Dropping into the Weekend

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Attitudes have definitely shifted over the past week in Teton Valley.  People are whistling, have a little more pep in their step, and are smiling.  The reason is clear–snow has thickly blanketed the mountains day after day, making for an outlandishly good time on the slopes.  If you haven’t made it out to JHMR in the last few days, I would strongly encourage using one of those emergency PTO days to give yourself some medical shredding.  Good for the mind, great for the soul.

Moods don’t have to plummet when the lifts close at the end of the day this weekend.  There are tons of events and music this weekend, so collect some fluffy turns, grab your friends, and enjoy all of the fun that Jackson Hole has to offer.  Have fun everyone!

Backcountry Adventures Film
Location: Pink Garter Theater, Downtown Jackson
Time: Friday night
Information: Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm, Free admission
THE INSIDE SCOOP: MOVIE NIGHT!!! Grab your popcorn and put on some cozy pajamas that are appropriate in the public.  I’ve heard through the metaphorical grapevine (can’t find a real grapevine for the life of me) that this is going to be a great flick, so I’m willing to put my reputation on the line and say you should go.

backcountry basecamp

Lounge on Fire at The Mangy Moose
Location: The Mangy Moose in Teton Village
Time: Friday and Saturday from 9 pm to 12 am, $5 at the door
Information: Lounge on Fire’s sound can best be described as steel cut, blackened and peppered, rock-hopped hip-dipped cock-eyed funk-trunked flat-on-your-back pants-off-dance-off machine.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: I’m not sure if I can do any better than the information above, so I’ll just touch on the important words.  Steal cut.  Blackened.  Peppered.  Pants off. Dance off.  Cool?  See you there.

Sneaky Pete & The Secret Weapons
Location: The Silver Dollar Showroom in The Wort Hotel
Time: Friday and Saturday night from 7:30-11 pm
Information:Bluegrass/Americana music. Free admission.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: As a fan of all things sneaky and *most* people named Pete, it should be no surprise that I like Sneaky Pete & The Secret Weapons 100% of the time.  I will definitely be there one, maybe two nights, so if you want to hang out with me and ask about my week in Women’s Elevate Camp, STOP ON BY!!!!


USAA Wes Barron Speed Series
Location: Teton Lift and Apres Vous
Time: Friday through Sunday
Information: Jackson Hole welcomes USSA racers and their families from around the Intermountain Region for the annual Wes Barron Speed Series of Super G races.
THE INSIDE SCOOP:  I won’t be racing in this speed series, but other people will be.  So while I can’t encourage you to come watch me, there will be other people you can cheer on.  Despite the saying that we always want more, leave your cowbells at home.

wes barron

Rob Garza Live
Location: The Pink Garter Theater, Downtown Jackson
Time: Saturday, Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:30 pm, $20 admission
Information:Founding member of international music group Thievery Corporation, Rob Garza’s career includes decades-worth of accolades as a pioneer of a flourishing electronic music movement.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: I’m still trying to master how to dance to electronic music, so don’t be surprised if you find me in the corner trying out some new moves and seeing if they work.


2016 Backcountry Basecamp presented by Goretex
Location: Teton Village
Time: Saturday and Sunday, all day schedule
Information: At the Jackson Hole BASECAMP stop, Backcountry Magazine staff will showcase the newest equipment, including skis, skins, splitboards, beacons, shovels, probes and airbag packs, all in a yurt-based setting. Also, Arc’teryx will be on hand all weekend showing off their technical outerwear and packs. AIARE educators will conduct demos and classes each day, and Jackson Hole Guides will take visitors on complimentary backcountry tours with an emphasis on safety education. On Saturday at 5 p.m., BASECAMP hosts a huge party and huger raffle at the Alpenhof Lodge with proceeds benefitting Teton County Search and Rescue.  For more schedule information, click here.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: Make sure that you take a closer look at the schedule, but the weekend is packed with cool opportunities to learn more about the latest and greatest in backcountry equipment.  There’s a big ol’ party at the end to celebrate all of the discussion and learning.  Don’t you wish that happened every time you learned something?!


Down Under the Tram: Australia Day Celebration
Location: JHMR Events Tent, Teton Village
Time: Tuesday, January 26th from 4-6 pm
Information: Free beer, while it lasts. Aussie tunes and great giveaways too!
THE INSIDE SCOOP: AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE, OI OI OI!  If you’re not Australian, just pretend you are.  It’ll be good practice for St. Patrick’s Day if you’re not actually Irish.



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