Benefits of Custom Ski Boot Orthotics | JH Sports’ Pat Sullivan

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Words: Pat Sullivan Bootfitter/CPED@ Jackson Hole Sports

As we all know, picking out that right ski boot can be quite the task. In addition, finding the right bootfitter you can trust offers its own set of challenges. Letting go of your old ski boots is like giving up your old favorite slippers. You don’t want to do it, but there always comes a point!

So imagine getting past your old boots and into some new boots. The liner technologies along with various walk functions make all of the new products so much better than their predecessors. Our next step as a bootfitter is supporting your feet. Everyone has such different foot shapes and working with a quality bootfitter is part of your solution. You may not realize your foot is moving around within the boot while skiing. This leads to limited control of the boot, which is particularly bad, especially on those killer powder days! So if you want to bring comfort and ski performance to that next level, we recommend having a custom orthotic made. There are many different types of footbeds/orthotics out there. Brands such as MasterFit, DFP and Conformable all make an excellent product and you can find them here at Jackson Hole Sports. Prices range from $175.00 to $280.00 for a custom orthotic/footbed. We also offer an after-market trim to fit for $50, certainly a great option if your budget doesn’t allow for the highest end of customization.

Your choice on footbed depends on how much performance you want. A basic off the shelf trim to fit footbed is still far better than stock insole. You will notice better alignment within the boot plus a great deal of added support. A footbed/orthotic can be used to increase or decrease volume and allows for the foot to be situated correctly within the liner, providing an even better fit. For those of you who have a tricky foot, for example low or high arches etc., do yourself a favor and get a custom footbed. You will notice maximum support and even better power and stability while skiing. Not only will your skiing improve but so will your comfort level. So the next time you set foot into a ski shop, look at buying a footbed along with your ski boots. Your feet will love you for it and so will your bootfitter at Jackson Hole Sports!

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