Off Piste Market at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

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There’s been a hip little new market at the top of the gondola at Jackson Hole this winter. In its first season of operation, the all-new Off-Piste Market presents a new approach to on-mountain dining rounding out the options for getting a snack or something more during a break from the slopes. The fresh, modern market packed with pick-up items presents culinary twists from house-made classics like turnovers to new takes on fueling up including curiosities like a Nosh Box.

Some menu items include Sicilian Style Pizza offering cheese, pecorino anyone? Herbavore- spinach for power and carnivore with mortadella, proscuitto and salumi of course.
While pizza is perhaps more standard ski fare, patrons may wonder- what the heck is a nosh box? Well according to the helpful and snazzy looking signage en marche, they are:
‘A savory assortment of flavors.
Each delicious on its own, but combined, a lunch worth writing home about. 
Seriously, get a pen. ‘
photo 3
Well, while pens are a little dated- this ultra-modern setup presents casual dining with a place to power up, not your pen necessarily, but certainly your smartphone. This is 2015 after all, so the resort is giving the skiers what they need. And what more could one want at 9, xxx feet? Maybe a big sister restaurant coming for the 50th anniversary winter of 2015-2016. For those who prefer to remain On Piste rather than off, there’s an option slated for next ski season. Piste Mountain Bistro will present a more causal atmosphere than big brother upstairs Couloir. Instead it will offer a cozy 120-seat bistro atmosphere and food to match for lunch and dinner, rather than a set menu (an experience in and of itself atop the building) for a more relaxed on-mountain dining experience.
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