Winter in Jackson Hole | 5 Photos

Ahhh…winter in Jackson Hole. As we head into spring the snow melts into water and fills up our lakes and streams, home of whitewater rafting and world-class fishing. But we can’t forget about the snow that came first:

JH Blog- winter view 1
A night time view of the town of Jackson below and the groomers hard at work at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in the distance

JH Blog- winter groomer
Speaking of the groomers, we had a nice corduroy start to the season on Apres Vous thanks to these guys

JH Blog - Don Watkins
Then Mother Nature unleashed in December and it was time to ride powder

JH Blog- AJ Puccia
AJ Puccia finds the goods in the Crags

JH Blog- winter ski 1
You can chalk it up to another successful season of powder skiing, high fives and fun in Jackson Hole!