Hike to the Hot Springs

Last week we had our friends from Milwaukee in town to check out where in the wild west we’ve moved to!
Ryan Sheets - Jackson Hole - Snowshowing to Huckleberry Hot Springs - Wyoming - Sam and Justin


There are so many fun winter activities to explore in Jackson. Our itinerary was definitely full between skiing, sleigh riding, snowshoeing, and hootinanying, but there was one thing that we were all super pumped to check out…the hot spring!

We’ve been hearing about Huckleberry Hot Springs for months now and figured it was time to see what everyone was talking about. It is a great day adventure and not only do you get a little exercise in, but you get a hot spring soak once you reach your destination!


Ryan Sheets - Jackson Hole - Snowshowing to Huckleberry Hot Springs - Wyoming - Landscape


The scenery was beautiful during our hike to the springs. We had big snowflakes coming down on our hike in and while we soaked in the springs and got some warm sunshine when we trekked back. It was perfect.


We followed the trail in through the woods, but as you get further in you basically follow a lovely little creek. You’ll know you are getting close when the stream starts steaming. You’ll trek up over a little embankment and boom. Hot springs ahead.


Ryan Sheets - Jackson Hole - Snowshowing to Huckleberry Hot Springs - Wyoming

Hopping in the spring felt so good! We were surprised by how hot it actually was, definitely competed with hot tub temperature.


The hardest part was getting out and trying not to get too muddy. We used our snowshoes as stepping stones. Ha!


There was a decent amount of snow when we hiked in, so snowshoes were a must. We also brought packs filled with towels to dry off with after our soak. For our next trip we’ll definitely bring a plastic bag to put wet and semi muddy towels back into.


Ryan Sheets - Jackson Hole - Joanna and Ryan enjoying Huckleberry Hot Springs - Wyoming


Enough talking all about it…you probably want to know how to get there!


In order to get there you head north from Jackson Hole and through Grand Teton National Park and head towards Yellowstone National Park.  As soon as you leave the Tetons you enter into Rockefeller Jr. Memorial Parkway; you continue on this until you see Flagg Ranch.


Take a left at Flagg Ranch and park in the parking lot at the lodge.  (Don’t forget to check out the lodge…great place to grab a snack!)  http://www.gtlc.com/headwaters-lodge.aspx


On the north west part of the parking lot you walk past a do not enter sign (For cars) and head down the road.  When you get towards the end of the road you take a right at the stop sign…on your left you should see a well hiked trail.


Take that to Huckleberry Hot Springs!!!


For a sneak peak of the amazing landscapes and views check out the video we put together below!


Ryan and Joanna