Dropping into the Weekend

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Excellent news, folks.  Mother Nature is expected to deliver 5 inches of fresh powder on Saturday, just in time for your last weekend in February.  Get a solid stretch in on Friday night, load up on carbs and then dream about how lovely it will be to float down the mountain on untracked snow.  AND DON’T FORGET TO SET YOUR ALARM!  By the end of your ski day, you will have earned a fun night on the town–here are your options!

Apres Ski and Art
Location: Diehl Gallery in Downtown Jackson
Time: Friday at 5 pm
Information: Stop in after a day on the slopes or on your way to or from dinner in town for fine art and fine wine. Ski attire welcome.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: It’s important for all of to get a little culture in our lives.  Often, a dosage of culture requires that you get dressed up, but in this case, you can wear your ski gear!  In conclusion, don’t miss this opportunity to DRESS DOWN and CULTURE UP.


Moose Hockey vs Cleveland
Location: Snow King Ice Arena
Time: Friday and Saturday night at 7:30 pm
Information: $10 admission
THE INSIDE SCOOP: When I say MOOSE, you say HOCKEY. MOOSE! (hockey) MOOSE! (hockey) There are only two Moose Hockey weekends left this season, so I highly suggest that you take this opportunity to enjoy *sports* over a cold brew.  I’ll be there Friday or Saturday, so you have 50/50 odds of chatting about this season of The Bachelor with me.

moose hockey

Children’s Theater: Mary Poppins
Location: Center Stage at The Center for the Arts
Time: Friday at 1 pm and 6 pm, Saturday at 1 pm and Saturday at 6 pm
Information:  Tickets: Adult/Seniors: $22 (+$2 Vendini processing fee); Students: $12 (+$2 Vendini processing fee).
THE INSIDE SCOOP: I used to perform in childrens’ musicals in Jackson, so I feel the need to promote this production.  There is so much talent in this little valley, and I can guarantee that you’ll walk out of the Center for the Arts with a fuller heart.  And maybe even a cockney accent if everyone truly commits to the Mary Poppins character.

Friday Night DJ with EPS
Location: The Pink Garter Theater in Downtown Jackson
Time: Friday at 10 pm
Information: This is a free, 21+ event.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: Sometimes you just gotta DANCE.  Carbo load, do some stretches and show this town your MOVES.  Or don’t.  But it’s probably more fun to just get out there and express yo’self.


Quenby and the West of Wayland Band – Country/Americana
Location: The Silver Dollar Bar in The Wort Hotel
Time:  Friday and Saturday night at 7:30 pm
Information: Free admission, Country Americana Folk
THE INSIDE SCOOP: Music at The Wort is one of my favorite things to do in Jackson.  There are a lot of activities in Jackson this weekend, and The Wort is great because admission is free and you can just pop in as you please.  You could get some chips n’ dip, then swing dance n’ dip and then move onto your next activity.

USASA Slopestyle and Halfpipe Competition
Location: Teton Village
Time: Saturday and Sunday at 10 pm
Information: Jackson Hole welcomes the Big Mountain West division of USASA for a ski and snowboard slopestyle and halfpipe comp at JHMR.
THE INSIDE SCOOP:  Time to get rad in the halfpipe, y’all.  I won’t be participating in this competition (shocking, I know) but I think it would be pretty cool to watch talented folks show the halfpipe who’s boss.

big mountain west

Jameson Music Series presents John Wayne’s World
Location: The Pink Garter Theater in Downtown Jackson
Time: Saturday at 10:30 pm
THE INSIDE SCOOP: Whiskey drink specials and good tunes.  I don’t really think I need to say much more, other than this: There’s pizza downstairs, so treat yourself to what I call the “Triple Threat”- Cheesy pizza, a whiskey ginger and crazy cool dance moves.


Crazy Tom’s 10th Annual Ultra Formal Oscar Party
Location: The Tavern in Downtown Jackson
Time: Sunday at 5 pm
Information: Please join us for the classiest/sexiest/hottest Oscar party 10 years running!
THE INSIDE SCOOP:  Word on the street is that there will be drink specials and a live DJ during commercials. Formal attire is recommended AND…if you look sharp enough…you could win the grand prize for best dressed male or female (depending on if you’re a male or a female).  Also, GOOOO DiCaprio!


Welp, that’s all folks.  Have a fun and safe weekend!


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