First Jackson Hole Snow Storm | Photographer Ryan Sheets

Have you ever been in a real snowstorm?

No, I mean the kind where the snowflakes are bigger than life?
Ryan Sheets - Photography - Grand Tetons Snow Storm B and W- Snow (1 of 1)

Welcome to Jackson Hole! My first big mountain snow storm in Jackson brought over 8” in town and even more on the mountain.

It’s amazing to live in a place where snow is rejoiced and spiritual; a place where you live for snow and the smile on your face grows as the inches pile up.
Snowing In Jackson Hole (1 of 1)

I couldn’t have been happier to get out and see the town during this snow storm. Luckily I married the right woman…when I suggested we jump in the jeep to drive around town in the snow she was right with me!

Jackson Hole turns magical when it snows…every snowflake is encouraged and the excitement piles with each layer of powder. I can’t wait to grab a whiskey at the local pub or enjoy watching the snowcat lights as they groom the hills at night during our next big snow storm.
Ryan Sheets - Photography - Jackson Town Square - Snow (1 of 1)

It feels like a million bucks to be in a ski town during a snow storm in Jackson Hole…
Ski season is on its way. It will be my first time skiing Jackson Hole Mountain Resort…what an amazing first couple months in Jackson!

Until next time – I’ll be here enjoying the Whiskey, Snow and Wildlife!

Ryan Sheets - Photography - Fresh Snow Bald Eagle - Snow (1 of 1)

Be sure to shoot me a message if you are coming to town looking for things to do or area’s to find wildlife.

  • Bethany Kenney

    We’ve been to the first 3 pic locations. I’m jealous. Would love to be in the Tetons in winter. (yellowstone too) Is the first pic taken at the visitors center at the entrance to the park?

    • Ryan Jon Sheets

      Hey Bethany! Yeap…that’s the visitors center for the Grand Tetons.

  • Robert Lake

    I used to work as a plumber at the Village. You will love it. There’s nothing like a 36 inch morning.(Unless your the plow driver)

    • Ryan Jon Sheets

      So true…can’t wait for a few feet!!

  • Megan Lauren Scherman

    Can’t wait to visit the cowboy bar!

    • Ryan Jon Sheets

      Oh yeah…it’s awesome!

  • Joanna Sheets

    It was so fun to get out in the snow…looking forward to more beautiful snowstorms!

    • Ryan Jon Sheets

      Can’t wait for the snow tomorrow!!

  • Ryan Jon Sheets

    Looks like some snow is in the forecast for tonight!!

  • Tamara Galbraith

    Fabulous bald eagle photo!

    • Ryan Jon Sheets

      Thanks so much Tamara!

  • Karen Stansel

    Love the Bald Eagle. Loving the second image too. Is that an Antler entrance wrapped in purple lights?

    • Ryan Jon Sheets

      Hey Karen! Thanks so much. They lit the antlers for breast cancer awareness…the pink was more purplish it turned out.