Hike to the Hot Springs

Last week we had our friends from Milwaukee in town to check out where in the wild west we’ve moved to!
Ryan Sheets - Jackson Hole - Snowshowing to Huckleberry Hot Springs - Wyoming - Sam and Justin


There are so many fun winter activities to explore in Jackson. Our itinerary was definitely full between skiing, sleigh riding, snowshoeing, and hootinanying, but there was one thing that we were all super pumped to check out…the hot spring!


POWDER ALERT – #groundhogpowderday Continues at JHMR


Howdy, #jaxnlance here for a straight up powder post! I mean, we have to throw down at least one post full of pow stoke. Oh and did we mention these were all taken in the past 10 days? Conditions are straight up EPIC! I am writing this with a JH tapped report that just came through of 11 new inches since lifts closed with that bringing it to a whopping new total of 435 inches for the season and a 135″ snow depth (man, I need to type really fast and hit the slopes!) Here is our powder day low down…


Fat Biking in Jackson Hole

Words: Kendall McCune
It’s hard to deny that for winter activities in Jackson Hole, skiing is king… but why does that mean we have to forget about our favorite summer activities? A few weeks ago, I discovered firsthand that my high pressure day dreams of being on my bike don’t have to remain that way. Meet: the fat bike (you may have heard it called a snow bike; but you can actually ride it during all four seasons!):
Fat Bikes Blog Wide Tire Shot 2



Jax n’ Lance here for a weekly dose of adventure. First things first, can you believe the ridiculous amount of snow we have been getting?!? Call me a broken record or call it groundhog day, yet 44 inches since the 28th? Blasting through records, and literally dropping snow more days than I can keep track of. And I am pretty sure the tram can’t even believe the powder blowing in its way… #blessed. If you don’t live here and were tossing the idea around of a visit, here is a teaser…


Powder aside, or when you have had enough powder days #isthatevenpossible, this week we thought we would throw another dose of winter adventure your way.


Skiing with the Steep & Deep Adaptive Camp

I got to ski with the Steep & Deep Adaptive camp last winter and have been looking forward to the chance to do it again ever since. Not only do these guys have a blast on the hill, but they absolutely shred and the energy is contagious. Campers come back year after year and it’s easy to see why.

Last Friday morning 7″ greeted our crew and we started the day by heading up the tram.  Odie is a camper but lives in the valley and knows the drill. He rides at JHMR often.

Mike is geared up and ready to shred the 7 fresh inches that awaited in Rendezvous Bowl. To say there was a lot of hooting and hollering on that first run would be an understatement.


By the Numbers | February aka “Storm-ruary”

Jackson Hole hasn’t seen a February with more snow since 1986.  February has been the second snowiest on record, with well over 11 feet falling (140″ to be exact).  Since the snow globe got shaken up on 1/27, there have only been three days without measurable snowfall.  Mother nature isn’t calling it quits either, with a Winter Storm Warning through Sunday morning forecasting big snow in the Tetons and fat flakes currently falling.  Join us in taking a look back at a truly incredible month of riding powder.

The cycle of snow kicked off in earnest with 19″ on 1/30 & 1/31, but we’re just talking about February. After the strong finish to January, we saw a few inches on each of the first two days of February. Here on February 2nd, Jess McMillan starts the month off right with fresh snow and pillows (which have probably long since been buried).

Bluebird Powder Day with the Jackson Hole Backcountry Guides

As it currently stands this has been the second snowiest February on record and bluebird skies have been rare. This morning was an exception to “Stormuary” and skies dawned blue. The Jackson Hole Backcountry Guides headed out to nearby Cody Peak to take advantage of the sunshine and deep snow.

Head guide Dave Miller leads the way.

A Sneaky Situation that Drops Almost Two Feet of Powder

This February has been nicknamed Stormuary by some of the locals in Jackson Hole. Storms keep rolling in one after another. The weather has been unrelenting, dropping copious amounts of powder practically every day.

After three weeks of snow, to top it off, on February 23rd, we received 19” in 24 hours with 15” falling after the lifts closed. To say it was deep was an understatement.  Local meteorologist, Jim Woodmency is the most widely respected snow forecaster in the valley, but this storm had him scratching his head for explanations. After thinking about it, this was his analysis of the “sneaky situation” that caused the deepest day of the year. With photos from the day of course.