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The threat of severe weather wasn’t enough to get in the way of an extremely fun mountain bike race on Friday Night. The first in a series of three chainless mountain bike races in the Jackson Hole Bike Park had a good showing and fun was had by all. The chainless format is a great way to maximize the fun in the Bike Park, and the Bronco trail has the perfect amount of flow for a chainless race.

If you missed out on race #1, make sure to get out for the final race on Friday, August 29th. The race will continue to be held during Friday Night Bikes, with registration/sign up from 4:45 PM-5:15 PM and race runs starting right after. Check out results and photos from race #1 below:

Third-place finisher Travis Fitzgerald works one of the top berms


JH Sports takes care of chain removal/replacement (for free) so you don’t have to.

Check out some photos from the race:

chainless-downhill-mtb-race-jackson-hole-bike-18 chainless-downhill-mtb-race-jackson-hole-bike-2 chainless-downhill-mtb-race-jackson-hole-bike-5 chainless-downhill-mtb-race-jackson-hole-bike-8 chainless-downhill-mtb-race-jackson-hole-bike-6 chainless-downhill-mtb-race-jackson-hole-bike-10 chainless-downhill-mtb-race-jackson-hole-bike-9 chainless-downhill-mtb-race-jackson-hole-bike-11 chainless-downhill-mtb-race-jackson-hole-bike-12 chainless-downhill-mtb-race-jackson-hole-bike-13 chainless-downhill-mtb-race-jackson-hole-bike-15 chainless-downhill-mtb-race-jackson-hole-bike-19 chainless-downhill-mtb-race-jackson-hole-bike-16 chainless-downhill-mtb-race-jackson-hole-bike-14