“Get Local” – An Insider’s Guide to Summer in Jackson Hole

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For 128 days straight, from November to April all we spend most of our waking moments skiing or snowboarding or thinking about skiing or snowboarding. “Coming for a winter and staying for a summer” is a common theme in ski towns, and here at JHMR, the Marketing and Sales team is no exception. We are a hard working, hard playing bunch, and while winter is the time when we all log as much vertical feet as possible while sliding in the snow, summer is a whole other beast with so many different activities from which to choose. From hiking to biking, fishing to kayaking, running to climbing and everything in between, this crew takes full advantage outside and even during office hours in Teton Village.

This summer we’re  going to take turns sharing our favorite Jackson Hole summer adventures, events and more. The goal of this special inside look at summer in Jackson Hole is to be equal parts fun and motivation to get you out on an adventurous experience of your own.  So stayed tuned to our weekly blog post we are calling “Get Local.”

Our “Get Local” summer series kicks off with a member of our ‘digital dungeon’ here on the JHMR Marketing team, DJ Johnson.


Dreaming big. Perhaps a bit of foreshadowing for the author.

I share a common “problem” with many folks here in Jackson Hole. With every additional summer or winter here comes the opportunity to explore more terrain and activities. Whether it’s a raft, a cruiser bike, a new fly rod, or new hiking boots, you simply cannot live in a town so focused on enjoying the outdoors without always having that next toy purchase on the brain. This spring was no different, and as I hung up the skis and boards and began unpacking the summer gear, I already knew what this summers prize jewel was going to be – a new mountain bike!

I am by no means a bike geek or expert and for the most part my experience with bikes is riding them and leaving the technical know how to my local bike shop techs. That’s when I knew I had to pay a visit to the best bike shop in Jackson, Hoback Sports. In addition to a crew of knowledgeable staff, Hoback Sports offers an amazing selection of bikes. It didn’t take long for Hoback employee Tom Athey to get my eyes on a comparison set of bikes that were directly in my wheelhouse for my style of riding.


Examining the different types of suspension.


Upon further investigation, Tom and DJ narrowing the selections down.

To start off Tom asked, “what type of trails do you see yourself riding in the future?” When I first began mountain biking years ago, I rode strictly cross country trails. I then took a stab at downhill biking and got the proper bike to enjoy all that Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Teton Pass have to offer. Three years and a few bumps and bruises later, I’ve decided that moving forward I am shifting my focus back to being a more cross country-style rider. We talked over frame size, wheel size, and how much suspension I would need. After letting Tom know where I wanted to take my riding, he offered his opinion on what bikes might fit me best.

As I looked over the Specialized Stump Jumper, Santa Cruz Bronson, and Santa Cruz 5010, I knew all 3 would be a great fit.


Never buy something without test riding it first…

Then it was time to get down to business. What’s my price point? How much suspension do I want? What size frame is appropriate? What color is the freshest?

After some internal deliberation, I was able to narrow down my selection to the Bronson and 5010, both Santa Cruz rides. In the end, I stuck to my guns and chose the Santa Cruz 5010 for a multitude of reasons. My riding style was the most important aspect and the 5010 goes up just as well as it comes down, which really made the final decision easy.


The Lower Faces Loop is in.

If you’re looking for a new mountain bike this summer, in short, here are my recommended questions to consider:

  • What’s my riding style going to be?
  • How much suspension will I need?
  • What wheel size is appropriate?
  • What size frame fits me best?
  • How much am I looking to spend?
  • What color will have you looking fresh when you hit the trail?

Once I got my hands on this beautiful Santa Cruz 5010, there was no time to waste as I had to get ‘er out on the brown pow. Aside from higher elevations still holding snow, valley trails are mostly dry and we found the Lower Faces Loop here in Teton Village to be prime.



Get out there and ride folks!





