Don’t Miss Contour Music Festival! June 11-14 in Jackson, WY

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In this remote and rugged area of Wyoming, we are surprisingly privileged to a lot of quality live music. Surely not as many concerts as your average city, but enough to create the ideal balance of culture and outdoor adventure that is loved by locals and visitors alike. On the horizon is a perfect example of this balance and the promotional video speaks for itself on the fun times ahead in the Tetons:

Contour Music Festival, which takes place June 11th-14th in Jackson, WY, presents an amazing lineup of nationally touring, regional and local acts and the music is not contained in one venue like a lot of festivals. In fact, concerts are spread out across the town of Jackson with the main outdoor stage located at the base of Snow King Mountain, and special late night shows at classic local venues like the Pink Garter Theatre, Center for the Arts, the newly renovated Silver Dollar Bar, and the Town Square Tavern.

Check out the full schedule of artists and venues.

Tickets and more information.

Official Festival Playlist:

Here are some highlights you will surely not want to miss:

Main Stage:
The music starts at noon with Paranome followed by local electronic duo Head to Head. After this, you will not want to miss The Cave Singers. This high-energy indie rock band out of Seattle put on an amazing show to a small crowd at the Pink Garter Theatre in the summer of 2012. They are sure to get the party started outside at Snow King!

After the Cave Singers is a back-to-back tour de force of electronic music, including Emancipator and The Polish Ambassador, that carries the Festival into the evening.

Late Night Concerts:
Town Square Tavern – keep the dance party going with more live DJ music from Tiger Fresh, Sweater Beats and Sango.
Pink Garter Theatre – for a more full-band electronic experience featuring Cure for the Common, Late Night Radio and Papadosio.
Center for the Arts – Now this sounds interesting… Quixote – “Composer Anthony Magliano, along with an award-winning band…create music with instrumental foundations and diversity that is meant to inspire movement within the group’s other half; dancers, multimedia designers, and aerialists.”
Silver Dollar Bar – If you are looking to change things up and experience a local Honky Tonk dance floor, head on over to the Wort Hotel for the down home sounds of Country Hammer followed by One Ton Pig – the resident country/bluegrass band of the Silver Dollar Bar.

Main Stage:
The action heats up Saturday with local funk outfit Sneaky Pete and the Secret Weapons followed by Cure for the Common.
DO NOT MISS The Congress. This group out of Denver will blow you away with their take on American rock and roll – great songwriting and amazing vocals from lead singer Jonathan Meadows paired with the incredible guitar talent that is Scott Lane. These boys have been to Jackson Hole a few times in the last couple years and it is always a treat. Up next we have Roadkill Ghost Choir, Sage Francis, Autograf, and closing out the main stage for the second night of the festival is an amazing indie-progressive rock band out of Nashville you will want to see through until the end – Moon Taxi.
Late Night:
Town Square Tavern – get your Yacht rock on with “Home at Last: The Nth Power perform Steely Dan” followed by Orgone.
Pink Garter Theatre –  the dance party continues with DJ sets from PRSN, G Jones and Djemba Djemba
Silver Dollar Bar – Again, for the change of pace late night, head on over to the Wort Hotel for Country Hammer followed by Spirit Family Reunion (also performing main stage on Sunday).

Main Stage:
Sunday does not slow in pace at all with two of the most anticipated acts (Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires and Thievery Corporation) closing out the night.
The day opens with a funky set from Fort Knox 5 followed by the acoustic foot-stomping sounds of Spirit Family Reunion.

Religious or not, everyone will be testifying to Robert Collier’s Gospel Brunch Set with the sweet and soulful sounds of the pedal steel. Reva Devito Band and The Nth Power warm up the stage for two acts that may be the highlight of the festival weekend.

From the Daptone Records/Brooklyn scene we have the breathtaking Charles Bradley and his backing band bringing uptown funk and soul to the Tetons.

Here’s a taste:

To close out the festival weekend on the mainstage we have the internationally-acclaimed electronic duo Thievery Corporation. Their reputation and their records speak for themselves, you will want to save some energy for this set!

Late Night:
Town Square Tavern – “We want the funk!” If you are still chanting this on Sunday, head to TST for McTuff and The New Mastersounds.
Pink Garter Theatre – Dancing feet still moving? Head to the Pink Garter for an electronic throw down featuring Shaprece, Deltron 3030 and Mike Thunder.
Center for the Arts – DJ sets by El Papa Chango, Barisone and The Librarian.

