Jackson Hole Babe Force | Women’s Ski Day on Saturday

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Words: JH Athlete Crystal Wright

There is no doubt that Jackson Hole’s female athletes can ski with the best of the boys, but it doesn’t mean they always want to. Growing up in Jackson I was inspired by the camaraderie of the infamous Jackson Hole Air Force – skiing’s biggest underground fraternity, it’s members being described as always “in pursuit of the elusive goal of perfect skiing.”  In recent years there has been a noticeable influx of lady rippers onto Jackson’s previously male-dominated slopes,  and I joined up with a few of my skier-girl friends to establish the Jackson Hole Babe Force (JHBF). As founders of the Babe Force we are hoping to gather the female skiers and snowboarders of Jackson Hole together in an effort to provide support for all generations of women in the ski world, regardless of ability and experience level.

The mission of the Jackson Hole Babe Force is simple: to encourage female skiers and snowboarders to push her limits, gain confidence, and support each other, all while building relationships with other like-minded women who are down to get buck wild in the mountains! Earning the Babe Force patch means that you’ve assisted with promoting this mission statement through one of the following ways:

1.Facing your fears– doing something that is challenging and significant to your skill ability.
2. Progression session– taking someone somewhere new, teaching her, or helping her with a goal.
3. Inspiring epic– having an extreme adventure while maintaining integrity, safety and good conduct.

The Jackson Hole Babe Force invites all lady skiers and riders to meet at the base of the Bridger Gondola 1 PM this Saturday, December 14th to kick off some fun skiing and riding with myself, Lynsey Dyer, Pip Hunt, Kaki Orr, Dawn Meckem and teen ripper Elsa Smith, along with other ripping JHBF crew and SheJumpers!  Be on the tram by 2:00 to be ready to join Lynsey Dyer who will be orchestrating a shot for the movie Pretty Faces with all women available. Participants will need to be ready for the shot up top at 2:30- the more ladies the better. Please remember film production requires good humor and patience!

The day on hill will end at 4PM where we will grab some après and see a sneak peak of Pretty Faces at the Mangy Moose. An amazing day for all Women with K2 Ski AlliancePretty Faces, Unicorn picnicSheJumps.org and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort!

Crystal shreds underneath the Sublette Chair at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

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