Dropping into the Weekend

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It’s time to start thinking about weekend plans folks!  It’s Valentine’s Day on Saturday, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit at home and chat it up with a box of conversation hearts.  Get outside!  The slopes are all groomed up and ready to shred, and it will be sunny and gorgeous.  Once the sun sets, be sure to hit up one or ALL of the events below.  Lots of music and lots of fun…..who’s ready?

Cure for the Common

  • Location: The Mangy Moose in Teton Village
  • Time: Friday, February 13th at 4 pm
  • Information:  FREE Live on the Mangy Moose stage – Here’s what the Bozeman  Daily Chronical had to say about this band:  “Cure for the Common lives up to its name. Armed with an arsenal of original funk rock tunes, the band is known for packing houses full of eager dancers ready to follow them into the morning.
  • THE INSIDE SCOOP:  Whenever there’s a party at the Moose, I try to be there.  The energy will be high, and the bands will be wailing, so grab a beer, order a pizza (with sausage, mushrooms and basil….YUM), and take in all that the iconic Moose has to offer.


HeartBeats Valentine’s Day Swing Dance

  • Location: Center for the Arts Lobby
  • Time: Friday, February 13th at 7 pm
  • Information: It’s almost Valentine’s Day and it’s Friday the 13th! Join the Jazz Foundation of Jackson Hole and the Cathedral Voices and dance for love or dance against it. Either way just come enjoy some music!
  • THE INSIDE SCOOP:  Nothing captures the power of love quite like Jazz, you guys.  Take someone special down to the CTA Lobby and show them just how much they mean to you.  THEN, you’ll be close to downtown and you can go check out the scene there.  I’m planning the best evening for you–You’re welcome!

Russian Club Vodka Tasting

  • Location: Davies-Reid Gallery
  • Time: Friday, February 13th from 6:30-8
  • Information: Drink a selection of vodkas and eat Russian hors’ d’oeuvres.
  • THE INSIDE SCOOP:  Two phrases make me think that this event is worth attending:  “Russian Club” and “Vodka Tasting.”  Enough said.  Na zdorovye!


  • Après @ Nick Wilson’s Presented by Bud Light
  • Location:  Nick Wilson’s Cowboy Café in Teton Village
  • Time: Saturday, February 14th from 4-6 pm
  • Information:  DJ VerT-OnE $1 off Bud and Bud Light Great Prizes and Giveaways
  • THE INSIDE SCOOP: Rip up the slopes on Saturday with your sweetie (or your Dad if you’re me) and then hit up this raging party sponsored by Bud Light.  You can ski right up–No fuss, no muss and maybe you’ll even win a prize!!!!


Benefit Concert with Kip Attaway

  • Location:  The Virginian Saloon
  • Time: Saturday, February 14th at 9 pm
  • Information:  Come support the local Shriner’s raise money for children in medical need.
  • THE INSIDE SCOOP:  Kip Attaway always delivers a wild show in one of the best bars in town.  The Saloon will be packed, hearts will be full of Valentine’s lurvee, and there’s a photobooth if you want to capture the fun for your scrapbook(s). 


Wonders of Jackson Hole’s Deep Sky

  • Location: Teton County Library
  • Time: Any time!
  • Information  This exhibit features more than 20 new astronomical images taken in Jackson Hole by Michael Adler. Images include four spectacular nebulas (clouds of gas and dust) that lie in the brilliant summer Milky Way. A companion image shows the entire northern Milky Way, photographed from the bottom of the Grand Canyon where one can see the red light from these four nebulas. Images also show a wide variety of nebulas captured throughout the year, including beautiful remnants of supernovae and sun-like stars after they end their lives.
  • THE INSIDE SCOOP:  If you think Jackson Hole is beautiful in the light of day, just wait until you see these images of the sky at night.  The stars look so close you could reach out and grab them.  This is a great activity and you can learn something too!



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