Well there you have it folks. A new, unique and exciting music festival based in one of the most gorgeous areas of the country. Pack your car, book your flight, find a place to stay, whatever you have to do to get to Jackson in June. Be sure to get your tickets in advance and upgrade to the “All Night Long Pass” so you don’t miss a beat!

For tickets, full schedule, area and lodging information visit:


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Vertical Harvest Needs Your Help!

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We have an amazing update from Vertical Horizon–They have been selected to compete for the State Farm Neighborhood Assist Grant! Over 4,000 organizations across the United States apply for this grant and this year only 200 were chosen to compete. This grant is $25,000 and would be a HUGE boost for Vertical Harvest as well as the great Jackson community.

Vertical Harvest has made it this far in the grant process, but now it’s up to us…..All we need to do is VOTE. It’s easy and can be done up to 10 times a day. Cast your vote here and SPREAD THE WORD– Let’s positively impact our community with the click of a button!


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Come See Jackson Hole in Australia!

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Jackson Hole is proud to have a strong contingent of skiers and snowboarders visit us from Australia every year and we will be visiting our friends in Australia during the month of May. We’d love for you to come say hello and chat about skiing and riding with you.

We celebrated Australia Day in a big way this year in Jackson Hole with free beer, meat pies, sausage rolls, vegemite toast and lots of Aussie cheer. We are planning on doing it even bigger for 2016 and will be handing out special edition Jackson Hole/Australia Day 2016 stickers to help you mark the occasion on your calendar.


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Jackson Hole Celebrates Earth Day

Elk Grand Teton 1
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It’s Earth Day, an important day recognized worldwide, and a day when environmental actions and preservation are brought to the forefront of conversations and celebrations.  Operating in the greater Yellowstone Eco System, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR) takes their environmental commitment seriously, so this year we are particularly happy to share news that JHMR achieved and exceeded the environmental goals and initiatives set five years ago.

Elk Grand Teton 1 (more…)

Share the stoke!Share on FacebookShare on Google+Tweet about this on TwitterEmail this to someone has been nominated for the “Internet’s Highest Honor”

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They say you will always remember the truly amazing moments in your life – the birth of a child, your first tram ride, your first powder day – these are good examples.  At Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, we recently received exciting news that will stick with us like a fond memory of dropping into Corbet’s for the first time. We are proud to announce that the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences has nominated the new for a Webby Award.

We were humbled to be nominated as one of the five best corporate communication websites by the I.A.D.A.S.  Our goal for the new site was not to win awards, however. Our goal was to create a user-friendly site that provides our guests with all the information they need to connect with our brand, find real-time mountain updates, news and conditions reports. We also built as a one-stop resource for trip planning and booking. The only recognition we hoped for when designing a new site is overhearing a satisfied user talking about the site in the tram or on a chair lift.


But since we are in the running, let’s take a look at what this nomination means. As The New York Times once wrote, the Webby’s represent “The Internet’s Highest Honor.”  Voted on by the members of the I.A.D.A.S. (whose members include the likes of David Bowie, Kevin Spacey, Vint Cerf, Arianna Huffington and Harvey Weinstein), the Webby Awards seek to reward excellence on the internet. has been nominated as one of 5 websites in the Best Corporate Communications Website category.  This enters into the running for the Webby Award, as well as the People’s Voice Award for this category.  Naturally, we are honored to be considered at all, but with your help, we hope to do well in the People’s Voice voting.  This would signify that the work we put into designing the new site has paid off, as we went to great lengths to design the site with our guest’s needs in mind.

We encourage anyone who has used our site and found the information to be useful and the photo, video and blog content entertaining to vote for  Voting concludes on 4/23/15 so don’t delay!  

Thank you for your support, feedback and continued use of  We continue to strive to deliver the best digital experience for our loyal guests and fans.

