Jackson Hole Food Rescue

Editor’s Note: The Jackson Hole Eco Fair will be happening on Saturday, May 10th from 12-5pm at the base of Snow King Mountain (on the baseball field) in the Town of Jackson. We will be there displaying our veggie oil trucks and there will be many other exhibitors, including Hole Food Rescue, which is profiled below by founder Alison Dunford. Check out more information on the Eco Fair and we’ll see you there on Saturday!

Words: Alison Dunford
As I replay the first time I jumped into a dumpster looking for food, my heart still races remembering the uncertainty I felt. I was a quizzical 20 year old challenging social norms, attempting to find myself as well as a “freegan” meal I suppose. Standing in that dark alley of my local health-food store, I had little foresight into what the word waste would come to mean to my personal and professional trajectory.

Live Music in Jackson Hole to Benefit the Community Resource Center

Come check out some live music with the Maw Band on Saturday evening in Jackson Hole. The proceeds benefit the Community Resource Center, whose goal is to raise funds for those who have lost wages and housing due to the Budge Drive landslide. While things are looking good on Budge Drive now with businesses like Sidewinder’s already back open, most insurance doesn’t cover losses dude to landslides and this fundraiser is to help out affected residents.

Jackson Hole Continues to Welcome Visitors

A slow moving landslide in the town of Jackson has recently made national headlines, but fortunately has only affected a small area of town (150 yards wide).  Conditions are improving and the plan is to re-open the affected road soon.  The most important thing to know is that Jackson Hole is open for business and visitors. Here is the official release:

Jackson Hole in BIKE Magazine | Behind the Scenes with Jay Goodrich Photography

Jackson Hole is featured in the May issue of BIKE Magazine with 15 pages of writing and photos that feature the greater Jackson Hole mountain bike scene. From the Jackson Hole Bike Park and Cache Creek Trails to the riding on Teton Pass and at Grand Targhee, the article captures the essence of the local riding. Author Kim Cross was a cross-country mountain biker looking to step into the world of downhill and she dove head first into the valley’s trail network. Beyond just riding the trails and learning about the downhill aspect of the sport, Kim delved into the history of downhill trails in the valley by covering the Teton Freedom Riders, the group responsible for the bulk of the trail system on Teton Pass.

The Jackson Hole Bike Park also landed itself on the cover of the magazine, and the cover and all photos were shot by local photographer, Jay Goodrich. Jay’s images immerse you in the culture of mountain biking, from the trailhead to the apres-ride beers and all of the great action in between. Because the images had us beside ourselves with excitement for biking season, we decided to sit down with Jay and ask him a few questions about what it was like to shoot the images featured in the article (not to mention the hundreds of other publish-worthy shots that were part of the process).

Pictured: May 2014 Cover of BIKE Magazine. Rider: Kyle Dowman Cover Photographer: Jay Goodrich

Road Biking in Grand Teton National Park | Spring in Jackson Hole

The inner loop of Grand Teton National Park has been plowed but is closed to vehicle traffic until May 1st, creating a perfect opportunity for some vehicle-free road biking, strolling or other non-motorized traffic to enjoy the sights. There couldn’t be a better time to dust off the bike and soak up some incredible views and look for wildlife.

We went out for an after-work cruise a few nights ago, enjoying some of the late light afforded by the longer days of spring. The Bradley-Taggart trailhead is a great place to park as the vehicle closure gate is adjacent to the parking lot.

Teton Freedom Riders | Bike Movie Premiere + Raffle

Deep snow may still be clinging to the higher elevations in the Tetons but warm days in the valley have mountain biking on our minds. The Teton Freedom Riders are hosting a benefit on Friday April 25th to get things kicked off for the season. If you’re unfamiliar with the Teton Freedom Riders, they are the force behind one of the most amazing mountain biking trail networks in the country (see this month’s BIKE Magazine for more of the story). The event will feature a screening of the latest Anthill Farms mountain bike movie, Arrival. and a huge raffle thanks to Hoback Sports. Doors open at the Pink Garter Theatre at 8 PM and the movie will begin at 9:30 PM, $10 at the door. More info plus the movie trailer:

Cody Downard Photography | Composition

Jackson Hole-based photographer Cody Downard lets us in on some pro-tips on one of the most important aspects of photography: composition.

Words: Cody Downard

-Photography is about being in the right place at the right time. Nothing is more frustrating than getting back to your computer to realize the photos of the beautiful sunrise you just witnessed don’t look very good.
-One of the most important aspects of photography is composition. If your image is full of distractions, your subject quickly fades away in the confusion. If your subject is placed in the wrong spot, the quality of the scene is greatly diminished.
-There are many other factors involved in photo composition, below are just a few to get you started.

Changing of the Seasons

Ryan Sheets - Jackson Hole - Sheets Studios - Skier Justin Mayers - Winter


Winter of 2014 is going to go down as a winter I will never forget!

Joanna and I met new friends, explored places we only dreamed of, skied more days than we ever had in one season…with aspirations to get even more days in next year!

It certainly didn’t hurt that we were welcomed to Jackson Hole by record amounts of snow and a mild winter that made just about everything you did outdoors enjoyable.

As with any great season…it’s time to reflect on our memories and get ready to make new ones.

Spring is here and with that comes a world of opportunity to explore new adventures!




Jax N Lance here to show a very special sneak peak at the ultimate regulars on the mountain here at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. But before we dive deep into that category can we take a moment to talk about what an epic season just wrapped up for JHMR? Here are a few stats we learned and beyond.

TOTAL SEASON SNOWFALL: 500 inches! 4th greatest snowfall in resort history

TOTAL GUEST COUNT: Approx 550k compared to an approx 500k the yerar before

TOTAL 2014 100 Club members: 138!!


2013/14 Jackson Hole Season Recap | Photos

2013/14 was a blur of season in Jackson Hole (although they all are) and we decided to take a look back at some of the more memorable days of the season.

The snow started falling in earnest in late October. This photo is from tram worker Mark Hannon who captured an absolutely gorgeous sunrise at the top of the tram on October 29th: