Elevated Women’s Camp

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post by JuliAnne Forrest

It all comes down to one word: Confidence. That one word was key to a successful week at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort for the Annual Elevated Women’s Ski Camp last year. This year I am planning on building on that confidence and once again, improving my skiing.

Elevated was created in 2013 to improve the skills of female intermediate skiers. Intermediate covers a variety of ski levels and that is what makes this camp so unique and helpful. Whether you are a base intermediate skier, that would be me, who wants to hone their skills and gain confidence in their skiing, or the advanced skier who is ready to push their skiing to the expert level, Elevated has something for everyone.

Last year seven groups of women with varying ski levels established friendships that will undoubtedly bring them back again and again for camp. There were foxes, angels, silent film stars and rodeo cowgirls, but more on that later in the video. When you bring a group of like-minded women together to ski and support each other, let’s just say a lot of fun is inevitable.

The week-long camp begins on Sunday evening with a welcome reception at Teton Village Sports where we receive our marching orders. The camp includes skiing on Monday and Tuesday, followed by a recovery day on Wednesday, allowing the ladies to get a massage, shop and explore Jackson. On Thursday and Friday we are back on the slopes, and wrap up our adventure Friday evening with an awards dinner and video montage of the week.

Throughout the week, campers have the opportunity to ski with three incredibly inspiring women and professional skiers, Jessica McMillan, Crystal Wright and Kim Havell. Following skiing on Tuesday and Thursday our sore muscles willed treated to pilates and stretching classes led by Jessica and Crystal. On Monday evening, Kim Havell will speak to the women about her international skiing and climbing adventures and the importance of building strong team relationships.


Back to confidence. I think many of us are guilty of heading back to the slopes each season and “think” about taking a ski lesson to improve our skills, but you never do. Elevated is my excuse-buster and the perfect opportunity to learn from female instructors who know how to motivate us.

No matter which group you are in, confidence is a key goal. Confidence in perfecting the basics, skiing in control or faster, tackling steep slopes, maneuvering trees and bumps, or venturing into the back-country.   With the support of incredible instructors and cheerleading from our pro-athletes, skiers will improve their skiing at their own personal level and find themselves addressing runs on Friday that they might have fled from on Monday.


Surround yourself with people who you want to ski like (the instructors and pros) and people who want to improve and will support you (your teammates) and you will succeed in Elevating your skiing.

Special thanks to the Ski School staff at JHMR for hosting this incredible event, along with Teton Mountain Lodge & Spa for providing lodging and Salomon for offering demos skis to the participants.

This year, the camp will run January 19-23 and then again March 3-7, 2014.  For more information and registration, click here.

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