Athletes Predict Snow for Jackson Hole

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Around October, the chatter begins. “Did you hear it’s going to be an off the chart snow year?” “According to Chris Farley, El Nino means powder” “Check the Farmer’s Almanac-it’s going to be so good.”   Whether  you’re at the Whole Grocer, Persephone Coffee Shop, or even pumping gas, you’re bound to hear someone predicting the upcoming snowfall.

I thought I’d ask my fellow teammates and Jackson Hole Ambassadors what their predictions were for this upcoming season. Most look to the wildlife for signs, while others resort to toys popularized in the 90’s. All of the athletes noted that a good day on the slopes was more dependent on how much fun they were having with friends and family than the conditions themselves. Read below to see what they had to say, and keep in mind that none of the athletes are certified in weather prediction.

Jess McMillan:

Fuzzy caterpillars are how I predict the upcoming season.  I know it sounds crazy, but all of mother nature’s animals have a better sense of what is to come.  I spend a lot time outside in the summer and fall and couldn’t help notice how bundled up the caterpillars were this year.  All I know is that they are preparing for winter with some of the fuzziest coats I have ever seen!
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Lynsey Dyer:

I predict this season will be as fun as we decide to make it!
Lynsey 2

Rob Kingwill:

My main indicators are the color of the Woolly Bugger caterpillars- are they all black?  Then it’s going to snow for sure.   I look at the number of Sandhill cranes migrating through the valley- did I just see 50 of them fly in a perfect circle?   That means it’s going to snow A LOT.    Even that double rainbow I saw last month- What does it mean?!?  I think it means it is going to be a good winter…   I take all these things into account, add a little bit of that feeling I get vibrating through my bones this time of year when the first flakes begin to fall, and somehow I know that this is going to be the best winter yet!

Maximilian Hammer:

I just ask the animals what they think. The horses have started their winter coats early, so I’m guessing it will be a cold snowy one.

Kim Havell:

My magic 8 ball says snow.

Blake Paul:

There are a lot of ways people come up with predictions for the upcoming winter season. I’m constantly seeing graphs and weather maps popping up on my Facebook and Instagram feed. States covered in color blobs with little words like “dry, and windy” or “wet and warmer than normal” These scientists, or meteorologists, spend lots of time figuring these out, and I’m not saying they’re inaccurate, but… I believe that a great season is dictated more by riding with good friends and fun vibes. Having a big snow year would help too.
P. Kyle Martin




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