Bike Park | New Features

Our trail crew is always adding to the fun in the Bike Park. They’ve just built a couple of new features at the bottom of Bandit and they are a welcome addition and fun to watch for those loading the lift at the bottom. Here’s a quick look at both in action:


Teton Village Welcoming Committee

The horses in front of JHMR are nicknamed the “Teton Village welcoming committee.” Driving into Teton Village it is hard not to notice the massive, friendly horses, often lined up at the fence with people petting their soft noses and feeding them the occasional carrot or apple.


The six horses are all Percherons which is a breed of draft horse. Everyone knows the Budweiser Clydesdales and Percherons are another breed of draft horse. The Percherons are very large, well-muscled, and known for their intelligence and willingness to work. They are proud, mellow, and have a very pleasing disposition. (more…)

#JHdreaming | 100 Days Until Ski Season

Winter is coming! We’re only 100 days out from ski season at Jackson Hole and we’re counting down daily with the hashtag #JHdreaming. Check out the video for a little cold-smoke cool down, and play along with us by using #JHdreaming on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Couloir Restaurant: A look at the Seasonal Summer Menu

Last week Allison, Cara and I had dinner at Couloir; both of them were dying to try Chef Wes Hamilton’s 2013 summer menu.  Allison and Cara are the founders of Dishing Magazine, our valley’s leading foodie publication.  Near the end of the meal Cara said “this is one of my favorite dining experiences in Jackson Hole, I wish I could eat here every night!”  Ali and I agreed with Cara, as we sipped the last of our wine and drank in the sunset over the valley below. 

Couloir - Chef Hamilton


Jackson Hole Hikes | The “Wildflower” Trail

“Wildflower” is a gorgeous new trail that links the Lower Faces trails from the bottom of the mountain all the way up to Casper. Great views of the valley, aerial tram, gondola and wildflowers can be soaked in to the fullest, as our trail crew has put in a number of benches at several scenic points. There is even a picnic table that offers up shade and one of the best views around.

Flyfishing | Flat Creek on the Elk Refuge

August 1st marked the opening of the National Elk Refuge section of Flat Creek, just outside of the town of Jackson. This section of Flat Creek offers easy access, big fish and really difficult fishing. If you’re looking for scenery and challenge, this is an incredible location to fish. We went out on Thursday morning to give it a try.

Coffee + fly rod = a perfect way to start the day in Jackson Hole.

The Making of Surf Jackson Hole with the GoPro Hero3

Lunch Counter is a Class III rapid on the Snake River that has a standing wave that a surfboard and a kayak can surf from 8,000-12,000 cfs.

I had always wanted to make a video on the wave , so back in June when the water levels were ideal I called up three of our athletes for a morning session on the Snake. Bryan Iguchi, Cam FitzPatrick, and Griffin Post joined me with their boards and I carried my kayak and an arsenal of GoPro Hero3s and different mounts.

I set the three cameras on 1080p @ 60fps. I love the quality of the footage at 1080p and the incredible slow motion at 60fps makes this my go to setting for the cameras.

Now it was time to get creative. I didn’t want a boring POV film that makes you nauseous. I wanted a variety of angles that would give the viewer the feeling of what it was like to surf the wave and swim the rapid below.

Below are photos or screen grabs of the different mounts in action.


Kim Havell Skis the Otterbody on the Grand Teton

JHMR athlete Kim Havell moved to Jackson Hole two years ago and has skied what many people would call a lifetime of lines in one seasons in the Tetons. Recently, Kim skied the Otterbody Route which is on the East Face of the Grand Teton. With only a handful of descents on the Otterbody, Kim is the first female to ski the exposed and technical face.  Way to go Kim!