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Aerial Tram Re-Opens Saturday, 5/28/16

Snow clearing and shoveling.
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The time has come. . . for the tram to re-open for the summer. This Saturday, May 28, 2016, marks the 50th summer season of the tram in operation. Locals flock to the hill to get those last few easy-access ski lines in. Tourists anxiously await the opening as one of the better high alpine views in the valley. As the weather this time of the year is super variable (as we just experienced this morning), it’s best to be prepared for all seasons of weather. Clouds, sun, snow, rain, and wind should all be expected.

Since the resort closed, we’ve received 43 inches of snow, a bit above the 40 year average of 30 inches. (Data taken from JHAvalanche.org Historical Data.)
The snow line is around 8,000′, or about the base of the Thunder Lift. 

Join us in Teton Village this weekend to kick off the summer in style. Rent a bike, cruise around the pathways, grab a snack, and check out our mountaintop winter oasis in the middle of summer. Feel free to bring your skis or board but remember, no skiing inbounds.  See you at the top!

Tram summer re-opening

Variable weather is in store for the weekend. Dress for snow, rain, wind, and sun.

New tram employees are anxiously awaiting guests.

New tram employees are anxiously awaiting guests.

Pondering the clouds and mountains

Getting a view of Cody Peak in between the clouds.

Corbet's Cabin deck.

Corbet’s Cabin still has snow on the deck.

Corbet's Cabin.

The snow is slowly melting.

Snow clearing and shoveling.

Tram employees are working hard to clear the snow for you to enjoy with dry feet.


The view from the top.


The top of the tram still has plenty of snow.


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Tenants for Turns Information Session

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Are you a Jackson or Teton Valley homeowner with a spare bedroom in your house or apartment? This summer, if you provide housing for a new JHMR summer employee(s), you will receive a 15 day 2016-17 pass voucher or a 15 day pro-rated discount for your JHMR 2016 Grand Pass.

For more information about the Tenants for Turns program, please contact JHMR Human Resources & Safety Department at 307.739.2668.


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Top 10 Instagram Posts of Winter 2015/16

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As snow fell last night and this morning here at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, some of us inside the walls began to talk of moments past and future. Forecasts of Winter 2016/17 were being tossed around and words like “La Nina” and “El Nino” were at the forefront of some discussions, naturally. However, it’s clear that while our operating Winter is over, Mother Nature has her own agenda. We’ll commemorate these flurries by reminding you all of YOUR favorite moments this past winter as selected by our followers on Instagram. Without further adieu, our Top 10 Instagram Posts of the Winter that was 2015/16.



A #cowboy #sunrise in #jacksonhole. #jh50 #jhdreaming

A photo posted by Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (@jacksonhole) on



What will the storm bring? #jhdreaming #jacksonhole

A photo posted by Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (@jacksonhole) on



Tonight in #tetonvillage. #jacksonhole #jhdreaming #jh50

A photo posted by Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (@jacksonhole) on



Today’s #sunrise in #JacksonHole. Talk about #jhdreaming. A @kgb_productions

A photo posted by Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (@jacksonhole) on



Continue to wonder. A @kgb_productions in #jacksonhole.

A photo posted by Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (@jacksonhole) on


Field of dreams. #jhdreaming With @bryce.newcomb3 in #JacksonHole. #jh50

A photo posted by Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (@jacksonhole) on



‘Tis the season for a Winter Storm Warning in #jacksonhole #jh50 #jhdreaming

A photo posted by Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (@jacksonhole) on



A fiery night in #jacksonhole with an epic pic by @tgreszko. #jhdreaming

A photo posted by Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (@jacksonhole) on



A #JacksonHole #sunrise. #jhdreaming #snakeriveroverlook An @amon_barker .

A photo posted by Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (@jacksonhole) on



No this photo is not from the 90s. This happened today in #jacksonhole for the @gopro Grand National Powder 8’s Championship.

