Gear Guide for the Guys

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I just sat down with AJ Cargill, (this badass woman) and talked to her about what ski gear is in for the guys this year.  She’s been the buyer for Teton Village Sports for, forever, and no doubt when you enter the shop you’ll want everything there.  AJ is an ace at ski fashion, and effortlessly sets the trends each year for Jackson’s skiers.  This year, she’s pulled a few tricks from the Alps, and she’s not afraid to show it.  Here are her top picks for the men this year, all found at Teton Village Sports, Hoback Sports, and JH Sports.  Get warm, get comfortable, and get skiing with AJ’s picks below!


1.  Icebreaker makes some of the best base layers because: A. They’re wool and they don’t ever stink. b. Wool is warm even when it gets wet.  c. Their fit isspot on, long torso, perfect arm length, and never scratchy.

2.  Icebreaker long underwear– don’t even bother buying anything else.

3.  Patagonia’s new hybrid vest is a perfect layer.  This vest will keep you warm when you’re riding the lifts, but not incinerate you as you ski down.

4.  This Icebreaker sweater is a LADY KILLER.  Seriously, if you want to look amazing in the bar drinking your après  beer, wear an Icebreaker sweater.

5.  Teton Village Sports now carries the Norrona Lofoten line, and if you’ve ever swooned over their ski gear, you know why we’re psyched that its in our stores. The company is based out of Norway, and their gear is flawless in design, comfort, and seriously cool.

6.  Teton Village Sports is also carrying Bergans of Norway which is another amazing Norwegian hard-to-find brand.

7.  Dalbello is the perfect boot maker in my opinion.    If you don’t have these boots, and you’re experiencing pain during the first few days of your season, switch to these, and you will never look back.

8.  A nice neutral beanie that’s made of wool will last you far beyond apres. I like Coal, and suggest a slouchy fit for the younger guys, and a tighter fit for the older gentlemen.

9.  Every skier should be sporting a helmet these days. POC helmets are notoriously cool, and work seamlessly with their goggle line up.

10.  The most important thing about your goggles is that they should fit into your helmet.  Very. Well.  POC goggles provide that flawless fit.  Their lens options are perfect for sunny and lowlight days, and this specific pair boasts some amazing new technology that has no goggle rim.

11.  Spyder down jackets are so warm, and they last forever.  Invest in a good one and you’ll wear it every day.  .

12.  Astis mittens are tried and true the best things ever.  I have no doubt that their gloves are amazing too.  The leather is infused with silicon, and my mittens have maintained their resistance to wetness for 3 YEARS!

13.  An airbag backpack is like wearing a safety belt out of bounds.  Everyone skiing behind the rope should have one.   This Black Diamond pack is a perfect example of a well-designed system ready for both travel and adventure.

14.  Every backcountry skier needs a pack full of the right items in case of emergency or an avalanche.  Get a metal shovel, you don’t want your plastic P.O.S. breaking just when you need it.

15.  Probe…  goes without saying.

16.  The Mammut Pulse Barryvox is an awesome new addition to the transceiver world.  It can pick up multiple bodies, and has an extremely easy interface to work with, and a very wide range.

17.  A first aid kit goes without saying.  These things are impossibly useful and light weight.

18.   Rossignol Soul 7’s will change the way you ski forever.  They are so effortless, and fun, and they are great in all conditions.  Everyone who likes to ski should own these, especially if you only ski 10-15 days a year and don’t want to spend the first few powder days of your trip cursing your quads.

Bottom Line:  There is a ton of new great equipment you can buy this year, instead of sorting through thousands of reviews online, step inside the Jackson Hole shops, and trust their buyers’ ability to offer the best gear they can.



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