Talent, Skill & Charm – The Jackson Hole Babe Force, Class of 2034!


Some of you may have seen the most recent story on the Jackson Hole Babe Force published by powder magazine on Feb 24th. And then there is also the incredible female ski documentary that is in production called Pretty Faces, headed up by local professional skier Lynsey Dyer, that more than doubled their campaign goal.

So what do these two stories have in common? The beautiful story of female skiers shredding hard, uniting as a community, encouraging each other to achieve goals and the power, whit and charm of the female skier.


JH Sports Employee Gear | Casey Jillson

We continue our series on the gear that our shop employees use on the hill with Casey Jillson, a very strong skier that works in JH Sports. Casey will ski circles around you but do it all with a smile.
Casey Hiking 3 Blog

TEST OUT THE HOTTEST NEW TREND – Snow Bike Your Way To Fitness (or race shape)


Jaxnlance here to tell you a tale on one of the fastest growing sports in the cycling industry: FAT SNOW BIKING

Last week we touched on the epic feat of SkiMo and how it drummed up interest 14 months ago as my new sport of choice. It has since still been a leisurely activity to safely enjoy the winter and discover really incredible ski terrain, and check off a few “projects” a.k.a. ski lines out there that I want to tackle if conditions allow.


Valentine’s Day: The couple that skis together, stays together

My advice to you: skip that cheesy dinner date with the rest of America and go skiing. Get a babysitter, get some skis, leave your phone at home, and just go. When your hands get cold, go inside sit by a warm fire and drink hot chocolate and hot toddies and remember what’s so special about love.

Here’s a few pictures of some local couples skiing that might help inspire you to do the same!


The truth is, winter is hard, I don’t even need to describe the weather most of this country has been taken over by the past few months. But, for some of us there’s a light in the winter tunnel, and most of us know that as skiing. The best part about skiing is spending the day frolicking on a mountain with your lover, wife, husband boyfriend, partner, best friend, or who ever it is that makes you happy. I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon skiing powder with my husband, and truly, for us, there’s hardly anything that makes us happier and more in love than spending a day skiing together.

It’s not just about the down – The Epic feat of SkiMo



Jax n’ Lance here to explore the epic feat of SkiMo with you.

SkiMo (Randonee) can be defined as the following from wiki:

This is a form of ski touring that variously combines the sports of Telemark, Alpine and Backcountry skiing with that of mountaineering. The spectrum of ski mountaineering spans from ascending a mountain in pursuit of virgin powder to achieving a mountain’s summit using skis as a tool, with skiing down secondary.

JH Sports Employee Gear | Al Hunter

What do our employees wear/use when they’re out enjoying the mountains on their free time? This is a question we get a lot in JH Sports, and it makes sense. Our staff is always in the know when it comes to the latest gear, and they get out on the mountain A LOT. We’ll start off our look at what our shop staff is using with Al Hunter.
Al Standing Gear Blog 1

Z | Riding with Jeremy Jones in the Tetons

January has been a whirlwind of work travel, and a little family time. One of the highlights of the month was working with legendary snowboarder Jeremy Jones, and the TGR production team. I had the chance to work with Jeremy during his Grand Teton attempt. Riding the Grand had been a long time dream for Jeremy – and with an incredible window of snow and weather we were able to drop in on the imposing East Face/Otterbody route in deep powder conditions – an amazing experience for all involved. For the full story look for “Higher” to hit a cinema near you this fall. Jeremy was back this January to work on a segment, scheduled to air this winter. Its always great working with Jeremy – his long career in the mountains is a testament to the unique balance of motivation and patience – and its that delicate equilibrium that has keep him alive in dangerous places for along time. This time we were under a heavy storm track and we had to consider carefully what made sense – following the obvious signs that the mountains gave us. In the end we found deep snow and Jeremy showcased the talent that makes him one of the greatest riders of all time.

Testing the Teton product


Backcountry Basecamp | Feb 8-9 in Jackson Hole

Backcountry Magazine makes the first stop of its basecamp tour at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort this weekend. The Backcountry Basecamp will be set up at the Bridger Center all weekend to bring the backcountry to the masses. The event features displays of the newest backcountry equipment and technical apparel, as well as on-site guides and experts who can answer the most important safety and gear questions. Both days will be filled with great opportunities to learn and ski safely with the pros.

Raffle, TGR Movie, and Music – Benefits Teton Adaptive Sports

The Teton Adaptive Sports (TAS) Annual Fundraiser Raffle event is the primary source of income for the TAS Winter Sports Scholarship Fund, which provides financial assistance for people with disabilities to take Adaptive Lessons through the Adaptive Programs at Jackson Hole and Grand Targhee. Last year TAS committed over $16.000 to support adaptive skiers. TAS needs everyone’s help to ensure that adaptive opportunities remain available to all.

You DO NOT have to be there to win. TGR’s film, Way of Life will show followed by a great band.    (more…)