A photo posted by Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (@jacksonhole) on

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100 club – A fine group of die hard skiers at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

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Each year as the season culminates, a list appears at the tram dock of a special few that are on their way to join the 100 club. The 100 club consists of those that are die hard skiers and have made it their mission to ski at the resort at least 100 days. At Jackson Hole, this becomes a challenge as the season only consists of 130 potential days to ski season. The reward for their efforts includes bragging rights, a 100 club patch, an epic breakfast at the Couloir restaurant with the best bacon you have ever dreamed of, and the joy of skiing for an extra day after the resort closes on Monday with the employees. Day in and out, folks click into their skis or snowboard in any condition that presents itself for the love of being on the snow.


Here are just a select few of the 1oo club members that I had the joy of meeting at the celebration breakfast. Enjoy, and congrats to everyone that made the 100 club and a special thanks to Connie Kemmerer for making the 100 club exist.

“We thank our employees, season passholders and guests for a fabulous season-best ever.” – Connie Kemmerer

As Lance made the list, I attempted to shoot the photos and write for this blog. It might not have been such a good idea as you can see of some of the blurry images but none the less, here are a few fun stories and a snap shot of the end of season festivities!


Lance Koudele
Days at end of season: 101 Seasons on 100 club: 3
Favorite run: Tram line
Favorite season memory: First public chair on the Teton lift with my wife.
Why 100? Because skiing is the greatest thing in the world!


Todd Keho
Days at end of season: 112 Seasons on 100 club: 6
Favorite run: I’m keeping it a secret … =)
Favorite season memory: skiing pow every day, finding cool friends, just being awesome!
Why 100? You never know unless you go. There is always fun runs at the mountain, no matter the condition.


Scott Levering
Days at end of season: 104 Seasons on 100 club: 1
Favorite season memory: When there was a 3 day, 54 inch storm. Made it totally awesome again.
Why 100? Because I live out here in employee housing, and so there is no excuse not to go.


Brian McDonough
Days at end of season: 110 Seasons on 100 club: 1
Favorite season memory: Christmas Day. The snow was so good, and shared with friends.
Why 100? – I actually didn’t know until the list came out and then the stoke was alive.


Carol Harkness
Days at end of season: 107 Seasons on 100 club: 12 or 13
Favorite season memory: There are so many. Skiing alone each day is a favorite.
Why 100? – To get out and exercise. With living in the village, it is very easy to come out and ski, so why not?

John Harkness
Days at end of season: 130 Seasons on 100 club: Member every year that the 100 club has been around.
Favorite season memory: Definitely skiing with friends. Especially on a powder day.
Why 100? Because I love to ski and get as many days as I can.


Rob Denton
Days at end of season: 126 Seasons on 100 club: 2
Favorite season memory: The last apres Wednesday of the season
Why 100? – I love skiing!


Chad Taylor
Days at end of season: 106 Seasons on 100 club: 8 or 9
Favorite season memory: The week before the hobacks opened
Why 100? – why not!


The McDonald family – Eden, Damaris, Liberty, Stephen, Blaze, Christy
The only family at 100 day breakfast
Days at the end of the season: Eden (108), Damaris (114), Stephen (129), Liberty (121), Blaze (121), Christy (109) Seasons on the 100 club: Damaris is on her 1st time. Liberty and Blaze hold the most at 6 years. Liberty was the youngest ever in her first year at 7 years old.
Favorite memories of the season: Christmas Day enjoying bluebird deep powder, Stephen’s birthday that came with a present of a 17 inch powder day. The family also loves to spend time at the Casper Lodge.
Why 100? Like so many say, why not? They love to ski together and as a family. The 100 club is a way for them to reach out and have fun skiing together. It is their version of enjoying a sporting event together.


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Jackson Hole’s 50th Anniversary Season Retrospectively

Tram Rendezvous Mountain
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It’s hard to believe I’m typing these words, but… the 2015-16 Winter Season is OVER. Done. Finished. Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

Looking back on our 50th Anniversary Season here at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort seems daunting considering how great it was. We had lots to celebrate, from opening a new lift to welcoming our 50th Anniversary to skiing over 400 inches of cowboy powder. There is no doubt about it, this was a season to remember here at JHMR.

