JH Sports | Tuning Those Brand New Skis

Words: Rick Wilson, 20-year JH Sports Veteran and Repair Shop Manager

Well here we are at the time of the season when we can safely shelve the rock skis and bust out this season’s new sticks. But before you do you should know that brand new skis do not come from the factory ready to ski. They look pretty and shiny, but the factory tune usually leaves a bit to be desired.

The term “factory tune” and the belief that this is the best your skis will ever be dates back decades to a time when only factories had stone grinders. Most ski shops had only belt grinders or hand “rillers” which could not match the gliding properties of a stone ground finish.

These days we have state of the art tuning machines that can custom grind to local conditions, which coupled with proper hot waxing will give skis their maximum glide potential. We also have precision edge shaping capabilities that far supercede the attention given to a production-line ski.

So before you have your new skis mounted talk to your ski tech and ask about the new ski prep. This attention to detail will provide you with a ski that is predictable and easier to maintain, enhancing your overall ski experience.