Hadley Hammer | Ski Fitness with a JHMR Athlete

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JHMR athlete Hadley Hammer is a top-level competitive freeskier and will be competing on the Freeride World Tour this season. In preparation for the tour, Hadley has been training hard with the Mountain Athlete gym in Jackson Hole. Check in with Hadley as she offers up a couple of go-to exercises to get your ski training off on the right foot:

Words: Hadley Hammer

My name is Hadley Hammer. I was born and raised in Jackson Hole, and grew up skiing at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. I have spent the past four years training at Mountain Athlete in preparation for the Freeride World Tour. Rob Shaul’s sport specific ski training allows me to start every season healthy and strong, allowing me to focus on technique and style at the start of the season, while the others are still trying building up their “ski-legs”. The benefits of Mountain Athlete have extended beyond just physical fitness; my mental fitness has improved, I have met solid ski partners, and connected with a variety of sponsors. Some days it takes extra motivation to walk into the gym, yet there isn’t a single day I regret training.

Hadley’s 2 Favorite Exercises to Prepare for Winter:
1. Back Squat: I never pictured myself doing Olympic-style lifting, but now I can’t imagine not strength training. Back-squats hit all the major leg muscles and also are a great way to boost your confidence. When I’m edging up to a drop, or looking at 2,000 foot run, all I have to do is remind myself of the 100’s of squats I’ve done all summer and fall.
2. Pull-Ups/Rope Climb: Climbing is my favorite past-time outside of skiing. I love pull-ups and climbing the rope because they remind me of the days in college that a group of friends and I would train for spring break trips to Bishop, CA and Red River Gorge, Kentucky, doing series of 20-1-20 pullups. While skiing obviously uses leg strength more than upper body strength, Mountain Athlete still gives focus to upper body muscles for injury prevention.

Tune into Hadley’s blog for an inside look at her “suffering” at the gym last summer.

See Hadley putting in her time alongside other JH Athletes at the Mountain Athlete Gym:

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