We hope all of you that were able to join us for 1 day, or if you didn’t miss a day all season, also enjoyed your time on the hill. We’d like to extend a heartfelt “Thank You” and we’ll see you next year! Until then, enjoy our photo recap of the season and some of our #JH50 entries and pray for snow!


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Dropping into the Weekend

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Did the season really fly by THAT quickly? March has been an absolute blast, with awesome snow, unforgettable concerts and shreddy memories that will keep the stoke high until next winter.  But hey!  It’s not over yet, so let’s keep the fun going until the closing bell on Sunday.  Here’s your fun-packed schedule for the weekend, folks.  Be safe.  Stay hydrated. Have FUN!

DJ Simotaneous at The Mangy Moose
Location: The Mangy Moose in Teton Village
Time: Friday from 3pm-5:30pm
Information: Admission is free. From the new favorite song you haven’t even heard yet to  the best throw back jams, Simotaneous seamlessly blends audio and video to play hip hop,  EDM and super creative mashups.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: If you’re like me and haven’t fist-pumped in a while, THIS is your opportunity.  Friday, April 1st is traditionally known as April Fools’ Day, but let’s defy the odds and not be fools.  Go to the show.


Whiskey Experience at Vom Fass
Location: Vom Fass on the Jackson Town Square
Time: Friday and Saturday at 6 pm
Information: Free event if you’re 21+! Explore whiskeys from around the world. Learn a little, taste a little more and have a lot of fun.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: Some people like whiskey. Some people like learning.  Some people like BOTH, and if you fall into that section of the venn diagram, then this is the event for YOU! Grab a friend and soak in the sophistication (for free).


Saturday Music Under the Tram – Lazy Eyes
Location: Under the Tram, Teton Village
Time: Saturday from 3pm-5pm
Information: Year 5 of this massively popular free spring concert series. Great bands entertain the crowds every Saturday in March in this unforgettable, sunny location, slopeside under the tram. Grab your friends, and après like there is no tomorrow!
THE INSIDE SCOOP: Saturday shred with a musical cherry on top! Saturday is one of your last moments to enjoy the 15/16 season and the music adds the energy you’ll need to close out the day right.  Don’t forget sunscreen and friends.


Location: The Tavern, Downtown Jackson
Time: Saturday from 10pm-1am
Information: Admission is free. With a sound described as unforgiving western slamgrass, BOGDOG brings great energy to the stage. From unique covers of the Grateful Dead, Bob Marley and everything in between to original tunes such as the legendary Teton John, BOGDOG knows how to hit the spot. Free show!
THE INSIDE SCOOP:  I don’t know much about Bogdog, BUT I did find this art from their Facebook page, which makes me instantly like them.  So here I am endorsing the banjo playing dog seen below.  Also, my colleagues are now telling me that they put on a great show, so you really can’t lose by going to see them play!


Sunday Music Under the Tram- Major Zephyr
Location: Under the Tram, Teton Village
Time: Sunday from 3pm-5pm
Information: Year 5 of this massively popular free spring concert series. Great bands entertain the crowds every weekend in March in this unforgettable, sunny location, slopeside under the tram. Grab your friends, and après like there is no tomorrow!
THE INSIDE SCOOP:  Last call for outdoor music folks!  I know I keep harping on the sunscreen, but this is the last time I’ll say: Grab some friends, grab some SPF 30, grab a beverage and enjoy the sweet musical stylings of Major Zephyr to close out the season.  If it were up to me, we’d all enjoy a group hug and should “see you next year!!!” but the logistics seem like a lot.


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Rendezvous Photo Recap

Friday night Town Square
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What a week it was!

