Behind the Cameras: The True Story of Biff Huckneck and Todd McSpraffy

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Brad and Angelina. Bert and Ernie. George W and Dick Cheney.  The Narwhal and Beluga Whale.  All important pairs, but recent viral cameos have made it clear that 2015’s most relevant duo is Biff Huckneck and Todd McScpraffy.  Who am I talking about? Haven’t you heard? Legendary ski reporters Biff and Todd are taking the media landscape by storm and only leave laughter and (oddly) glitter in their wake. We’ve seen their reporting capabilities in Corbet’s Couloir and most recently The Wiggle, but how did they get here?  Where have they been? Where are they going?  I did some investigative work to better understand the enigmas that are Biff Huckneck and Todd McSpraffy.  Hold on to your hats folks, this ride could get bumpy.

biff and todd 1

Let’s start with Biff.  Some know him as legendary skier, epic POV filmer, and JHMR Athlete, Andrew Whiteford.  I want to dig deeper than that.  Let’s talk about his inner-reporter Biff Huckneck, who was born inside a literal gondola in the literal Swiss Alps.  Biff started skiing at the age of 2 and showed star-potential from the start, holding a pole with a Go-Pro in one hand and a microphone in the other. Some of you are thinking–Shellie, there’s no way he had a Go-Pro back then.  Au contraire my friends, which is French for “You’re wrong, Dude.”  Biff was always ahead of his time.

biff and todd 2

Biff attended high school in Tokyo, where he learned the art of origami and perfectly groomed facial hair.  Upon graduating Summa Cum Laude, Biff attended The Pratt School of Design in New York–This is where the magic starts.  Biff hauled his Ralph Lauren sheet set up the stairs to his new dorm room, opened up the door, and laid eyes upon his new roommate and future career partner, Todd McSpraffy (insert sparks and click play below to enhance this story).

Let’s take a moment to talk about Todd.  Many know him as fearless skier, fashion guru and art expert Patrick Kelley.  But that’s just the beginning of who he truly is.  Todd McSpraffy was born in the Alaskan wilderness, where he was raised by a sophisticated wolf pack that taught him the art of well-timed humor, ice sculpting, and a well-executed Daffy.  From a young age, Todd knew that he was different from the rest of the pack, as he preferred filet mignon to raw elk and always wore his best suit for après-ski.   At the age of 18, Todd decided to challenge himself and interned at Chanel in Paris while he applied to fashion schools.  On the weekends, he sampled a variety of ski resorts until the fated day he received his acceptance letter to the Pratt School of Design.

Again, queue sparks and “Africa” by Toto.

biff and todd 5

Biff and Todd were friends from the start and both earned degrees from The Pratt School of Design, followed by a Masters of Journalism at Columbia.  However, something was missing and they weren’t sure how to fix it.  Until one day, they were drinking chilled Zimas by a ski jump at Suicide Six Ski Resort and fellow onlookers didn’t understand any of the action.  Luckily, both Biff and Todd had microphones and started commentating and fraternizing with the skiers, which resulted in a fanbase that grew exponentially.  Soon after, their presence was requested at all sorts of ski events due to their thorough understanding of the sport, unparalleled humor, and elevated fashion sense.  Finally, they had found their calling.

Most recently, Todd and Biff have signed on as the head commentators for the Winter Olympics, World Championships, and X-Games, but have been freelancing for the past 6 months at small family reunions in Miami.  This year, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort managed to negotiate a huge contract for an undisclosed amount (lift tickets, Bud Light and an occasional piece of Hawaiian pizza–They have yet to find an official fashion sponsor) with Biff and Todd, which means that The Corbet’s Couloir and The Wiggle videos are just the beginning of their journalistic endeavors in Jackson.   Thank you Biff and Todd for all that you do.
Check out B and T’s video journalism below




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