For the Skier Girls.

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This one goes out to all of the women out there.  The women who don their helmets, jackets and ski boots, those who love the unending wintery blizzards, the ones who hear the call of the mountains in winter.  There’s no age to the skier girl, she could be 85, she could be 3, but… Read more »

Top 10 Reasons Why Fall is Spectacular in Jackson Hole.

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It’s no secret that Jackson Hole is a beautiful place, but when fall sweeps her fingers through the valley, the scene becomes dramatically more lovely.  Here are my top 10 reasons why September is so spectacular. 1.  The leaves are always turning colors in September, and the sky radiates the most unbelievable turquoise blue.  

Riding the Range at Mill Iron Ranch

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There’s something fulfilling about riding a horse out here. After a long week of hanging with my toddler, and working on my computer in my spare time, I needed a moment to myself in the worst way. My Mom and I usually do an a trail ride at Mill Iron Ranch once a summer, and… Read more »

Sita | Why You Need to Take Your Kids to the Ropes Course

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It’s no secret that kids and especially teenagers thrive off of adrenaline and risk. Here’s a way to challenge your kids in a way that’s not dangerous, but is challenging their brains and their bodies at the same time. If your kids have had enough of the same old thing, take them to Teton Village… Read more »

Sita | Mountain Lakes

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In everyone’s image of a mountain range, there at the base, lies a stunning blue green spectacle of reflection, the lake. It looks inviting in summer’s heat, but once it’s reached is usually too cold to venture past the ankles or for a quick head splash. The Tetons thankfully meet that perfect imagery, carved by… Read more »

Sita | Summer Bucket List: Finding the Perfect Wildflower Meadow

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Jackson Hole glows with abundant wildflowers all summer long. Their showy colors and patterns leave us filled with a joy that cultivated gardens can’t give. It’s like they hold a secret, and inside that secret is your own secret for why they are so lovely. My secret love for wildflowers is because they grow so… Read more »

Sita | Fishing on Jenny Lake

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There are many types of fishermen who frequent the waters of the Jackson Hole Valley. Each of them, have what may be called their own style, or perhaps more eloquently, their raison d’etre. My husband, happens to be a fisherman who quite likes to eat what he catches. I on the other hand, prefer to… Read more »

Sita | Meet Cornice, a Jackson Hole Avalanche Dog

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Meet Cornice, a 4 year old golden retriever who’s full of beans, most of the time. Cornice is one of 5 avalanche rescue dogs at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, and to be sure, she’s a celebrity.