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Tater goes Skiing

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It’s Tater’s second week in Jackson Hole and while he still looks like a tiny puppy he is growing up fast. Last week, Tater played in snow for the first time. This week, Sir Tater Tot of the Tetons was introduced to skiing.
Teaching a puppy to be a rescue dog is a lot of work. Tater’s owner and JHMR Ski Patroller, Bob, is excited about the challenge.
Puppies are notoriously curious and ready to adapt. Before all the snow melts, Bob wanted to familiarize Tater with skis and all of the equipment. Here he is checking out skins for the first time.
Bob and Tater have already established an amazing bond. At just nine weeks old, Tater is practically potty trained and loyally follows Bob everywhere.
Here is Tater’s game face. Distinguished, serious and ready to serve.
After an hour on Teton Pass, Tater is worn out and it’s back to the Jeep for a little food and a nap. For more Tater photo updates follow @jacksonhole on Instagram where he is often featured.


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Meet Tater, our Newest Puppy in Jackson Hole

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Jackson Hole has a new puppy, and he is a potential candidate training as a avalanche rescue dog for the Jackson Hole Ski Patrol. Tater is an 8-week-old Golden Retriever that just showed up in Jackson two days ago. His full name is, Sir Tater Tot of the Tetons. Here he is experiencing snow for the first time.
Becoming a certified avalanche dog takes years of training and the right dog. Tater definitely has a disposition to learn, plus who wouldn’t want to be found by something this cute?
Tater’s owner, Bob, is a veteran ski patrolled, and Bob is learning along with Tater to become an avalanche dog handler. Tater’s mom was 50 pounds and dad weighed in at 60 pounds. It’s advantageous for an avalanche dog to not be too large in stature for many reasons. Here Bob demonstrates one of the ways to transport an avalanche dog while skiing.

As a puppy Bob and Tater are working on creating a strong bond. In two days, Tater already comes to Bob’s call. He’s especially zealous and comes running.
He can even corner on his first day on snow.
Almost there.
Good boy!
Check back to for updates on Tater growing up in Jackson Hole.


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Behind the Cameras: The True Story of Biff Huckneck and Todd McSpraffy

biff and todd 1
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Brad and Angelina. Bert and Ernie. George W and Dick Cheney.  The Narwhal and Beluga Whale.  All important pairs, but recent viral cameos have made it clear that 2015’s most relevant duo is Biff Huckneck and Todd McScpraffy.  Who am I talking about? Haven’t you heard? Legendary ski reporters Biff and Todd are taking the media landscape by storm and only leave laughter and (oddly) glitter in their wake. We’ve seen their reporting capabilities in Corbet’s Couloir and most recently The Wiggle, but how did they get here?  Where have they been? Where are they going?  I did some investigative work to better understand the enigmas that are Biff Huckneck and Todd McSpraffy.  Hold on to your hats folks, this ride could get bumpy.

biff and todd 1

Let’s start with Biff.  Some know him as legendary skier, epic POV filmer, and JHMR Athlete, Andrew Whiteford.  I want to dig deeper than that.  Let’s talk about his inner-reporter Biff Huckneck, who was born inside a literal gondola in the literal Swiss Alps.  Biff started skiing at the age of 2 and showed star-potential from the start, holding a pole with a Go-Pro in one hand and a microphone in the other. Some of you are thinking–Shellie, there’s no way he had a Go-Pro back then.  Au contraire my friends, which is French for “You’re wrong, Dude.”  Biff was always ahead of his time.

biff and todd 2

Biff attended high school in Tokyo, where he learned the art of origami and perfectly groomed facial hair.  Upon graduating Summa Cum Laude, Biff attended The Pratt School of Design in New York–This is where the magic starts.  Biff hauled his Ralph Lauren sheet set up the stairs to his new dorm room, opened up the door, and laid eyes upon his new roommate and future career partner, Todd McSpraffy (insert sparks and click play below to enhance this story).

Let’s take a moment to talk about Todd.  Many know him as fearless skier, fashion guru and art expert Patrick Kelley.  But that’s just the beginning of who he truly is.  Todd McSpraffy was born in the Alaskan wilderness, where he was raised by a sophisticated wolf pack that taught him the art of well-timed humor, ice sculpting, and a well-executed Daffy.  From a young age, Todd knew that he was different from the rest of the pack, as he preferred filet mignon to raw elk and always wore his best suit for après-ski.   At the age of 18, Todd decided to challenge himself and interned at Chanel in Paris while he applied to fashion schools.  On the weekends, he sampled a variety of ski resorts until the fated day he received his acceptance letter to the Pratt School of Design.

