First Day, First Run, First Time…

Jackson Hole Staff working hard on opening day!


Thanksgiving turned out to be special this year for so many reasons.

Not only am I thankful for my wife, who has made so many dreams come true, but for the start of new traditions in a new town.

Skiing at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort on opening day!

Skiing down Jackson Hole Mountain Resort


I had the amazing luck of going with two of our new friends, Michelle and Tom Stephens, who happen to have also moved to Jackson Hole around the time we did.

Being able to ski for the first time in Jackson Hole on opening day is something I will never forget.

You wouldn’t believe how stoked everyone was for the start of ski season…not to mention I am now 1 day closer to my goal of over 50 ski days this year!

Tom and Michelle skiing and snowboarding Jackson Hole for the first time!


According to these two Brits…there is only one way to describe the skiing in Jackson Hole, “Amaze Balls!”  (Mind you, this comes from a couple that spent a winter skiing from a chalet in France…so that means a lot!)

The snow was great and we had a blast ripping it up…but that didn’t mean I forgot to get my first fall out of the way this season.

First Fall of the Season :)


With our first day under us we decided to do the only logical thing…head to the Four Seasons Handle Bar for a hot chocolate after a great day on the mountain.

Hot Chocolate at the Four Seasons Handle Bar


What we didn’t know was we would also be greeted by a nice warm fire…greatly appreciated as we relived our first day at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort!

Outdoor Fire at the Four Seasons Handle Bar


Until next time…I’ll keep you updated on the Whiskey, Snow and Wildlife!


Enjoying a very good hot chocolate!


*Special thanks to Tom Stephens for taking some pictures!

  • Joanna Sheets

    Looks like a great time! Can’t wait to get out and ski as well!

    • Ryan Jon Sheets

      You know it!! :)

  • Monica Dillenbeck

    What a fun day! Cannot wait to come visit :)

    • Ryan Jon Sheets

      It was a blast! Supposed to get 2 feet of snow in the next two days on the mountain! We are going to get Joanna some lessons in the next month…would love to have you guys out here!

  • Christine Clark

    Wow! Looks amazing, I can’t wait to visit you guys in Jackson Hole!

    • Ryan Jon Sheets

      Come on out anytime! It’s amazing…hope all is well!!

  • Debbie Derouin Ponti

    Looks like a wonderful first day. It is so beautiful out there, I can’t wait for our next trip!

    • Ryan Jon Sheets

      It was a great first day…2 feet of snow in the next couple days on the mountain which will really help! Can’t wait to get Joanna those ski lessons!!

  • skozakmelroy

    looks and sounds like perfection. I can’t wait for our trip out there!

    • Ryan Jon Sheets

      You know it…can’t wait for you guys to get here! 2 feet of snow in the next two days…with a lot more pow pow before you and Justin arrive! So many cool things to show you guys. Saw your pics of getting the Christmas tree…we really missed out; looked awesome!

  • Mark Harai

    Awesome pics, Ryan – makes me wish I was on a set ski’s flying down the hill 😮

    Happy holidays to you and yours – cheers!

    • Ryan Jon Sheets

      Thanks Mark…appreciate it! Happy Holidays to you as well!

  • Aaron Biebert

    Looks like an epic time. Can’t wait to visit again!