Big Horn Car Wash


Ryan Sheets - Close up of Big Horn Sheep - Jackson Hole


Happy New Year!

Are you looking for things to do in Jackson while you visit…look no further for winter fun!

Yeap, you guessed it.  Big Horn Sheep.

Nestled just outside of the town square, you can drive down a dirt road onto the National Elk Refuge and see these guys most days during the winter season!


Ryan Sheets - National Elk Refuge - Jackson Hole


Check out the Map below.  If you take Broadway east past the hospital you will come to a dead end right by the National Elk Refuge sign.  Take that left onto a dirt road…follow that and keep an eye out for Big Horn Sheep!!


Ryan Sheets - National Elk Refuge - Map - Jackson Hole


During the winter months the big horn sheep are actually attracted to vehicles so drive slow and be careful.  If you are patient they will come to you!


Ryan Sheets - Big Horn Sheep Out my front window - Jackson Hole


Can you believe that!


Ryan Sheets - Big Horn Sheep licking Jeep - Jackson Hole


It’s one of Jackson’s most incredible experiences.  (Besides the powder skiing, of course!)

If you have children they will love this…encourage inside voices and keep those little fingers in the car.  You might have to remind some of the adults too.  haha. :)


Ryan Sheets - Big Horn Sheep with tongue out - Jackon Hole


Be sure to bring a camera as they are always willing models…


Ryan Sheets - Big Horn Sheep Looking right at me - Jackson Hole


It was a free car wash for the Jeep…they even got up on the rear bumper to lick the salt off the window!


Ryan Sheets - Big Horn Sheep - Side Mirror - Jackson Hole



Ryan Sheets - Jeep Rubicon and Big Horn Sheep - Jackson Hole


So check it out…let us know if you get to see them!

Just remember; always be respectful as we are on their land in the Elk Refuge…enjoy the fun!


Ryan and Joanna


Ryan Sheets - Big Horn Sheep and Jeep Rubicon - National Elk Refuge - Jackson Hole

  • Joanna Sheets

    I love seeing these guys!

  • Janyse Cunningham Madsen

    they are so darn cute!!! Like goats on steroids!!!

    • Ryan Jon Sheets


  • Debbie Derouin Ponti

    So cool! Would love to see this

    • Ryan Jon Sheets

      Agreed…next winter or even early spring this year you might be able to! :)

  • Michelle Stephens

    Great photos Ryan, they look so cute and cheeky! I’m definitely taking every visitor we have to see the big horned sheep, that’s free fun right there!

    • Ryan Jon Sheets

      Thanks!! Totally agree…perfect for visitors!

  • Gill marks

    Thanks Ryan can’t wait till we come out in March to meet the sheep and you and Joanna .looks like Michelle has got some amazing things for us to see and do

    • Ryan Jon Sheets

      Most certainly! You are going to have a blast out here. Looking forward to meeting you as well!