Again, queue sparks and “Africa” by Toto.

biff and todd 5

Biff and Todd were friends from the start and both earned degrees from The Pratt School of Design, followed by a Masters of Journalism at Columbia.  However, something was missing and they weren’t sure how to fix it.  Until one day, they were drinking chilled Zimas by a ski jump at Suicide Six Ski Resort and fellow onlookers didn’t understand any of the action.  Luckily, both Biff and Todd had microphones and started commentating and fraternizing with the skiers, which resulted in a fanbase that grew exponentially.  Soon after, their presence was requested at all sorts of ski events due to their thorough understanding of the sport, unparalleled humor, and elevated fashion sense.  Finally, they had found their calling.

Most recently, Todd and Biff have signed on as the head commentators for the Winter Olympics, World Championships, and X-Games, but have been freelancing for the past 6 months at small family reunions in Miami.  This year, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort managed to negotiate a huge contract for an undisclosed amount (lift tickets, Bud Light and an occasional piece of Hawaiian pizza–They have yet to find an official fashion sponsor) with Biff and Todd, which means that The Corbet’s Couloir and The Wiggle videos are just the beginning of their journalistic endeavors in Jackson.   Thank you Biff and Todd for all that you do.
Check out B and T’s video journalism below




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Jackson Hole 50th Anniversary : Events & Artwork Announced

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Over its nearly 50-year history, Jackson Hole in Teton Village has evolved from a one-horse, hulking, Wyoming outpost with a bad arse aerial tramway, to world-class adventure destination increasingly sought after by the most discerning travelers. But the presiding spirit throughout these five decades remains bold and wild, establishing the ideal, authentic playground for those who dare to live the ski dream. In a class all its own, this gem of a giant has loads of reasons to celebrate.

With the closing weekend of the 2014-2015 ski season approaching, JHMR will more officially roll out the big old birthday party spirit in anticipation of the winter of 2015-2016 – its 50th winter season.

While most of you know the Teton Lift is coming to a Crags area in December 2015, here’s a little glimpse of what’s on deck for our most exciting year yet.


Cody Peak’s big-line-bagging legend and local celebrated artist Mike Tierney has been selected as the chosen artist to represent the 5oth with his work “The Wildest Mountain Alive.”




More “Born To Be Wild” video installments will be dropping on YouTube via the continual collaboration between TGR and JHMR Producers. Together they will present on the Town Square for the “Born to be Wild” free premiere on September 24, 2015.

To keep up to date on our 50th webisode series and more information, visit our 50th Anniversary page:


Some of you may have sampled the gourmet goods at the all-new Off Piste Market – cheese boxes anyone? Well, for skiers looking to hunker down a little harder into a cozy banquette or perhaps belly up to a bar (besides Couloir), the Rendezvous lodge located at the top of the Bridger Gondola will be welcoming skier/riders/diners next winter as the brand new Piste Mountain Bistro.

On or off Piste? Take your Pick!

80s: ….well, 60s, 70s & 90s too:

Powder 8’s. Need we say more? The jewel of the crown of this jubilee will be taking place on Cody Peak February 5-7, 2016 for the Throwback Reunion weekend. Time to start practicing those. The old-schoolers will surely be coming out of the woodwork to style it.



Yep, it’ll be back and bigger than ever. March 17-19, 2016.

P.S. This cheeky cheat sheet was cribbed from the following more official press release below:


Jackson Hole 50th Anniversary: Announcing Events Line Up and Original Artwork by Mike Tierney

(March 31, 2015 – Teton Village, WY) Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (JHMR) is pleased to announce an exciting line up of great events and original artwork to kick off the celebration of the 50th anniversary winter season (2015/2016). The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort’s 50th Anniversary celebration will focus on dynamic storytelling, inspiring an interactive and emotive experience for guests and fans of the brand throughout the fall and winter seasons. The celebration will focus on Jackson Hole’s boldness of spirit and in doing so highlight a 50-year journey that has remained true to its founding character: bold, authentic, with an independent spirit that to the present day sets it apart in the ski industry.

To create a visual centerpiece around the 50th celebration, an art committee made up of Resort employees, partnered with Jackson Hole Public Art (JHPA) to commission local artists to create an original work of art that would be the symbolic representation of the Jackson Hole spirit.

