Year, Best Male Artist and Best Rock Album.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: These guys have won awards and wear some of the best pearl snap button downs I’ve seen in a WHILE (see photo below).  The Silver Dollar Showroom is a great place to start any Friday or Saturday night.  Why?  Because you’re already downtown, close to Pinky G’s Pizza, and close to all of the other downtown events.  I always feel safer when there’s pizza available within a 100 yard radius.


DJ Simotaneous at The Mangy Moose
Location: The Mangy Moose in Teton Village
Time: Friday from 4-6 pm
Information: Whatever you like – Hip Hop, Rap, Reggae, Dancehall, Dub, Soul, R&B – DJ Simotaneous will surely get the party started!
THE INSIDE SCOOP: I work on my dance moves in anticipation for events where I can really bust a move.  This DJ set will be one of them.  So be sure to get there at 4 pm to see me attempt to do the running man in my Fischer Vacuum Fits.

dj simo

Maw Band at The Mangy Moose
Location: The Mangy Moose in Teton Village
Time: Friday at 9 pm
Information: Maw Band, a quickly rising, powerful, acoustic driven rock band…with style, has released 3 records in the last 3 years and working on a 4th to be released late summer 2016!
THE INSIDE SCOOP:  If you’re already going to The Mangy Moose for DJ Simotaneous, you might as well hunker down and stay for Maw Band at 9 pm.  By then, you will have made lots of new friends who are also enjoying the tunes, so you can jam out and celebrate your new Mangy Moose friendships.

Mountain Dew Meet Danny Davis
Location: Base of the Bridger Gondola in Teton Village
Time: Saturday at 12 pm
Information: Come meet professional snowboarder and Mountain Dew athlete Danny Davis at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Danny will be signing autographs from 12pm – 1pm at the base of The Bridger Gondola. There will be a ton of Mountain Dew giveaways, and of course ice cold Mountain Dew to sample. At 1:00 PM after the autograph signing Danny will be drawing names for one lucky winner to win an autographed Mountain Dew snowboard!
THE INSIDE SCOOP: Danny Davis is a really nice guy and this is your opportunity to meet him!  Head out to the mountain on Saturday morning and take a little mid-day break to sample some Mountain Dew and get an autograph from Danny Davis.  If you’re the lucky type, maybe you’ll win the snowboard giveaway!


Music Under the Tram – Misfit Moonshiners
Location: Under the Tram in Teton Village
Time: Saturday at 3 pm
Information: Year 5 of this massively popular free spring concert series. Great bands entertain the crowds every Saturday in March in this unforgettable, sunny location, slopeside under the tram. Grab your friends, and après like there is no tomorrow! Music starts 3 pm Misfit Moonshiners
THE INSIDE SCOOP:  Music Under the Tram is one of the best parts of March.  Grab some cold ones at The General Store and enjoy the musical stylings of the Misfit Moonshiners after a solid day of shredding.  It’s spring skiing at Jackson Hole and outdoor music with friends is an important part of the equation!


Big Wild and Head to Head at The Pink Garter
Location: The Pink Garter Theater in Downtown Jackson
Time: Saturday at 10 pm, Tickets are $15
Information: This is a 21+ event. Stemming from a relentless desire to create something new, Big Wild’s sound taps into the natural curiosity we all share by exploring beyond conventional boundaries in music.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: If you’re looking to turn things up a bit this weekend, The Pink Garter is where it’s at.  The show starts at 10, giving you plenty of time to check out some of the other concerts in town, and maybe even grab a bite to eat in town.  Or, you can use that time to stretch if you anticipate dancing really hard.

big wild

Corey Henry’s “Revival Project”
Location: The Town Square Tavern in Downtown Jackson
Time: Sunday at 10 pm
Information: Fresh off of winning his 2nd GRAMMY with his band Snarky Puppy, Cory Henry is making his Jackson Hole debut! Henry is a multi-instrumentalist and producer with a catalog worthy of a man twice his age. His primary instrument is the organ, and he began playing at the age of two.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: Grammy award winners?  Say no more, I’ll see you there.

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Dropping into the Weekend

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March Radness is here!  It’s time for outdoor concerts, epic skiing/riding and awesome events all month long, so pull out your neon and join the Radness movement! Also, apply copious amounts of sunscreen when the sun is out, because no one likes a sunburned ripper. See you on the slopes!

