Jax n’ Lance bringing on the JH stoke!

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STOKED TO BE BACK…That’s an understatement!

Howdy Folks! It is Jax  n’ Lance here and we are back in Jackson! For those meeting us for the first time, we are two adventure seekers that spend our Summer’s nestled in Hood River, OR and are stoked to spend our 4th for me and 7th for Lance winter season shredding in the mighty Tetons. Here is a snapshot of our other posts…

JAXLANCE_JW_084Our wedding at the top of the Tram on Spring Equinox, 2014, Photo courtesy of Julie Weinberger

We are entrepreneurs (Koudele Photography, MARiASH MARKETiNG, and Stoked Roasters+Coffeehouse), adventure partners, husband and wife, and best friends who have a passion for skiing and living life to its fullest. We believe that if you dream it, you can do it. We are excited to share many tales this season of a slew of characters over the past 50 years that have made Jackson Hole Mountain Resort the special place that it is today. We will also continue to share our tales of skipping out on the traditional lifestyle of corporate America, starting three businesses and finding a way to experience the magic of the Tetons every day while keeping all of our businesses afloat.

_B0A7499Jax in the guided side country, Rock Springs

On that note, there are those times that business takes a weighted precedence on the home front and we must skip a winter here in Jackson. Boy was that hard! For the first time in 19 years for Lance, he spent a winter home with the intent to storm chase. It was grey, rainy, gloomy and windy- not en epic winter for that in the Pac NW but enough about that experience eh! It made us appreciate being back here in the Tetons that much more. With that said, we thought we would share a little bit on our journey in the past 1.5 years to jump to where we are today.

In the absence of Jackson, our travels for work and pleasure took us to Kauai, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Greenland, Canada, Chile and both coasts  across the United States. We both get a great deal of fulfillment out of meeting all of the different people in this World and are feel lucky to dip into their way of life.

Greenland-1Powderbird Greenland, 2015 in SermersuutTravel Shot-1Airport travel through to Powderbird Greenland, Kangerlussuaq Greenland2-1Jax in Powderbird Greenland, Sermersuut_B0A7801Atacama Desert, Chile near Vulcan Licancabur

Lance was extremely busy from the day we left Jackson in 2014 . His photography business has been very successful in both action sports and fashion/lifestyle and he is happy to keep living his dream of capturing each moment exploring  the globe and inspiring others to do the same.

_B0A9938I left Jackson the day after the 2014 ski season closed to jump in full force to opening my dream business Stoked Roasters + Coffeehouse located right on the waterfront in Hood River, OR. The business has taken off and now has a mix of 33+ retailers and counting as well as a booming tasting room. Folks are loving the coffee. I am stoked (no pun intended) to launch a mobile marketing and sales program this Spring to bring the stoke of premium coffee right to adventure seekers in their element.

_B0A6152In addition, for keeping my mind at ease when it starts buzzing from running two businesses, I re-ignited my love and passion for jumping into trail running full force. And not just a few miles, but instead for the ultra marathon distances. In 12 months, I won a hilly marathon in 3:09 and raced in 8 ultra marathons of which I was top 4 in 7 of them. My debut race was the Silver Falls 50k scoring 2nd place. Some other highlights included the world renown 4 deserts Atacama Crossing in Chile (taking 2nd female, 14th overall), Mt. hood 50 miler (2nd female), Smith Rock Ascent (2nd female), Flagline 50k (2nd female), and the Javalina Jundred 100 miler just 3 weeks after the Atacama Crossing coming in 4th female. I love the trails and hope to take that experience into skimo racing this winter in my debut. Thanks to Chris Kroger for his help showing me the ropes on training and other secrets. I am also very stoked to have a ski sponsor and represent Voile Skis.

_B0A6395Atacama Crossing 2015, 2nd female, 14th overall_B0A7405Atacama Desert, Post race in Death Valley

Just as with anything, I am going in full force and racing 7 races in the USSMA National series. Sandwiched within is a half marathon at the NYC Half. This next season I just need one more race to automatically qualify (due to my trail ranking) for the full UTMB in Chamonix which is a dream of mine. The full one is the most competitive and it consists of a 166k race around Monte Blanc with roughly 9,600 meters of elevation gain.

Loki (our now 2.5-year-old Swiss Shepherd) is also doing fabulous and up to tagging along for many adventures with us. He is so stoked to be back in the snow and enjoying the fact that I am training so much so he can join in. He is the ultimate training partner.

_B0A9210Loki in his element on a ski tour_B0A9142Loki Koudele, in bliss doing what he loves most.

So here we go on another adventure this year nestled in Wilson, WY. where ski-mo training, running, and of course most importantly skiing will take place…

Dave Villemure, Deep in it.

_B0A2877Josh Mandel, Jackson Hole_B0A2788Jason Elms, Alta Chutes

_B0A2682Rob Aseltine, Deep in Jackson Hole

Additionally, we cannot wait to hit up our favorite spots for Après including the Mangy Moose, The General Store and The Spur.

_B0A2050General store. Hot spot for a cold one after a ski from bell to bell.

Of course, we just cannot wait for many powder days!

Blaine Gallivan chest Deep in cowboy powder

And as always, Lance always enjoys many moments shooting his friends and athletes Blaine Gallivan, Owen Leeper, and Colter Hinchliffe and many more…

Colter Hinchliffe, Jackson Hole

Owen Leeper, SnS Couloir, Jackson Hole

BlaineSHot-1Blaine Gallivan, Jackson Hole Terrain Park.

We are so blessed for the Tetons and cannot wait to share many tales with you of our 20th and 4th winters enjoying skiing daily and sharing tales new and old of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in celebration of it’s 50th year as we go.


Signing off,


Photos: Lance Koudele | Writing: Jax Koudele


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