Jackson Hole Hikes | The “Wildflower” Trail

“Wildflower” is a gorgeous new trail that links the Lower Faces trails from the bottom of the mountain all the way up to Casper. Great views of the valley, aerial tram, gondola and wildflowers can be soaked in to the fullest, as our trail crew has put in a number of benches at several scenic points. There is even a picnic table that offers up shade and one of the best views around.

After leaving the Lower Faces loop, the trail climbs across what is the Slalom trail in the winter, affording great views at every turn.

There is a bench with great shade and an incredible valley/aerial tram view at one of the switchbacks.

There are plenty more benches along the way as well as a great picnic table. After this section you head towards the Gondola, and there are some beautiful Wildflowers to be seen right under the Gondola.

Once you hit the base of the Casper chair you’re at your turnaround point, and can head back down to the valley floor. See the map below for a very rough idea of the course of the trail in dark blue. This line has been added to the official trail map below but please take it as just an idea of the course of the trail as it’s a very approximate estimate. You can expect this trail to be a 2 hour round trip (much quicker if you’re hiking fast, or slower if you’re going at a leisurely pace).