Dick’s Ditch Classic Banked Slalom
Location: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Teton Village
Time: Friday through Sunday
Information: The Dick’s Ditch Classic Banked Slalom is like no other ski and snowboard event in the world. With 18 categories for groms (age 12), amateurs, masters, and pros in ski and snowboard disciplines, there’s a class for anyone willing to accept the challenge.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: Dick’s Ditch, known in the formal community as Richard’s Ditch, is a spectacle not to miss.   The weather is cooperating for spectators, so put on your sunnies, pack a snack/beverage and take it all in.

dicks 2016

Moose Hockey vs. Vermont
Location: Snow King Ice Arena
Time: Friday and Saturday night at 7:30 pm
Information: Admission is $10 at the door.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: Go to the game on Friday or Saturday!! It saddens me to inform you that this is your last opportunity to see the Moose play this season.  Be sure to get a healthy dose of hockey camaraderie before the ice melts and the hockey sticks go into storage (or wherever hockey sticks are supposed to go).

moose hockey

Camille Rae and District 26
Location: The Mangy Moose in Teton Village
Time: Friday at 9 pm
Information: Camille Rae and District 26 brings a refreshing new turn to country music. Their sound, stage presence, energy and likemindedness sets them apart from many other bands. Think of it as 90’s country meets the next big thing; that “thing” that everyone is missing and looking for in country music today.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: I love it when country bands perform at The Mangy Moose.  If you’re looking for an authentic Wyoming evening, make your way to this concert on Friday night.  Maybe stretch beforehand, because there will inevitably be dancing.


Screen Door Porch 
Location: Silver Dollar Bar in The Wort Hotel
Time: Friday and Saturday at 7:30 pm
Information: SCREEN DOOR PORCH delivers a Wyoming-grown fusion of Country-Blues, Roots-Rock and soulful Americana akin to “Stevie Nicks meets The Band, with Ryan Adams and Bonnie Raitt hanging out backstage” (605 Magazine).
THE INSIDE SCOOP:  A local’s favorite, Screen Door Porch is guaranteed to please.  My recommendation is to get there a little early to snag a table and some delicious finger foods (aka the quesadilla).   Once you’ve proteined up, you’ll be ready to show your moves on the dance floor.  See. you. there.


Music Under the Tram- Canyon Kids
Location: Next to Nick Wilson’s, Teton Village
Time: Saturday at 3 pm
Information: Year 5 of this massively popular free spring concert series. Great bands entertain the crowds every Saturday in March in this unforgettable, sunny location, slopeside under the tram.. Grab your friends, and après like there is no tomorrow!
THE INSIDE SCOOP: March is here, so Music Under the Tram is here!  Sport your flyest “outdoor concert gear” and give March the respect it deserves!  The winter season is flying, so it’s important to cherish every little moment.


Jackalope Jump to Benefit The Special Olympics
Location: Village Commons in Teton Village
Time: Saturday at 1 pm
Information: Think you’re tough? Try a quick dip in some brisk Wyoming water, on the Village Commons. Why? To benefit Wyoming Special Olympics athletes and programs, of course! Click here for more information or to donate.
THE INSIDE SCOOP:  This is your opportunity to have fun…for a good cause! The Wyoming Special Olympics programs are very important, and this event raises funds so that all programs and events can continue to run year over year.  The folks jumping into the water will needs lots of hoots and hollers of encouragement too, so get out there!

Jackalope Jump

Deadlocks at The Pink Garter Theater
Location: The Pink Garter Theater in Downtown Jackson
Time: Saturday at 9 pm
Information: $14 admission, click here for tickets.  The Deadlocks return to Jackson to present 2 long sets, a party in the tradition of the original Grateful Dead shows.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: If you’re a Dead Head, you should not miss this show.  If you don’t know what a Dead head is, maybe it’s time that you find out.  If you hate all of these hypothetical sentences, I’m truly sorry.


Uncle Stackhouse at The Tavern
Location: The Town Square Tavern in Downtown Jackson
Time: Saturday at 10 pm
Information: Sundays with Stackhouse! Local singer/songwriter acoustic guitarist performs unique covers of American favorites. No cover.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: If you don’t have plans for Saturday night, I’d head to the Moose hockey game and then head to town to see the Uncle Stackhouse show.  It’s free, so it’s the OBVIOUS move.

uncle stack

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Spring Break!

Lifestyle 2
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Mondays are awesome here. Seriously. As I drank my coffee listening to the steady thunder of those avalanche cannons, it was like Mother Nature reminding me that the best skiing is just around the corner with Spring Break!

March arrives in Jackson Hole, Spring Break looms.

Photo of the Day! We love Mondays, especially when the sky is full of snowy promise.