A creative brief was sent to six local artists, and “asked artists to encapsulate multiple aspects of the mission of the 50th anniversary and communicate the legacy of adventure, which continues to challenge those who come to explore and experience all the mountain has to offer,” stated Connie Kemmerer, Owner of JHMR and member of the 50thanniversary art committee. “Artists were asked to embrace the wild and rugged beauty of the terrain and celebrate the way of life and abounding recreational opportunities. They had to convey a sense of involvement, inspire courage and tenacity and show that success can be achieved if chances are taken and perseverance employed,” Kemmerer added.

It is with great honor that local artist Mike Tierney’s “The Wildest Mountain Alive” was picked as the winning piece of art.

In the artist’s own words, “I picked world-renowned Corbet’s and S+S couloirs with the Aerial Tram as they have been there as part of our mountain’s allure and heritage since day one. They are the guardians to the top of our mountain. They patiently wait, ready to receive all skiers and riders who dare to enter. How better to symbolize this than with the Bronc rider image we cherish so much here in Wyoming. It is a powerful symbol of “the wild spirit”, and yet it is so graceful. The way this shape laid right into these couloirs was perfect.” Tierney went on to comment about the iconic tram, “In the past 50 years this machine has seen it all, and it has loved bringing every last person to the top of this incredible mountain. So many people! Thanks Tram, so much love!”

Alongside the original art, the 50th Anniversary will also feature a line-up of festive events starting this fall. The Resort will hold its first event in the Town of Jackson on Thursday, September 24th with a free outdoor premier of the film “Born to be Wild.” Produced in collaboration with Teton Gravity Research (TGR), the film will showcase the colorful history of Jackson Hole’s people, terrain, and culture over the last 50 years. The first two Webisodes of the series have been released, and four more will drop this fall.

Throughout the 2015-16 winter season there will be exciting events for guests and locals to enjoy. The grand opening of the new Teton Lift is scheduled for December 19th along with a celebratory gala, fireworks, live music and more. The party continues when JHMR hosts a throwback reunion weekend, February 5th-7th. The famous Powder 8’s Contest will make a return, as well as reunions for past employees of the Resort. And to carry the celebration into the spring, the 3rd Annual Rendezvous Festival on March 17 -20, 2016 will be bigger and better than ever before.

“In developing our approach to the 50th Anniversary, our goal is to celebrate the wild and authentic experience that is unique to Jackson Hole. We also want to offer our guests and the Jackson Hole community opportunities to engage and share in the celebration,” stated Jerry Blann, President of JHMR. “Look for exciting new pass and lift ticket products, interactive digital contests, and more rolling out over the next few months,” Blann went on to note.


50th Anniversary Winter 2015-16

Over its nearly 50 year history Jackson Hole has evolved, but the spirit remains bold and wild, as the last true bastion for all those who dare to live this dream. JHMR was kick-started in the early 1960’s by the passionate dream of its founders, Paul McCollister and Alex Morley. From humble and rugged beginnings, this dream was fully realized decades later with the ingenuity of a family with historic ties to the Cowboy State. In their tenure of ownership since 1992, the Kemmerer family has invested greatly in the prosperity of Jackson Hole and the state of Wyoming. With vast improvements to operations, lifts and infrastructure, they have ushered JHMR into its present-day luster and world-wide iconic status as “The Big One.” Next winter, JHMR is celebrating that “Born to Be Wild” spirit all season long with events, a video web series produced by TGR, and  ‘The Crags’ will undergo a transformation with the construction and December 2015 opening of the brand new Teton Lift. This new high-speed quad lift will carry skiers and riders 1,600 vertical feet to an area that has previously only been accessible via hiking.|Twitter @jhski |Instagram @jacksonhole #jacksonhole #jhdreaming #jh50


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100 Club

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Congratulations to the Jackson Hole passholders who skied or are projected to ski 100 days of the ’14/’15 winter season!  Those who make it to 100 days are invited for a celebratory breakfast at Couloir at the top of the Gondola on Saturday, April 4th.  The gondola will load at 8:30 and all 100 clubbers are asked to bring their pass!

There will be an official list posted at the end of the season.  Stay tuned!


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