Behind the Scenes | Jackson Hole Snowmaking

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Mother Nature has been kind to the upper elevations of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort so far, gracing us with 87″ already this season. Our snowmaking team has been hard at work as well, loading up the lower elevations and picking up where Mother Nature has left off. Working around the clock in sub-freezing temperatures is no easy job, and a lot goes into getting the mountain into prime skiing shape in the early season. It’s thanks to these guys that we will be skiing and riding almost 3,000 vertical feet on opening day (on Thanksgiving). Take a look behind the scenes of the Jackson Hole Snowmaking team:

Cold temperatures are obviously ideal for good snowmaking, and the result is working 24 hours a day and blowing a lot of snow in the dark.

Early season snowmaking in action on Apres Vous

Mother Nature and our snowmakers working together

When it comes time to get the big snow guns up the hill, the helicopter short haul method is the best bet. Here, the heli comes in for landing at the base, ready to grab a big snow gun.

The pilot eyes the snow gun on the ground and gets ready for take off:

We have lift off!

The view of Apres Vous from the snow gun, dangling in the sky beneath the helicopter. (No, we did not strap an intern to the snow gun. This is a frame grab from a GoPro we had mounted to the snow gun.)

The snowmaking crew guides the snow gun into place as the heli drops it in from above

On to the next lap…

Check out the video to see the action in motion, and come on out to the mountain and enjoy the fruits of the Snowmaking team’s labor!

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