Free Trams, Always Better Than a Tie

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Let’s face it – I have never been a huge supporter of Father’s Day. It’s not that I don’t feel the need to celebrate my father, it’s more that I’ve never been good at remembering to mark the day. This, inevitably, makes me feel like a bad son, which in turn makes me hate the whole Father’s Day concept (sorry Dad, it’s not you , it’s me). However, as a newly anointed member of the club of men who anxiously await a new colorful tie or coffee mug the 3rd Sunday of every June, I think my opinion is starting to change when it comes to this Hallmark Holiday. I understand that there’s hypocrisy involved here, but maybe the reality is that dads need a little recognition for a year’s worth of thankless deeds, which is why I was genuinely excited to learn about the Father’s Day activities and deals going on in Teton Village this weekend.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is offering a free tram ride and a drink to fathers this Sunday. This is perfect for me on so many levels. As a parent of two kids under the age of 2 I am always looking for fun activities that can get the gang out of the house. What could be better than a tram ride? Kids love huge pieces of machinery that take you to the top of mountains where they can eat waffles.  I guess I just love anything that can keep them occupied for large chunks of time. Would you prefer to read Green Eggs and Ham for the 100th time, or have a huge, flying red box whisk you away to an awesome view and the waffle of your choice? Seems like an easy decision. To make this sweet deal even sweeter, JHMR has decided to offer a free drink at any of the dining locations at the top of the Bridger Gondola. There’s no better remedy for a long day of a seemingly endless stream of toddler emotions than happy hour at The Deck @ Piste with a happy family.

Last, but certainly not least, the good folks at JHMR are offering free access to the downhill bike park for kids 17 and under as part of “Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day,” which  includes complimentary bike rentals at JH Sports and Teton Village Sports. It doesn’t help me and my two-under-two-diaper-maggedon dilemma, but it’s an amazing offer for families with older kids.
So join me this Sunday in Teton Village and thanks to JHMR for thinking about all of us fathers. We appreciate the recognition because a tram ride is always favorable to a patterned tie.

For more details on this weekends events please visit our events calendar.

Check in next week for my post about setting a new Strava route in Teton Village to challenge the crazy mountain biker inside all of you.

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