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SNOW STATS the past 72 hours as of Monday night have been something like this:



TODAY 10 ‘’


What does that mean for a local? Out of bed at 6:30am, jam on work as fast as possible, run your dog for 25min at 7:30, jam to the resort to ski bell to bell, après (of course) and then work until you fall asleep. If you are from out of town right now, you are in LUCK and in for a decent dose of POW which has a schedule as follows: Wake up, jam across the snowy lawn to the Aerial Tram or Gondi, slay until your legs start to wobble, hot tub at the hotel, après, dinner and then restart the next morning.

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Now lets take this a step further after that first session of bell to bell. As you TRY to sleep while your body is throbbing from slaying in pow ALL day, you reminisce on all of the fun you had that just kept you asking for more no matter how much your legs were burning. Then by some miracle, you wake up at 6:30am again to see that another 10 inches of fresh snow is ready for you and no matter how sore you are you somehow fly out of bed and make it through another segment of bell to bell and by 4pm of day 2 you are TRASHED and realize why JHMR gives you an option for a ticket that is 3 out of 4 days.

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With all of that said, we offer you a way to juice up your body for a rest day and recover “au natural.”

Now we are just active folks so there is still a little adventure involved in this offering, yet it will take you to a very scenic and very remote hot springs nestled in Yellowstone National Park and you will not regret it one bit.


Today, we introduce you to Huckleberry Hot Springs. Ok, it’s a little bit of a drive, yet by now its all bluebird out so you are stopping every 5 seconds to take photos of the dramatic and might we add majestic Tetons that are just to the west the entire way so you don’t even notice. On the way back, you wont be able to stop talking about how epic your experience was in a whole new kind of way that its all good. And, if you really need to break up the drive, you can jump out of the car like me and take a fun 20-minute run on the frozen Jackson Lake. Yep, we are a little into adventure and I LOVE to run.


Ready for why to hot tub to get to that full day 3 of slaying the slopes from bell to bell at JHMR? Well it goes something like this: experts say that you will gain maximum benefits from the hot tub by soaking many hours after your big ski day. By then, the inflammation has past and the increased blood flow will stimulate healing for your damaged (we call them very overused) muscles. Not to mention the other relaxation benefits of tubbing like bobbing in the water and congratulating yourself for making such an epic effort.


How the heck do I get there? Take highway 89 for a while and then take a left at Moran Junction to John D Rockefeller Jr. Parkway and work your way through Grand Teton National Park where you will find Flagg Ranch on the left.  This is the best spot to park, next to all of the snowmobile trailers.  But take it from us; don’t rent one of those snowmobiles. Instead, grab your cross-country skis or borrow some from a friend and start heading south on the road. It’s a flat 1-mile jaunt to the pools so still a recovery element in our books. On the right of the road you will find a path that will lead you to the therapeutic and oh so wonderful pools steaming with bliss.




The pools vary a bit in temperature and depending on the crowds, you might want to bring your bathing suit, or just get down to your skivvies (or less) REALLY quickly while no one is looking.


And a small side note, you might want to bring a pack with towels for after. In our case, we didn’t quite think ahead so we ended up using a roll of paper towels to dry off. Hey, whatever works, right?!?!


And to top it all off, you might enjoy your soak while sighting wild bison and other wildlife. Side note of caution: dip in this water and enjoy it’s blissful recovery tools for your body to recover for another day of skiing, yet take it from us, do NOT drink the water or you will have a whole new adventure ahead that we do not recommend.

Flat out, there is nothing more relaxing and refreshing for your mind and body to rejuvenate than to be out in the remote wilderness.

Oh and a quick side note, as we type this we are launching Lance’s BRAND NEW WEBSITE and new branding that we built with Owen Jones & Partners. We are REALLY stoked. Take a first hand peek right here: Koudele Photography Website

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