“Get Local” – An Insider’s Guide to Summer in Jackson Hole

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For 128 days straight, from November to April all we spend most of our waking moments skiing or snowboarding or thinking about skiing or snowboarding. “Coming for a winter and staying for a summer” is a common theme in ski towns, and here at JHMR, the Marketing and Sales team is no exception. We are a hard working, hard playing bunch, and while winter is the time when we all log as much vertical feet as possible while sliding in the snow, summer is a whole other beast with so many different activities from which to choose. From hiking to biking, fishing to kayaking, running to climbing and everything in between, this crew takes full advantage outside and even during office hours in Teton Village.

This summer we’re  going to take turns sharing our favorite Jackson Hole summer adventures, events and more. The goal of this special inside look at summer in Jackson Hole is to be equal parts fun and motivation to get you out on an adventurous experience of your own.  So stayed tuned to our weekly blog post we are calling “Get Local.”

Our “Get Local” summer series kicks off with a member of our ‘digital dungeon’ here on the JHMR Marketing team, DJ Johnson.


Dreaming big. Perhaps a bit of foreshadowing for the author.

I share a common “problem” with many folks here in Jackson Hole. With every additional summer or winter here comes the opportunity to explore more terrain and activities. Whether it’s a raft, a cruiser bike, a new fly rod, or new hiking boots, you simply cannot live in a town so focused on enjoying the outdoors without always having that next toy purchase on the brain. This spring was no different, and as I hung up the skis and boards and began unpacking the summer gear, I already knew what this summers prize jewel was going to be – a new mountain bike!

I am by no means a bike geek or expert and for the most part my experience with bikes is riding them and leaving the technical know how to my local bike shop techs. That’s when I knew I had to pay a visit to the best bike shop in Jackson, Hoback Sports. In addition to a crew of knowledgeable staff, Hoback Sports offers an amazing selection of bikes. It didn’t take long for Hoback employee Tom Athey to get my eyes on a comparison set of bikes that were directly in my wheelhouse for my style of riding.


Examining the different types of suspension.


Upon further investigation, Tom and DJ narrowing the selections down.

To start off Tom asked, “what type of trails do you see yourself riding in the future?” When I first began mountain biking years ago, I rode strictly cross country trails. I then took a stab at downhill biking and got the proper bike to enjoy all that Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Teton Pass have to offer. Three years and a few bumps and bruises later, I’ve decided that moving forward I am shifting my focus back to being a more cross country-style rider. We talked over frame size, wheel size, and how much suspension I would need. After letting Tom know where I wanted to take my riding, he offered his opinion on what bikes might fit me best.

As I looked over the Specialized Stump Jumper, Santa Cruz Bronson, and Santa Cruz 5010, I knew all 3 would be a great fit.


Never buy something without test riding it first…

Then it was time to get down to business. What’s my price point? How much suspension do I want? What size frame is appropriate? What color is the freshest?

After some internal deliberation, I was able to narrow down my selection to the Bronson and 5010, both Santa Cruz rides. In the end, I stuck to my guns and chose the Santa Cruz 5010 for a multitude of reasons. My riding style was the most important aspect and the 5010 goes up just as well as it comes down, which really made the final decision easy.


The Lower Faces Loop is in.

If you’re looking for a new mountain bike this summer, in short, here are my recommended questions to consider:

  • What’s my riding style going to be?
  • How much suspension will I need?
  • What wheel size is appropriate?
  • What size frame fits me best?
  • How much am I looking to spend?
  • What color will have you looking fresh when you hit the trail?

Once I got my hands on this beautiful Santa Cruz 5010, there was no time to waste as I had to get ‘er out on the brown pow. Aside from higher elevations still holding snow, valley trails are mostly dry and we found the Lower Faces Loop here in Teton Village to be prime.



Get out there and ride folks!





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