A Fine Dance Of Work And Play

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Jax n’ Lance here! First things first, a very Happy Holidays to all!

As the Holiday season comes to a hustle, our work does too. We are busy wrapping up projects for the end of year, and beginning new ones. A few have asked how living a dream full of shredding 126 days a year is possible while keeping a job.  With that said, we thought it would be fun to serve up a sneak peak into the fine dance we do with work and play. When it comes to the winter season, our schedules shift to allow for pow turns to take their place among the planning.  This is not an easy feat and a majority of the social elements besides those occurring on the mountain, take a back seat for the most part. Yet with anything in life, there are sacrifices, yet all to make the priorities take place. And in the end, it is well worth it.

A typical day in the winter goes something like this:
5:30am: alarms are buzzing, and snow reports are checked. As fast as humanly possible, coffee is brewing to get our creative juices flowing.
5:45am- 8:00am: work is jamming, emails, posts, and planning.

8:00am until 2pm: slay the pow, and shred until our legs give out.
2pm-3pm: après with our buddies to take it all in and share stories.
3pm-7pm: jam away on our work initiatives.
7pm-8: 30pm: cook dinner or visit one of our favorite restaurants.
8:30-10pm: tie up loose ends with any work projects and turn in for the night.

8:00am until 1pm – work continues giving in a solid 7.25 hours.
1pm-4pm: Ski as many laps as we can before last chair.
4pm-5pm: après (of course!)
5pm-7pm: jam home to finish up any loose ends with work.
7:00pm on: cook dinner or visit one of our favorite restaurants and then enjoy the evening.


This is the eben flow of every day from December to April. There is no day off from work to allow the fine dance to take place and to follow our dreams. This also allows us to be ahead of the game for any day where the epic storm flows in and a ski day stretches a little farther.  And at times, we must turn our craving for a ski sesh off and get the job done. Ok maybe not, but it was worth typing for our parent’s sake.

For a fun example, this past week as the Holiday season turned up a gear, so did a commercial shoot for TREW gear. Lance has been a part of the TREW family as their photographer for going on 6 years.  Nate Hanna (Art Director) flew in on Sunday for 6 days of seeing what it was like to play a part in our fine dance.  Tasks on hand included a product shoot, some lifestyle, and when the snow went into powder mode, taking advantage to put the samples into action.


It is always a very special moment to see friends and colleagues filled with stoke when they land into the Tetons. The epic views as one lands will takes their breath away and they cannot wait to experience everything Jackson has to offer.


Schedules were at a maximum to nail every shot into the 6 days and the dance by default has to sway a bit more in the work department. On set, our talent Matt and Julie were whipping up laptops to keep their work moving.


Yet, we still landed time at the resort to show Nate the greatest mountain on earth. Emails sorted on the gondola or tram, and the shredding continues.


Like any dance, precision and focus are at a maximum. Each move affects the other. Yet if you dream it, you can do it.

We want to extend a special thank you to the TREW athletes Blaine and Monica and our talent Matt, Julie, Chuck and Casey for their time. We would like to extend an additional note of gratitude to Torrey Webster from Exposure Signs for allowing us to shoot in his space.


We leave you with this quote by Thoreau that is one we live by very often. “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.”

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