Dropping into the Weekend

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Folks, it’s been awesome getting back on the slopes with ya.  It’s been even more awesome seeing some of the throwback gear that people had hidden in their closets.   The next step is more snow!  Here are some tips to get Mother Nature in a powdery mood.

  1. Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand. Note: If you do a really sub-par brushing with your non-dominant hand, maybe finish up with the stronger hand.  Snow is important, but so is oral hygiene
  2. Put on your pajamas, both backwards and inside-out. Note: If you wear a full body fleece onesie, keep in mind that you might need a buddy to zip and unzip you.
  3. Flush ice cubes down the toilet.  Note: Make sure they’re small ice cubes and not the massive block ones that they use at cocktail lounges.  Those are bound to clog your toilet and no one wants that.
  4. Put a spoon under your pillow. Note: This is an especially efficient option if you like to spoon.  Or if you spontaneously make ice cream sundaes in the middle of the night.

Anyway, these are light suggestions, not requirements…but maybe give ’em a go.  In the meantime, are you wondering what’s going on this weekend?  Have no fear, I am here (with the events calendar for the weekend).

Smith is Givin Back 50th Anniversary Party
Location: The Pink Garter Theater
Time:  Thursday, 5pm-10pm, Admission is free
Information:  Smith is showing two short films on Thursday night, one at 5:30 for all ages and one at 8:30 for the 21+ crowd. Music, raffle and giveaways start right after!
THE INSIDE SCOOP:  Anytime I can (potentially) get free stuff while simultaneously grooving with my pals…IM THERE.  Imagine yourself cutting a rug while rocking a new pair of Smith I/Os.  The mental picture is rad.

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Wyoming Whiskey Bartender Shootout
Location: The Rose
Time: Friday, 7:30 pm, Admission is free
Information: Wyoming Whiskey hosts the state’s best and brightest bartenders for a winner-take-all cocktail recipe competition.
THE INSIDE SCOOP:  I didn’t enter this bar-tending competition because I’m just *too* good and my participation would dampen the spirit of healthy competition.  But you should definitely go and check out what these folks can do behind the bar. I’ve heard it’s outrageously cool and entertaining.

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Jackson Hole Moose Hockey vs Denver
Location: Snow King Ice Arena
Time: Friday and Saturday at 7:30 pm, $10 admission at the door
Information: Come cheer on these local heroes as they try to hold their undefeated season!
THE INSIDE SCOOP:  I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again.  I. LOVE. MOOSE. HOCKEY. GAMES.  That’s all I need to say.


100 Years of Frank Sinatra
Location: The Pink Garter Theater
Time: Saturday, 7 pm Doors Open, 8 pm Show Starts, tickets at bigcitybroadway.org
Information: General Admission seating only. Celebrating Frank’s life through music and stories with long-time friend and road manager Tony O.
THE INSIDE SCOOP: If you want to do this evening right, I would suggest going out for an Italian meal with a large crew of your most trusted confidants, share some nice red wine and tell stories about the good ole days.  THEN, you stroll over to 100 Years of Frank and end the night with some serious croonin.  Everyone has an inner New Yorker or Italian–You just have to tap in.

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John Wayne’s World at The Tavern
Location: The Tavern in downtown Jackson
Time: Saturday, Band takes the stage at 10:30 pm
Information: John Wayne’s World is Jackson’s only instrumental jazz-funk ensemble featuring five of the busiest and most talented musicians in the region.The focus is on heavy groove accompanied by tasteful improvisation.
THE INSIDE SCOOP:  Did I just read that correctly? Heavy groove accompanied by tasteful improvisation?  If their music is as good as their copy-writer, this is bound to be a stellar show.  And honestly, The Tavern rarely disappoints on a Saturday night.

That’s all for now, folks!  Stay tuned for next week’s updates!

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