Full On Winter Atop the Tram | Photos from November 6th

With snow totals over 55″ on the season, winter has been ramping up like crazy around Jackson Hole. We went up the tram for a look and were expecting it to look like winter, but the huge drifts were way beyond our expectations. The winter stoke is high right now, to say the least!

Take a look at the deepness by scrolling through these photos:

Ski Fitness with Crystal Wright

Crystal Wright is a Freeskiing World Tour Champion and is definitely one of the fittest skiers around. Crystal will be competing on the Freeride World Tour this year and trains year round to stay at the top of her game. Crystal offers up a few of her favorite exercises to get in shape for the season. Also, check out the video below to see Crystal and fellow athletes training for the season.

Words: Crystal Wright

I have been training at Mountain Athlete for 4 years now and it has helped me so much and changed my skiing completely! I have worked through some pretty serious injuries while training there and now I can say I have very little chronic pain and my body feels the best it has in a long time. Training sport specifically really helps a ton with the ski season and even through the off season. I train 4 days a week in the off season and 2 through all of the sport seasons. It makes such a difference keeping your muscles balanced and strong. The body needs to stay equal and when I just ski, bike or climb all the time certain muscles become weak. I owe a lot to Rob and Mountain Athlete for helping me out! I also opened my own gym about a year ago and promote very similar type of training to my athletes to get ready for ski season! It is so awesome to see how much stronger everyone becomes. I do all types of Base fitness training to sports specific to young adults. It is so neat to see everyone excel with their goals in fitness whatever that may be. (more…)

Welcomed to Jackson Hole | Ryan Sheets

*Editor’s Note: Ryan Sheets is a photographer that just moved to Jackson Hole.  Ryan will be regularly documenting the adventures of his first year in Jackson Hole and accompanying the story with his incredible photography.

After moving to Jackson a few weeks ago I was overwhelmed by the amazing people that live in this town.
Within days I had been connected with people from all over Jackson willing to help me find my way as my wife and I settle into our new town.  It took me back how far people would go to try and help…certainly a great first impression of this gorgeous ski town!
But I have to say…my real welcoming party came with some feathers.

Ryan Sheets - Photography - Great Gray Owl in the Tetons - Jackson Hole


Halloween Powder Skiing in the Jackson Hole Backcountry

Trick or Treat? Mother Nature is offering up nothing but treats for Halloween, with storm totals now approaching two feet and powder turns being found in the Jackson Hole backcountry. We got out for a few turns this morning to celebrate Halloween and all of the new snow. We are fired up on skiing powder and tried to keep the Halloween spirit alive by incorporating a pumpkin costume. Why not?

Scroll through the photos and get fired up for winter with us!

October 29-30 Snow in Jackson Hole

It’s not even Halloween yet and Jackson Hole is already looking like winter. We were greeted with another coating of white this morning with over 4″ falling at the Rendezvous Bowl plot, on top of the 10″ reported yesterday. Check out the photos from yesterday morning as we enjoyed the new snow and the Jackson Hole Ski Patrol began getting ready for another great ski season. And in case you were wondering…it’s still snowing!


Hadley Hammer | Ski Fitness with a JHMR Athlete

JHMR athlete Hadley Hammer is a top-level competitive freeskier and will be competing on the Freeride World Tour this season. In preparation for the tour, Hadley has been training hard with the Mountain Athlete gym in Jackson Hole. Check in with Hadley as she offers up a couple of go-to exercises to get your ski training off on the right foot:

More October Snow

The early winter continues in Jackson Hole with more snow falling over the last few days. The past 3 nights have seen snow accumulate on the upper mountain, with the total 3-day count at 8″. Even with all of the snow up high, fall is hanging on down in the valley, although winter is starting to win the battle. Here’s a view of Rendezvous Bowl and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, with frosty fall foliage in the foreground:

Which Season Is It?

Mother nature has been keeping us guessing over the past week in Jackson Hole. We’ve seen two consecutive nights of snow at the higher elevations, with the valley floor getting a full coat of white last night as well. The contrast between fall colors at the lower elevations and a coating of white up high has us scratching our heads and also enjoying the beauty.

The count in the Rendezvous Bowl plot at 10,000 feet today was 4″ of new snow, on top of the 3″ reported yesterday.

The commute to work has been incredible. Here’s a look west towards Jackson Hole Mountain Resort while crossing the Gros Ventre River.