We started off with POW and ended with a BANG. We’ll go out on a limb and say it might have been the best week of the season here in Teton Village. Mother Nature did her part and gave the mountain a complete refresh during the week to a tune of 46″ over the course of 4 days. Then, as if Ullr and Mother Nature coordinated their efforts, the skies went blue and it was time to ‘boogy’ away the weekend with our 3rd Annual Jackson Hole Rendezvous Spring Festival.


Thursday, the fun started with our favorite local funk outfit, Sneaky Pete and the Secret Weapons, as part of our Music Under the Tram series. They delivered another classic performance and even added a bit of an Irish flair as we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day!

We took our talents back to the Town Square for our Friday evening performance with Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats, who according to all accounts, absolutely ”killed it”. The vibe in the square was one that won’t be forgotten with roughly 8,500 people in attendance. His opener, Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys, kicked off the night with some great original music and really made the crowd want more.  Nathaniel Rateliff so kindly obliged as he played into the evening leaving those in attendance with a big smile and rosy cheeks.

Saturday brought blue skies and great spring skiing on the hill, which led to an afternoon full of high fives, cheers, and beers. One of the first sunny Saturdays in weeks, people noted, this special day was the culmination of efforts far and wide. As the afternoon set in, it was time to roll out the red carpet for the Chris Robinson Brotherhood opening for the Zac Brown Band. Slated to rock the crowd of over 15,000, this year was our most successful Rendezvous yet, and we appreciate those who came out and enjoyed the music and good times despite some cold temperatures. As the Zac Brown Band satisfied our souls with his hits and some covers, the night ended on a high note, fireworks for all!

And then there was Sunday. The culmination of the Jackson Hole Rendezvous Spring Festival ended where it all began Thursday, underneath the tram with Uncle Kracker. Tunes from years past rang through the mountain air and we all retired, knowing we had enjoyed some of the best music to ever grace Teton Village.

Enjoy our photo recap above and relive the dream!

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Dropping into the Weekend

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It’s time to finish out this 50th anniversary strong -Clearly, Mother Nature wants us to.  With 11 inches expected in the next two days and more set to arrive on Monday, you have every excuse to spend your weekend out on the slopes.  For all of the planners out there, here’s a complete list of events and concerts that you can check out when you’re done shredding the pow.

Ski with Pepi Fundraiser
Location: The Mangy Moose in Teton Village
Time: Friday at 7 pm, Ticket admission is $100
Information: The ski community, near and far, is rallying around Pepi Stiegler, who suffered a serious accident three months ago. Stiegler, 78, founded the Jackson Hole Ski School, is an Olympic gold, silver and bronze medalist and has been an ambassador for Jackson Hole Mountain Resort for most of its 50-year history. The Pepi Stiegler Fund was formed to help Stiegler and his family with the costs of the accident, including medical bills, recovery and rehabilitation.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: Pepi is a part of the JHMR family and an integral part of the resort’s history.  Now it’s our time to support him as he recovers from an accident that will require a lot of medical attention.  Let’s party for Pepi!  Get your ticket and make an evening of it–Even better, your ticket to the event enters you in a raffle with a slew of amazing prizes.

pepi 2

Out West Fest 2016
Location: The Pink Garter Theater in Downtown Jackson
Time: Friday at 9 pm
Information: Admission is $10.  Buy tickets here. Benyaro, Pat Chadwick, Sneaky Pete (6 piece), Canyon Kids (6 piece). Raffle Ticket included with ticket to the concert. Prizes: Pair of Maiden Skis, Acoustic Guitar, Year long subscription to Yoga Today
THE INSIDE SCOOP:  This is a lineup worth way more than $10.  I would highly suggest grabbing some friends (grabbing some Pinky G’s pizza) and heading to the Pink Garter to support these local musicians.  If you’ve been practicing new dance moves, this is a great place to debut them!

