Jacksonhole.com has been nominated for the “Internet’s Highest Honor”

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They say you will always remember the truly amazing moments in your life – the birth of a child, your first tram ride, your first powder day – these are good examples.  At Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, we recently received exciting news that will stick with us like a fond memory of dropping into Corbet’s for the first time. We are proud to announce that the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences has nominated the new jacksonhole.com for a Webby Award.

We were humbled to be nominated as one of the five best corporate communication websites by the I.A.D.A.S.  Our goal for the new site was not to win awards, however. Our goal was to create a user-friendly site that provides our guests with all the information they need to connect with our brand, find real-time mountain updates, news and conditions reports. We also built jacksonhole.com as a one-stop resource for trip planning and booking. The only recognition we hoped for when designing a new site is overhearing a satisfied user talking about the site in the tram or on a chair lift.


But since we are in the running, let’s take a look at what this nomination means. As The New York Times once wrote, the Webby’s represent “The Internet’s Highest Honor.”  Voted on by the members of the I.A.D.A.S. (whose members include the likes of David Bowie, Kevin Spacey, Vint Cerf, Arianna Huffington and Harvey Weinstein), the Webby Awards seek to reward excellence on the internet.  Jacksonhole.com has been nominated as one of 5 websites in the Best Corporate Communications Website category.  This enters jacksonhole.com into the running for the Webby Award, as well as the People’s Voice Award for this category.  Naturally, we are honored to be considered at all, but with your help, we hope to do well in the People’s Voice voting.  This would signify that the work we put into designing the new site has paid off, as we went to great lengths to design the site with our guest’s needs in mind.

We encourage anyone who has used our site and found the information to be useful and the photo, video and blog content entertaining to vote for jacksonhole.com.  Voting concludes on 4/23/15 so don’t delay!  

Thank you for your support, feedback and continued use of jacksonhole.com.  We continue to strive to deliver the best digital experience for our loyal guests and fans.

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