Changing of the Seasons

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Ryan Sheets - Jackson Hole - Sheets Studios - Skier Justin Mayers - Winter


Winter of 2014 is going to go down as a winter I will never forget!

Joanna and I met new friends, explored places we only dreamed of, skied more days than we ever had in one season…with aspirations to get even more days in next year!

It certainly didn’t hurt that we were welcomed to Jackson Hole by record amounts of snow and a mild winter that made just about everything you did outdoors enjoyable.

As with any great season…it’s time to reflect on our memories and get ready to make new ones.

Spring is here and with that comes a world of opportunity to explore new adventures!

Ryan Sheets - Jackson Hole - Mountain Lion - Sheets Studios - Wildlife


Something I am most passionate about is wildlife!  And spring is paradise for those of us that enjoy finding and viewing wildlife!

The snow isn’t quite melted and it allows the tracking and spotting of wildlife, otherwise hard in summer, to be easier and more fun.  Bears are beginning to waken and come down from their dens…allowing us to view them any day now!


Ryan Sheets - Jackson Hole - Grizzly Bear and Cubs - Spring - Wildlife


This mother grizzly and her 3 cubs I photographed last May in Yellowstone and can’t tell you how excited I am to see bears again this spring!


Ryan Sheets - Jackson Hole - Oxbow Bend - Early Morning


Let’s not forget landscapes!

As the snow begins to melt the landscapes begin to change…most noticeable is the rivers and lakes start to melt!  Always a plus for those looking to photograph reflections! 🙂


Ryan Sheets - Jackson Hole - Great Gray Owl - Wildlife - Spring


If you are in the area be sure to get out early or stay out a little later; the best viewing times generally seem to be dawn and dusk.

When you see wildlife be sure to let us know…comment on here or shoot me a message!

It’s an experience that most don’t get…so use your time and explore!


Ryan and Joanna



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