out west fest

Karen Oatey Pole Pedal Paddle
Location: Teton Village to the Snake River Canyon
Time:  Saturday, Start times vary by class.
Information: The Pole Pedal Paddle is a tradition in Jackson Hole, and 2015 is its 41th anniversary year. The four-event race, where contestants compete either individually or in teams, consists of an alpine ski leg, a cross-country ski leg, a bicycle leg, and a boating leg. The Pole Pedal Paddle is a fundraising event for the Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing affordable Alpine, Freeride, Nordic and Snowboard programs to Jackson youth.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: If you’re willing to wake up for it, it’s always fun to watch this event and cheer on all of the unbelievable athletes competing. With a steady amount of snow due to come in on Friday, this event should be good.  Bring some coffee and your cheering voice!


Music Under the Tram – One Ton Pig
Location: Under the Tram Dock, Teton Village
Time: Saturday from 3-5 pm
Information: Free admission. Great bands entertain the crowds every Saturday in March in this unforgettable, sunny location, slopeside under the tram.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: This is one of my favorite ways to enjoy music- OUTSIDE (with a cold brew and some fun friends).  If you get there and you don’t have a cold crew or fun friends, just find some fun looking people  and say hello.  Friendliness is well known in the Jackson area, ESPECIALLY when powder has just arrived.  Once you have the friends, head to Nick Wilson’s for the cold brew.


World Championship Snowmobile Hill Climb
Location: Snow King Mountain in Downtown Jackson
Time: Saturday and Sunday
Information: Huge crowds are anticipated for the 40th Annual World Championship Snowmobile Hill Climb coming soon in March of 2016. The Jackson Hole Snow Devils will once again host this exciting event, which promises to be one of the best yet!
THE INSIDE SCOOP: It’s finally here!  The Hill Climb!  Weather limitations forced a cancellation last year, but this year everything is looking brap-brap-braptastic.  Wear your sunscreen, stay hydrated and enjoy this incredibly unique event!


Interdominational Sunrise Easter Service at the Gondola Summit
Location: Rendezvous Lodge, Top of Bridger Gondola in Teton Village
Time: Sunday morning, load Gondola at 6:15am, service starts at 6:45am
Information: Everyone is welcome for an interdenominational worship service with Rev. Ben Pascal at the Gondola Summit at sunrise. Participants will ride the Gondola up to the service, and back down before the mountain opens. Please wear suitable clothing and footwear, as the service will be outside, weather permitting. The Gondola ride to the service is complimentary.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: Where else can you go to an Easter service at over 9,000 feet?  Above the clouds, the sunrise will be exquisite and you’ll wake away with memories (and maybe even photos!) that will last a lifetime.  Plus, it’s a free gondola ride!


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Hunter Wood – A Humble Legend Living The Skiers Dream

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Howdy Folks,

This past week, we had the pleasure of spending time with the charming and humble Hunter Wood. A man that has set out since graduating college to a path to live the DREAM! This entails working two jobs at Local and Teton Village Sports. He skis his heart out every moment in between.


On Feb 1 of 2013, during my first full winter here, I had a sighting of Hunter Wood at a movie premier all about his quest for living the dream. Hunter is a man that has quietly become one of the best big-mountain skiers in the world. The movie premier of “One Mountain” by David Reichert showcased Hunter chasing his dream of being a “ski bum” to score first descents on many peaks culminating with being one of just a few to ski the Grand Teton.


Against conventional wisdom and the stress of his father to get a real job and make money, Hunter followed his passion and dream of skiing big lines._B0A5475 To this day, he is glowing with happiness as he continues to live that dream. And, low and behold through various life situations, Hunter’s dad as of late has retired and enjoyed skiing every single day for 2.5 or so hours and lives for the cool breeze on his face as he makes blissful turns down the mountain.


Hunter started skiing at the wee age of 2 years old! With a mom (Catherine Wood Zimmerman) in the ski industry jamming out high rankings including winning the University Games in Grenoble France. Unfortunately, her career ended with blowing her knee in Alta. From there, Catherine and Hunter’s father Richard Wood coached future world champions Tamara and Steve McKinney. Richard won all of his masters races as well. So, by default, Hunter grabbed on to the passion of skiing from the get go and grew up ski racing himself.


