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Jax n’ Lance here for en epic low down on that bevy that gets us stoked for the POWDER day: COFFEE

Right now as I type, I have a french press full of peaberry coffee roasted just 72 hours ago from beans that arrived last Friday. Not only is it flat out delicious, it is how I wake up to take on the day.

Everyone can recall a certain commercial from years ago where the coffee aroma woke up the family from their slumber to take on the day.


Well imagine this for Lance… first there is a buzz on his phone from JH tapped of ANOTHER 12 inches of snow making him fly up just to find out that his fiance is minutes away from finishing a fresh pot of specialty roasted coffee brewed in a french press to really give him a nice cup full of flavor. He lies back in bed, checks up on instagram, plans his powder photo shots that he will snap of his buddy, catches up on the daily news and WHABAM, fresh, delicious, hot coffee served up.


There is a way to get stoked for your day with coffee, yet specialty coffee is even a whole new ballgame. Imagine that kickstart in the morning full of epic aromas, incredible flavor and it is locally roasted by the gold medal winner of the best coffee roaster in Jackson Hole for the 6th year in a row. Now that is some serious stoke brewing in that cup.  So today, we introduce to you what I have been doing in those long 10-15 hour work days around trying to ski every day. Beyond having my own marketing business, I have decided to open up a specialty coffee roaster in Hood River, OR called Stoked Roasters + Coffeehouse with the help of really great investors. We plan to bring premium roasts to enjoy to get stoked about any adventure ahead. My guide all winter long has been Stefan who owns Jackson Hole Roasters right here in Jackson Hole. I am one lucky girl to learn from the very best!


Stefan has offered up a wealth of experience. I mean WEALTH! We are absolutely honored to learn from him. Stefan has helped so much with every facet of the specialty roaster business. Tips, tricks, and on and on. So for fun, here is the roasting process that gives you that fresh cup of joe that you appreciate so much in the morning.

First up there is your green beans. In this case fresh out of a bag that was delivered just 2 days prior.



Stefan sports an incredible San Franciscan 25lb roaster. We will have a twin at Stoked and also what we are calling the Mini Mee, which is a 1lb sample roaster.



Next up is weighing out your batch.


Up into the hopper and into the drum. This is where the master comes into play. A fine mixture of gas and exhaust to perfect your profile. Everything is a factor now. Every sense on que to ensure that the roast profile is nailed to a T. First crack is meticulously monitored and adjustments are made. And right around or after first crack (depending on the roast profile), the beans are dropped into the cooling tray.


This is always one of my favorite parts. Fresh beautiful specialty beans roasted to perfection. Ready for many adventure seekers to enjoy.


After around 9 minutes of cooling, they drop out from the cooling tray. And from there the process begins again with batch after batch.


From here they might be cupped within 24 hours to test the profile, or they might just rest for 24-48 hours to de-gas. And then they are bagged and ready to purchase.



Finally, your favorite cup of coffee or latte is served.


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We are so grateful for spending time with Stefan this winter. Oh and did we mention that Stefan and his staff really get after it? Ski tours to the middle Teton for 9 hours prior to working a shift. All with a fresh cup of coffee to keep them going. Stefan just finished up his avy 1 class and has been busy getting after it all winter as well. He became a favorite in the avy class within just a couple hours. Not only do they know coffee, yet they also know how important it is to start off your powder filled day. You can see why his shop has won the silver award too for best coffee shop. Customer service and an every friendly staff make you want to come in daily. So go into town and grab a fresh cup. Or buy a pound to share with your friends.


And if you ever visit Hood River, OR. Come check us out at Stoked Roasters, opening Mid May. Thank you Stefan for such a wonderful learning experience to create premium roasts for all of our fans back home. And thank you for serving up incredible coffee for our 2nd home here in Jackson. It has us flying out of bed every day to sip before taking on the slopes.

Writing by Jax Mariash, Photography by Koudele Photography

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