Bluebirds are back.
From now until the season ends, it’s bluebird days with warmer temps and quite often, the most snowfall of the year. Spring Break at Jackson Hole feels a bit more relaxed than January and February breaks. If the nippy cold of January had you skiing like you were being chased by wolves just to stay warm, the blue sunny skies and forgiving temps of March invite you to have that second glass of wine at lunch and linger on the patio at the Rendezvous Lodge.

This is how we ladies lunch over Spring Break.

This is how we ladies lunch over Spring Break.

Here’s the insider’s scoop on Spring Break in Jackson Hole.
Now is the time to book an awesome family trip that promises great snow and lots of fun for everyone, all at a sweet deal. Your waiting, procrastination, snow-stalking – whatever, it’s paid off. Jackson Hole Resort Lodging‘s (JHRL) Kids Ski Free promotion continues without blackout dates. Guests of JHRL enjoy a 10% discount on lodging and with each paying adult, a kid skis free.

Kids Ski Free! Parents Ski Happy.

Kids Ski Free! Parents Ski Happy.

My friend Julie let me know of a few of her favorite properties at JHRL that still have availability through close of season. Some great values here, though I especially adore the Mackers Cabin. It’s thoroughly charming and rustic, an authentic log cabin home but spacious and filled with light.

Macker's Cabin, a picture perfect log cabin.

Macker’s Cabin, a picture perfect log cabin.

Spring Break at JHMR offers something for everyone in the family, even non-skiers.
One of my favorite things about JHMR is that there is so much to do off-snow and after the lifts close. The Travel Channel recently highlighted Jackson Hole as one of its top Ski Towns for Foodies, and JHMR Executive Chef Wes Hamilton had a lot to do with bringing Jackson out of its burgers and beer cave.

Chef Wes Hamilton knows Spring Break best

His Chef Table dinners at Couloir are truly a once-in-a-lifetime treat, but as Wes oversees all food service at JHMR, his passion for locally grown, seasonally-driven cuisine can be tasted all over the Village. Even the chicken tenders at Nick Wilson’s are all-natural and house-made.

March, in particular, is jam-packed with live music (31+ bands in 31 days!) and events.
We’re calling it March Rad-ness, which says it all, even to a mom.  A local favorite is Music Under the Tram – Saturday afternoon free outdoor concerts with great local and visiting bands.

Spring sun in Teton Village with the Tram

Outdoor tables at Nick Wilsons are prime seating for sunny après-ski beers while watching your kids play on the wish-I-were-a-kid-again Snow Palace. March culminates with Rendezvous, a four-day music fest held all over Jackson Hole. Zac Brown Band headlines this year with an outdoor concert at Teton Village.

The JH Rendezvous caps off an epic Spring Break

Kids of all ages love the outdoor concerts – they’re fun and raucous, but totally safe and contained (one can get only so rowdy within a National Park). At the end of a good dinner and a one more drink while listening to your new favorite band, gather up your kids and your squeeze, and get cozy at your JHRL home away from home.Family fun for all ages

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Dropping into the Weekend

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Excellent news, folks.  Mother Nature is expected to deliver 5 inches of fresh powder on Saturday, just in time for your last weekend in February.  Get a solid stretch in on Friday night, load up on carbs and then dream about how lovely it will be to float down the mountain on untracked snow.  AND DON’T FORGET TO SET YOUR ALARM!  By the end of your ski day, you will have earned a fun night on the town–here are your options!

Apres Ski and Art
Location: Diehl Gallery in Downtown Jackson
Time: Friday at 5 pm
Information: Stop in after a day on the slopes or on your way to or from dinner in town for fine art and fine wine. Ski attire welcome.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: It’s important for all of to get a little culture in our lives.  Often, a dosage of culture requires that you get dressed up, but in this case, you can wear your ski gear!  In conclusion, don’t miss this opportunity to DRESS DOWN and CULTURE UP.


Moose Hockey vs Cleveland
Location: Snow King Ice Arena
Time: Friday and Saturday night at 7:30 pm
Information: $10 admission
THE INSIDE SCOOP: When I say MOOSE, you say HOCKEY. MOOSE! (hockey) MOOSE! (hockey) There are only two Moose Hockey weekends left this season, so I highly suggest that you take this opportunity to enjoy *sports* over a cold brew.  I’ll be there Friday or Saturday, so you have 50/50 odds of chatting about this season of The Bachelor with me.

moose hockey

Children’s Theater: Mary Poppins
Location: Center Stage at The Center for the Arts
Time: Friday at 1 pm and 6 pm, Saturday at 1 pm and Saturday at 6 pm
Information:  Tickets: Adult/Seniors: $22 (+$2 Vendini processing fee); Students: $12 (+$2 Vendini processing fee).
THE INSIDE SCOOP: I used to perform in childrens’ musicals in Jackson, so I feel the need to promote this production.  There is so much talent in this little valley, and I can guarantee that you’ll walk out of the Center for the Arts with a fuller heart.  And maybe even a cockney accent if everyone truly commits to the Mary Poppins character.

