Flyfishing | Flat Creek on the Elk Refuge

August 1st marked the opening of the National Elk Refuge section of Flat Creek, just outside of the town of Jackson. This section of Flat Creek offers easy access, big fish and really difficult fishing. If you’re looking for scenery and challenge, this is an incredible location to fish. We went out on Thursday morning to give it a try.

Coffee + fly rod = a perfect way to start the day in Jackson Hole.

The views on the Elk Refuge section of Flat Creek aren’t too shabby, with the Gros Ventre Mountains to the east and Snow King Mountain to the south.

The fishing here requires patience. Rather than immediately starting to cast, anglers are rewarded for sitting back and observing for a bit. Or, maybe I’m just bad at fishing.


Changing up your fly rig is something you seem to do a lot of on this section of Flat Creek

As the temperatures warmed up a bit, the fishing seemed to warm up as well. Mike Swanson has a nice fish on, with Snow King Mountain looming to the south.

Hey there, cutty!

Catch ‘ya later (hopefully, literally)

You’ll need a Wyoming Fishing License and some fairly specific fly patterns to really enjoy the Elk Refuge fishing experience. Stop by Grand Fishing Adventures in Teton Village (inside of Teton Village Sports- or call (307)734-9684) for updated reports or guided trips.