Benefits of Custom Ski Boot Orthotics | JH Sports’ Pat Sullivan

Words: Pat Sullivan Bootfitter/CPED@ Jackson Hole Sports

As we all know, picking out that right ski boot can be quite the task. In addition, finding the right bootfitter you can trust offers its own set of challenges. Letting go of your old ski boots is like giving up your old favorite slippers. You don’t want to do it, but there always comes a point!

Z | International Pro Rider’s Workshop

Editor’s Note: As an Exum guide, Zahan guides athletes and crew for local production company Teton Gravity Research. As part of this process, Z helps instruct the crew in an annual workshop designed to maximize safety while the crew is skiing/riding in remote backcountry terrain.

I’m just returning from the 2013 International Pro Riders Workshop (IPRW) – a 3 day high level mountain safety conference for the elite TGR athlete team. This collection of some of the greatest big mountain and freestyle skiers and riders in the world gather every year to take their mountain sense to a new level. I was honored to be invited as a guest instructor this year to focus on technical rope system for high angle skiing, and avalanche safety. I taught alongside a crop of Alaskan Heli guides, led by Kent Scheler, as well as Lead Denali Ranger: David Weber.

There is so much that can be said about this amazing crew of athletes, guides and production staff – but what stands out the most after spending three days with them is what a tight show they run. While it may look like chaos from outside, the TGR crew is obsessive about safety and calculation of risk – and that is what IPRW is all about.

The Alaskan guides and some of the athletes testing the breaking strength of snow anchors

Jackson Hole Babe Force | Women’s Ski Day on Saturday

Words: JH Athlete Crystal Wright

There is no doubt that Jackson Hole’s female athletes can ski with the best of the boys, but it doesn’t mean they always want to. Growing up in Jackson I was inspired by the camaraderie of the infamous Jackson Hole Air Force – skiing’s biggest underground fraternity, it’s members being described as always “in pursuit of the elusive goal of perfect skiing.”  In recent years there has been a noticeable influx of lady rippers onto Jackson’s previously male-dominated slopes,  and I joined up with a few of my skier-girl friends to establish the Jackson Hole Babe Force (JHBF). As founders of the Babe Force we are hoping to gather the female skiers and snowboarders of Jackson Hole together in an effort to provide support for all generations of women in the ski world, regardless of ability and experience level.

Sita’s Gift Guide for Kids

Hey Folks, I would like to introduce myself as a new blogger on the block.  I’ve been living in Jackson for 8 years, originally from Michigan, schooled at Colorado College (go tigers!), and I’ve finally landed myself a nice little family and life here in Jackson Hole.  I’ve got a handsome husband that I met here, and a rambunctious little boy in tow.  Look for my posts each week about dining out, what to do here with young children, skiing, shopping, spa-ing, and overall adventuring in style.

In the spirit of the holidays, I’d like to start off with a little gift guide. Don’t forget to save some Christmas shopping for Teton Village, the stores here are chocked full of great sales people, merchandise, and stuff that is sure to make your ski trip (and life) more fun!  These are all gifts that are available in Teton Village, I’ve seen them with my own eyes, and any or all of them would be excellent choices in our house. Happy Gifting!


Keeping Those Feet Warm | with JH Sports’ Stephen McDonald

This week from Stephen McDonald, Board Certified Pedorthist at Jackson Hole Sports:

Jackson Hole can be a cold mountain! Cold snowy days, clear cold days and cloudy cold days- we have ‘em all. Cold is great for snow, but not always great for our feet.

The issue I hear most about is frigid feet. As a slopeside certified Pedorthist at Jackson Hole Sports, I see this as the #1 preventable issue keeping skiers and boarders from enjoying themselves on our mountain.

Custom footbeds and custom ski boot liners offer a much greater insulation or “R” value. We sell custom footbeds from Conformable, Masterfit, and DFP along with custom liners from Intuition and Zipfit. These areas are a great place to start with your initial bootfit. Clean socks and dry liners are the foundation to a great day, but often I look to the skiers other equipment and see the answers as to why they are cold.

Teton Village Block Party | Thursday Evening

Get in the Holiday spirit this Thursday evening (December 12th) with the Teton Village Block Party. The Block Party fun includes 20% off at participating Teton Village businesses, the annual TVS Martini Party from 4-7pm and free Manhattan’s at Wool & Whiskey.


  • 20% Off from 5-8 PM at MADE, Rodeo, Wool & Whiskey, Teton Village Sports & more
  • The legendary Teton Village Sports Martini Party from 4-7 PM
  • Free Manhattan’s at Wool & Whiskey

Come kick off the Holidays in Teton Village!


Early Season Stoke


Jax n’ Lance here. We are two adventure seekers that spend our Summer’s nestled in our home of Hood River, OR and are stoked to spend our third winter season shredding in the mighty Tetons.

We are entrepreneurs, adventure partners, and best friends who have a lot of passion for skiing and living life to its fullest. Oh, and we are getting married =) We believe that if you dream it, you can do it. We are excited to share our tales of shredding this season with you and hope to give insight into the passion we have daily to get after it.

Our drive to town is always an adventure in itself. Two cars packed to the rim with all of our toys, and this year we have our new addition LOKI. A white swiss shepherd of almost 7 months old to share in the powder filled adventures. After 13 hours of driving through rain and snow, we arrive hooting and hollering as we cannot even put a cap on the stoke we have to be here for another winter.

Persephone Bakery…A Parisian Experience

*Editor’s Note:  Joanna Sheets is a Certified Nurse Midwife in Jackson, but also a foodie enthusiast. She co-authors the blog  Her and her husband, Ryan, recently moved to Jackson and will be documenting their first year adventures from skiing to the best Thai in town.


Persephone Bakery - Photograph by Ryan J. Sheets


If you are headed to Jackson this winter season…or any season for that matter, there is a bakery that is a must visit in town. I remember my first Persephone encounter, which was merely a jaunt past the opened doors that stopped me in my tracks.

The quaint, rustic and elegant design caught my attention, but as my eyes fixed on the middle of the room I would have guessed my walk had lead me down the streets of France.   Showcased within a lush boulangerie display were breads, croissants, rolls, muffins and scones, pillowing on top of each other.