Friday Night DJ with EPS
Location: The Pink Garter Theater in Downtown Jackson
Time: Friday at 10 pm
Information: This is a free, 21+ event.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: Sometimes you just gotta DANCE.  Carbo load, do some stretches and show this town your MOVES.  Or don’t.  But it’s probably more fun to just get out there and express yo’self.


Quenby and the West of Wayland Band – Country/Americana
Location: The Silver Dollar Bar in The Wort Hotel
Time:  Friday and Saturday night at 7:30 pm
Information: Free admission, Country Americana Folk
THE INSIDE SCOOP: Music at The Wort is one of my favorite things to do in Jackson.  There are a lot of activities in Jackson this weekend, and The Wort is great because admission is free and you can just pop in as you please.  You could get some chips n’ dip, then swing dance n’ dip and then move onto your next activity.

USASA Slopestyle and Halfpipe Competition
Location: Teton Village
Time: Saturday and Sunday at 10 pm
Information: Jackson Hole welcomes the Big Mountain West division of USASA for a ski and snowboard slopestyle and halfpipe comp at JHMR.
THE INSIDE SCOOP:  Time to get rad in the halfpipe, y’all.  I won’t be participating in this competition (shocking, I know) but I think it would be pretty cool to watch talented folks show the halfpipe who’s boss.

big mountain west

Jameson Music Series presents John Wayne’s World
Location: The Pink Garter Theater in Downtown Jackson
Time: Saturday at 10:30 pm
THE INSIDE SCOOP: Whiskey drink specials and good tunes.  I don’t really think I need to say much more, other than this: There’s pizza downstairs, so treat yourself to what I call the “Triple Threat”- Cheesy pizza, a whiskey ginger and crazy cool dance moves.


Crazy Tom’s 10th Annual Ultra Formal Oscar Party
Location: The Tavern in Downtown Jackson
Time: Sunday at 5 pm
Information: Please join us for the classiest/sexiest/hottest Oscar party 10 years running!
THE INSIDE SCOOP:  Word on the street is that there will be drink specials and a live DJ during commercials. Formal attire is recommended AND…if you look sharp enough…you could win the grand prize for best dressed male or female (depending on if you’re a male or a female).  Also, GOOOO DiCaprio!


Welp, that’s all folks.  Have a fun and safe weekend!


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Tram Jam rocks to Nourish the Soul of Skiing

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Howdy folks,

JaxnLance here, well 1/2 of the combo this week. Jax my better half is out running a 155 mile self supported race through the jungles of Sri Lanka the next 7 days. A demanding ultra marathon with snakes, scorpions and leeches. She’s a bit of a glutton for punishment and no doubt she’s having a blast.  She is attempting to be the first woman to complete (and win) the Racing the Planet race series that hosts  stops in The Atacama Desert, Gobi Desert, Sahara Desert and Antarctica. The Sri Lanka jungle race being the first.  You can follow her progress and updates here.

This week I thought I’d introduce you to the TRAM JAM. These familiar characters have been stationed at the bottom of the Gondola (or Tram) every Saturday at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort for the last 22 years, jamming out roots rock reggae beats and keeping the stoke high for shred necks young and old.  _B0A5326


Rain or shine, powder or piste, above or below zero temps these guys play no matter what. It’s all about sharing stoke and smiles, keeping it positive and entertaining the crowd with legendary ski bum music to get your ski boots stomping. _B0A5342
The group originally started back in 1993 as a duo and stationed themselves on the Tram Dock (hence their name). Things at the time were getting little tense in the tram line, people on a powder day were throwing skis left in line off the dock while their owners were getting warm in Nick Wilsons. It was quite common for folks to get in line up to 2 hours before the tram opened on a deep powder day and well, leaving your gear in line without you wasn’t really kosher to do technically. If you were in line you were in line, and truth be told that rule still holds true today (so don’t drop your gear and go).

Anyways as said things were abit tense then and that’s when the Tram Jam came in, they were there to entertain and keep the peace.  Often times Tram Jam founders Bradly Parker and Peter “Chanman”Chandler wouldn’t even get a lick of sleep the night before as they played Friday nights 10-2am.  Start time at the Tram Dock was early (7am) and well, sometimes the party just kept going. _B0A5319
Front man Chanman came to the Tetons back in 1978 from Sugarloaf Maine. His love of the ski bum lifestyle runs thick through his lyrics, as does elements of the divine and the mystic. I suppose you could call him the resident snow shaman.