Hunter grew up in Reno Nevada, and then skipped out of town to study at CU Boulder. Like many we interviewed, a college spring break trip landed a stop to Jackson to ski. With low visibility and rough snow, they ended up skipping out of town and heading to Alta where it was bluebird powder for days. Jackson didn’t give up on Hunter just yet and a year or so later, in the mid 90’s, it caught him by surprise and before you know it, he was here for good._B0A5953

Set to make his dream a reality, Hunter looked into employment right away to make it all happen. He began the job hunt at JHMR. A job at the resort quickly takes care of a comp ski pass to enjoy the fruits of his labor daily. When he first applied, it was a toss up between Pepi Stiegler’s and Teton Village Sports (TVS). TVS had the opportunity to ski all day long and start work at 3pm and that quickly sealed the deal. Hunter was lucky to work with the legendary Doug Coombs who became a close mentor of his on every level of the sport. To this day, Hunter still works at TVS and additionally at Local Restaurant as bartender shaking up cocktails for many a powder thirsty soul.


Hunter’s favorite part of the Tetons matches many we have interviewed where the love and passion for endless steeps, countless powder turns and various ski projects continuously await. Hunter often finds himself traveling to other ski destinations, just to have a desire to get back home. His favorite area by far is deep in the backcountry, a “secret spot” is his ultimate favorite. Hunter loves the rewards of long ski lines and endless powder that he often enjoys with his friends.


When it comes to his advances in skiing, Hunter attributes it all to how a pack of friends will all collaboratively push each other to new limits. Hunter has high respect for his best friends Carl Daavettila, Owen Black and Cory Felton. They have helped him push the envelope to new levels with his skiing.  One fun adventure of Hunter’s was hitting up a fun Project of Central, Breakneck and Gothic. And that is just how every day will go in Hunter’s world tagging lines all over the back country and having a celebratory beer after with friends.


At the tail end of the interview, I ran into some of Hunter’s buddies at TVS. Nate would say one of his favorite memories to date with Hunter is skiing his first trip to no name peak. Sam recalls skiing Buck for the first time on a perfect corn snow day. When Sam first met Hunter, he called him out as a local at first glance. His reasoning was because “his outfits look sick.” Hunter can now thank Scott Sports for that as they have outfitted him from head to toe. Hunter’s charm, delightful spirit, and ski style that has him floating from turn to turn makes any friend just want to spend a moment with him.


Over the years, Hunter’s favorite addition to JHMR was when they added the gondola. His stoke is high for the additional gondola to come in the 2016-17 season.

And if you catch him out jamming away to tunes, it is most likely the brash melodic indie rock outfit known as the Fratellis. He also loves to munch on cheese fondue bourguignonne with a good Cabernet. If you want to make his day after a sweet ski tune, surprise him with a pack of Stiegl Radler.

Skis aside, we always love to hear about our legendary skiers love life =) Hunter found love aside from the ski scene when he locked eyes on a beautiful gem named Caroline and they have been going steady for over a year now.


If you are looking to spot Hunter among the masses, just look for the beanie set high above his head in his own style. That style started when he was living in Reno and two legendary skiers wore their hat that way and from there it has become his staple look. He has 4 colors to choose from on any given day of raging orange, blue, grey and dark grey. Raging orange standing out as the favorite.


In the summer, Hunter loves to rev up his ski boat and water ski with his friends. Nothing is better than a hot summer day on Jackson Lake with your favorite pals making sweet rooster tails.

Lastly, at work there is always the favorite moment of bringing out the shot-ski at the end of the season after they have tuned and repaired thousands of skis.

Cheers Hunter! Thanks for being RAD.


Words by Jax | and Photography by Lance




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