Celebrating the Kids Ranch Season with the “Porcupines”

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Words: Kim Billimoria
I can’t believe Ski School has already come to an end! My kids, ages 5 and 8, had a great experience with the Saturday program this year and my husband and I took full advantage of the opportunity for some ski dates on Saturdays.

My daughter’s group of 5 girls chose the name “The Porcupines” at the beginning of the season. This past Friday night, the Porcupines and their parents, together with their coach Jen Woods, gathered for pizza and cupcakes (ok, there was some fruit too) and costume-making. Jen has been all about team-building and leadership skills in addition to skiing, and it has been great to see this group of girls support each other.

A dress-up parade is the JHMR tradition for the last day of ski school. One of the crafty moms of the group (definitely not me) had the creative vision for Porcupine costumes. Wielding a glue gun was actually really fun and as you’ll see from the photos, the girls were psyched with the results. To top it off, the Porcupines got to lead the costume parade down Antelope Flats. Parents who didn’t want or weren’t able to ride the lift up were offered a snowmobile ride to watch the parade.

After the parade, I skied a few runs with my 8-year old son’s group. The group was obviously having so much fun together –charging hard, chanting in unison at their favorite spots – jump rock, pee rock (don’t ask) – and learning new skills. The coach, Will Pasquil aka Silly Willy, had encouraging words for each boy at the end of the day – highlighting something they had excelled at.

Skiing with kids is a lot of fun but also a lot of work – kudos to all the amazing coaches. As a parent, sometimes it felt like a lot of work just getting my kids to ski school on time. Check out the courtesy sleds – one more small way that JHMR has made it just a little easier for families to get out and enjoy a day of skiing.

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