Chanman holds a Masters degree from the Harvard Divinity School in Cambridge. There was a time when he considered becoming a traditional minister. The Tetons however to him were the only church he wanted to have, and he considers the skier bar patrons his congregation.  His music is the only preaching he wants to do. By the way he just released a solo CD titled SOLO- and it’s really good, Check it out.

I asked a few of the guys why they do it. Why keep playing year after year, “Because we just keep getting better!” John Kidwell,  trombone player laughed.

Guitarist Jeff Eidemiller says it’s all about the community. “We  love being a part of it.” For him seeing a local young fan grow to a bearded man 22 years later is reward enough.  _B0A5280

Contributing to the growth and lives of so many Teton skiers seemed to be the common thread among them all. That and family too. Chanman eloquently added that the guys are more than friends, “Each one is family.  Friends come and go, you stick through thick and thin with family. “_B0A5358
Lord knows it’s not easy playing out there either. Negative 20 degrees (the coldest yet for them was this holiday season) makes things pretty challenging. Powell Miller the trumpet player often uses a hair dryer to thaw out his valves when they freeze.


Jeff on guitar showed me some pretty nasty fingertips- the result of having frozen bits of skin rip off. Jeff also has had his guitar run over by a snowmobile.


Surprisingly drummer Andy Peterson has had few problems with weather on his drum kit… soggy drumsticks and clangy cymbals were about it. It doesn’t seem like anything could deter his stoke to play._B0A5302
Fortunately local ski clothing company STIO is a big supporter of the group and decks them out head to toe in bomber product to keep the good vibes flowing no matter what mother nature throws at them.
Be sure to check out the guys every Saturday and give them a hoot and a hi5, and if you are feeling generous buy them a round of beer. TRAM JAM is ski bum living history hard at work. They indeed are the soul center of the Teton ski culture personified in song and music. We are indeed in their debt for keeping the music flowing and snow gods happy. Thanks TRAM JAM for keeping the peace.


Words and Photography by Lance

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300 inches and movin’ on up!

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UPDATE: 2/20/2016 – This morning we awoke to the magic number of 300 inches with two more inches falling overnight. Following yesterdays powder fiesta and with two more inches falling overnight, now is as good of a time as ever to join in the fun here in Teton Village. Our powder weekend trend continues today and tomorrow! C’mon out and enjoy Mother Natures gift and all 300 inches turn by turn.

After a brief stint of high pressure and warm beautiful days in Jackson Hole, Mother Nature has changed the course and winter has reared it’s head once again. Last weeks storm cycle brought hopes of storm skiing and powder parties, those hopes seemed unfulfilled even with almost a foot of fresh falling on the upper mountain. However, it appears we’ve gotten ourselves back in the flow, starting this morning, Thursday the 18th, with a wintry day in Teton Village filled with blowing snow and high winds. Our mountain is receiving a refresh as I type these words. Prepare yourselves for the days to come, as Friday through the weekend could provide powder turns and high fives a plenty. Below you’ll find moments from the storm.

Moisture is moisture folks, no doubt about it. Get out and find the goods, if you’re not looking, you’re not trying! Shred on.


Andrew Whiteford finds his happy place on February 19th.



Workers clear snow drifts from Corbet’s Cabin on February 18th.



AJ Puccia finds the goods on the front end of the storm, February 18th.

With continuing expectations of snowfall and the possibility of beautiful spring weather upcoming in March, there is not a better time to make your pilgrimage to Jackson Hole. Our little Wyoming town knows a party, and with March Radness kicking off in just under two weeks, the time is now to book your vacation and save on lodging and airfare, or both.

The culmination of March Radness will take place March 17-20, as we welcome back our Rendezvous Fest for our 4th edition. This year will be a special one, as our biggest act to date, the Zac Brown Band, will take the stage the evening of March 19th. All other acts are FREE, besides the Zac Brown Band & Chris Robinson Brotherhood on Saturday. General admission tickets are running low and we’ve just opened another VIP option, so get them while you can! Additionally, we recently added Uncle Kracker to the mix, as he will take center stage under the tram as the finale for the weekend and as part of our Music Under the Tram series, which is FREE! For more information regarding Rendezvous Fest, from performers to times to places, click HERE.


‘Swift, silent, sleek’ with Andrew Whiteford on February 19th.



AJ Puccia enjoying Laramie Bowls finest offerings on February 19th.

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