Attention Ladies: The Handsome Bearded Men of Jackson

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Jax n’ Lance here for a dose of tips for the ladies on the handsome bearded men in Jackson,

As I enjoy my 2nd full winter here in Jackson, I can’t help but reflect on what it was like when I first laid my eyes on Jackson in December of 2011. Not only are the majestic Tetons, wildlife, ski resorts, and adventures breathtaking, yet the male to female ratio is heavily in our favor as ladies. They are fit, handsome, and adventurous and have mighty fine cowboy flair to them. To top it off, the beards are plentiful, and boy do these gents pull it off.

So ladies, all the ladies, this is a shout out to you to take a peek deep into this post, because there might be a fine gent right here for you, (if he is available) or it is another key to why to come visit the resort for some added flair and try to keep up with these guys.

In my case, I found my catch (Lance) around 2.5 years ago and cannot wait to get hitched at the top of the tram on the upcoming spring equinox, yet I decided to do a bit of scouting for all of you and in addition, find out a few details about where to find them on the slopes. And to top it all off, I additionally found out where they are getting all jazzed up. So here you have it. I bring to you a selection of 23 men and where to find them from JHMR. Note: ski at your own risk to chase after these fine gents.


First off we have OLY. Legendary in sport with white water first descents in New Zealand, and one you will never miss on the mountain at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, you will find him enjoying the Hobacks. W.D. is one of the owners of the Whiskey Barber making the gents look mighty fine and additionally can be scouting out the Bamboo Couloir.


Sonja, well maybe she snuck into this post somehow and is actually a fine lady, yet we thought we would give her kudos for sneaking into our blog post for the gents. Yet she does like “Antarctica.” You will have to personally ask her where that run is at. Torrey can sure handle his beard well when experiencing full on face shots that are quite common in Jackson on the run “by the rock and the tree.” Might have to call him up at Exposure Signs to find out where that sweet run is at also.


Nico holds one mighty fine stash and can be seen at the bottom or top of the Gondi. Yet when off duty, he loves heading from there straight over to Dick’s Ditch. Nick is from Kansas City and loves to visit JHMR to take a dip into Four Pines.


Modena runs a killer creative agency in town and loves to slay the lower faces after a huge storm. Sorry ladies, he is taken, yet if you want to get a Pilates class in visit Laura at CORE for a group or mat class. Then there is Malczyk who is a local favorite that is originally from Southington, CT and loves to go to “that one place.” Looks like we will have to hunt him down for more details…

Josh1 JEFF

Some know Josh for being the current Gelande Quaffing World Champion. Not only can you find him at the new VC, yet you can also spot him heading from the tram to cody, no shadows, no name, Jenson and eventually ending up at the Stage Coach. That might be an exhausting chase…Jeff, looking as sharp as ever (almost as if coming just from the barber) loves to hit up Paint Brush to Toilet Bowl (aka PB TB).

Jay-Bud Jason

Jay bud can be found right there with Josh. Jason on the other hand when not double fisting, likes to go from the tram and take a short cut off of Corbet’s Couloir, over to expert chutes, down to toilet bowl and finishing off with lower Dick’s Ditch.


Jared can be found hitting up the degobah system while Jamie from Driggs loves to hit up Bernie’s Bowl.


Hunter is from Southeast Texas and loves visiting Jackson to hit up trips to Pinedale. Dave is the other owner of the Whiskey Barber and over the past year has been working very hard with W.D. to open their new location at The Pink Garter. When he is not making you (and Lance) look sharp, he loves to hit up a powder day where everywhere on the resort is fair game.


Besides Bear having an epic beard, he loves upper Teewinot and Hannah. Ok let me rephrase, he is a groomer and loves those because he groomed them to perfection yet his runs of choice are a bit higher on the mountain. Aaron is a another classy gent at The Whiskey Barber and loves hitting up everything off of Casper Bowl.


Chucky is from up North in Golden B.C. and when visiting Jackson he likes sorcerer east. Might have to ask him about that one too. Ben is alongside W.D. eyeing the bamboo couloir.


Charley is from Vermont and is here making his traditional visit with Hunter and loves to visit the womb. Big Mountain Bob is an all star on the Jackson Hole Ski Patrol and when he is not busy making your safety his top concern and is off duty, he loves to hit up Slalom.


This is Keith Robinson. I met him at avy 1 class at Jackson Hole Mountain Guides two years ago. He loves to hit up corbets couloir, to experts to toilet bowl followed by a fresh apres brew at the VC.


The last guy, well that is Lance. He loves it all, especially Alta chutes, and depending on the day can be found on skis or a snowboard.


So where to find these fine gents in Town Square getting all done up? At the Whiskey Barber.


With Outdoor Retailer coming up tomorrow in SLC, we couldn’t help but check out the place that many men rave about to see what it was like to get Lance in tip top shape for showing off the big launch of his website and brand to the outdoor industry.


For a little background, Lance has very thick blond hair that over the years has been longer than most ladies and quite short. He has had a scruff, a minor beard and many versions of a stash and goatee. Each November he grows out a stash for Movember, yet this November it continued until today… His beard was plentiful and full of mountain man flair.


Today, Lance went to enjoy The Whiskey Barber. Specializing in quality, style and attention to detail these gents have it dialed. Lance went in to experience a Dome and Grille Special.

_B0A2858 _B0A2939

For $50 this includes a gentleman haircut and hot towel face shave with straight razor. Dave (shown way above) was Lance’s barber and did a mighty fine job.


Upon entering the whiskey barber I have never seen such a fine outfit. And they were packed with gents waiting for their turn. The barbers looked extremely sharp and handsome and ready to turn your look into one ready to meet a lady.

James, pictured below, who by the way loves to hit up Alta 1 at JHMR had a dome cut from WD during our visit.


To top it off the whiskey collection is top notch. Feel free to store your own bottle there to enjoy during your visits.


So take it from us, the boys are plentiful here in Jackson. And if you are visiting or live here, they are looking sharp thanks to the Whiskey Barber. _B0A7322Cheers ladies and happy hunting!


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