Bar BC Dude Ranch Restoration

The valley’s oldest standing dude ranch is looking a little nicer these days thanks to the University of Pennsylvania’s Architectural Conservation Lab who is spending a week doing a top-to-bottom preservation project on one of the ranch’s many historic sleeping cabins.


The historic preservation graduate program is in its third season at the Bar BC Dude Ranch assisting the park in devising and implementing a plan to preserve the remaining buildings.

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The focus of this week’s work is to preserve the cabin while identifying the costs, materials, techniques and labor necessary to stabilize one of the dozen or so typical sleeping cabins so that the park can help identify future funding needs.Bar BC4

The project has involved replacing the roof, rotten logs, deteriorated chinking and establishing positive drainage to keep water away from the building.

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The project has cost $2,500 in materials and the university has donated its time and leadership.

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The Western Center for Historic Preservation, based in Grand Teton National Park, has been working with the students in addition to park staff.

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Founded in 1913, the Bar BC Dude Ranch is one of the park’s most iconic and valuable heritage resources.

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